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The Panasonic CF-AX2 Toughbook is a ‘real tough guy’
April 16th, 2014

Image from Gadget Guy review.

With its unique 360° degree flip-over hinge design, business rugged Windows 8 Pro CF-AX2 Toughbook easily transforms from a touch-screen tablet into a state-of-the-art, stylish Ultrabook. This versatility gives mobile workers the best of both worlds; the convenience and portability of a small tablet device coupled with the productivity of a PC

Leigh D. Stark from Gadget Guy got his hands on the CF-AX2 and put it through its paces, testing the device’s features, value for money, performance, ease of use and design. The CF-AX2 came in above average in all areas, with Gadget Guy concluding that this baby is built to survive, with an excellent convertible design and the loads of ports and connectivity options.

“Panasonic’s take on the convertible is one of the best we’ve seen, incorporating a double hinge that makes the machine work in both a traditional laptop design — screen sitting perpendicular to the keyboard and computer innards — as well as letting the screen fold backwards and ignore the keyboard altogether, functioning at this point like an 11 inch tablet.” - Gadget Guy | Overall 3.5 stars out of 5

“The design and balance of the CF-AX2 are so good, it’s easy to consider this Toughbook a work of art.” - Gadget Guy | Overall 3.5 stars out of 5

“Pick up the CF-AX2 and you’ll be surprised at the weight: it’s just so light, and very well balanced.” - Gadget Guy | Overall 3.5 stars out of 5


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Toughbooks operate with limitless possibilities
April 9th, 2014



Our Windows operated Toughpads and Toughbooks run Windows 8.1 Pro, the latest generation of Windows for the enterprise that offers greater navigation and functionality than its predecessor*, plus the ability to run all legacy applications and recent enhancements. A lot of what you need is built right into the operating system but when it comes to apps, whether downloading, customising or creating, you’ll find the possibilities are endless.

What applications can run on the Windows 8 Toughpads and Toughbooks?
Right out of the box, Windows 8.1 comes with apps to do all the basics and a lot more. In addition to the built-in apps, there are over 100,000 applications in the Windows Store and with new apps added every day. What’s more, Panasonic has worked with its partners and customers to develop enterprise-grade Windows apps for Toughpad users in specific vertical markets.

Can Toughpads and Toughbooks run my custom applications?
Our Windows range is powerful enough to run just about any enterprise application designed to work with Windows 8.1. Of course, some customisation could be required to maximise navigation.

How can I develop applications for Toughpads and Toughbooks?
Virtually any Windows 8.1 application will work on the Windows operated Toughbook family, so no porting is necessary. However, Panasonic offers a Software Developers Kit (SDK) for developers to create custom applications utilising the barcode reader and other peripheral configurations, for both the traditional Windows desktop environment and the modern Metro style.

*A Windows 7 Professional downgrade option is also available and supported, however Panasonic recommends Windows 8.1 for small screen devices.


Toughbook range.

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Panasonic powers 20 video artworks at the 19th Biennale of Sydney
April 3rd, 2014

“Time is the substance I am made of. Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river.” - Jorge Luis Borges

Once given over to producing the power, the Turbine Hall at Cockatoo Island lay dormant until a strange meeting of culture and nature unleashed its energy into the space. The imposing hall is now almost dwarfed by a majestically scaled (12 x 6.75 m) waterfall cascading a massive sheet of rushing water down an entire end and filling the air with its deafening roar.

This natural phenomenon in a built environment is I AM THE RIVER by artist Eva Koch, the video installation centrepiece of Australia’s largest and most exciting contemporary visual arts festival; the 19th Biennale of Sydney. The artwork’s title is taken from the essay ‘A New Refutation of Time’ by Jorge Luis Borges and its intention is to question our changing relationship to the natural environment, affected by rapid technological innovation.


This critically acclaimed work uses a state-of-the-art Panasonic PT-DZ21K 3-chip DLP projector, chosen for its exceptionally high brightness of 20,000 lumens (essential to combat the ambient lighting in the Turbine Shop at Cockatoo Island) and the 3-chip DLP technology that produces true-to-life colours. The result is a life-size visual and audio experience that recreates the awe-inspiring scale, grandeur and roar of an Icelandic waterfall.

In addition to I AM THE RIVER, Panasonic’s latest projectors and lenses have been used for 20 installations in this year’s Biennale, bringing visions from renowned artists such as Ulla von Brandenburg and Pipilotti Rist into reality.

19th-Biennale-Logo“Panasonic is proud to be a major partner of the 19th Biennale of Sydney,” said Peter Huljich, Group Manager, Projectors and Flat Panel Displays, Panasonic Business Systems. “It’s a unique opportunity that is enabling us to showcase the true scope of our projector technology to more than 600,000 art lovers.”


