Mother’s Day with a twist (that goes beyond gifts)

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we know you want to make her special day count! So we put together this gift list with a twist, filled with unexpected ways to celebrate your amazing mums.


Supermum Sunday; the Ultimate Mother’s Day Movie Marathon

Settle in for your very own Supermum Sunday because we’ve curated the ultimate mother’s day movie marathon for you to stream via our stellar line-up of Panasonic smart TVs and Blu-ray player/recorders. From ‘laugh so hard you spill your popcorn’ to ‘cry your way through a family-size box of tissues’, here are the best movies to binge-watch with mum.

1. Dumplin’

Streaming Now on Netflix

You’ll weep, you’ll laugh and you will definitely sing along to the film’s irresistible soundtrack, featuring new collaborations and original music from Dolly Parton.

2. Juanita

Streaming Now on Netflix

Based on the book by Sheila Williams, this indie comedy will immerse you in a sweet and quirky twist on the reinvention film genre.

3. Amy Schumer Growing

Streaming Now on Netflix

As the title suggests, Schumer is pregnant with her first child so you can expect a lot of laughs as she details her journey from party girl to motherhood!

See all 9 flicks to stream for the ultimate Mother’s Day movie marathon

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Ditch the Day Spa Voucher and Create a Luxurious Salon at Home

BONUS! Dermalogica skin care packs with EH-SC65 and EH-ST63 facial cleanser purchases

Turn mum’s bathroom into a spa experience so she can indulge in self-care from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Take a look at this showcase of facial cleansers, epilators, and dental flossers to find the Panasonic salon-style tools your mother won’t want to live without.

High-tech Skincare

Science meets beauty with Panasonic’s luxurious new micro-foam facial cleanser and ionic facial cleanser and toner. Inspired by the daily, highly-precise skincare rituals of Japanese women who are renowned for the smoothness and quality of their skin, these salon-style tools provide the