List of all video artworks and projectors used at the Biennale.


19th-Biennale-Tori-Wranes 19th-Biennale-Ulla-von-Brandenburg 19th-Biennale-Pipilotti-Rist 19th-Biennale-Gerda-Jorg 19th-Biennale-Douglas-Gordon 19th-Biennale-Broersen-Lukacs 19th-Biennale-Ann-Lislegaard

Customer participation in R&D puts our Toughbooks ahead of competition
April 2nd, 2014

Through industry-specific focus groups and trade associations, people who buy and use Toughbook computers heavily influence product development decisions

At Panasonic, we invest approximately $5 billion annually on research and development (R&D) as part of our desire to continually improve our products and develop the next generation technology.

When it comes to Toughbook, our R&D activities are directly linked to customer needs; the people who buy and use our mobile computers are the ones who heavily influence product development decisions. We meet the rigorous requirements of our customers by sponsoring advisory councils and participating in industry-specific focus groups and trade associations, and by teaming up with other companies and universities to utilise the best and brightest resources available.

On-going investment has led to significant breakthroughs for Toughbook products. For example, Panasonic was the first computer manufacturer to integrate with wireless WAN technology and to adopt the Gobi™ mobile broadband solution for easy connectivity with leading wireless networks.

Of course, any research regimen worth its salt plays out with intense testing. When we say that our Toughbooks are engineered to withstand drops, spills, dust and dirt, or that they offer superior wireless performance, we say it with complete confidence.

You only have to see the torture our R&D technicians put Toughbooks through at the factory to know why we guarantee in the field. Durability isn’t the only thing we test for, of course. For instance, wireless testing of our Toughbooks to ensure unsurpassed quality, reliability and exceptional performance is such an important pursuit that we even operate one of the world’s largest anechoic chambers to test radio frequency (RF) signals on Toughbook wireless products.

Research activities also led to Panasonic being the first manufacturer of a fully-rugged medical clinical assistant (MCA) device - the Toughbook H1 Health, now replaced by the Toughbook H2. The Toughbook H1 Health was also the first MCA computer with a fanless design to minimize the transporting and spreading of germs in healthcare environments, a built-in sanitization reminder system and dual hot-swappable batteries.

Research activities also led to Panasonic being the first manufacturer of a fully-rugged medical clinical assistant (MCA) device – the Toughbook H1 Health, now replaced by the Toughbook H2. The Toughbook H1 Health was also the first MCA computer with a fanless design to minimize the transporting and spreading of germs in healthcare environments, a built-in sanitization reminder system and dual hot-swappable batteries.

The result is that we maintain our leadership in manufacturing the world’s most durable and reliable mobile computers by continually finding ways to meet the demands of our customer’s mission critical environments.

The result: a line of Toughbook computers that continually changes to meet the rigorous requirements of Panasonic’s customers.

Servin’ up colossal entertainment, Texas style
March 27th, 2014
"Big Hoss", soon to be confirmed as the largest TV in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, it's longer than Boeing's biggest 767 (the 400ER), and taller than a seven-story building.

“Big Hoss”, soon to be confirmed as the largest TV in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s longer than Boeing’s biggest 767 (the 400ER), and taller than a seven-story building.

Everything really is bigger in Texas – that is an undisputed fact. The state is the size of the whole of Europe, they really think “the higher the hair, the closer to God” and Texan’s actually stake their patriotic pride on having coined the parametres of ‘big’.

So when the Texas Motor Speedway wanted to give their fans a new viewing screen, custom dictated that it had to be the world’s biggest HD screen – ain’t no other way to get the job done in Texas. And who do you go to for a brilliant screen of such a magnitude? Well, it could only be Panasonic.

Imagine a screen that is the width of a 747’s airliners wingspan; 67 metres (218ft) across, 12 stories tall and made up of more than 14 million LEDs. Well, Texan motor sport fans won’t have to just imagine it because from April they’ll be experiencing this colossal feat in entertainment, affectionately known as “Big Hoss” first-hand.

It’s the mother all of all big-screen TVs!

Custom-made complete solutions by Panasonic

The Big Hoss TV is custom-designed to hold its own against winds up to 130 miles per hour. The strength of the LED bulbs has been tested by having golf balls hit off the screen to simulate hail. As a principal player in the Large-Scale LED market, Panasonic is a pioneer in the design and installation of many of the most monumental video boards in sports and entertainment. With its extensive history and experience in providing large screens, Panasonic offers customers innovative and custom-made complete solutions that drive social interaction and provide a versatile digital platform that engages viewers and operators.

Experience Big Hoss for yourself:

The teaser trailer: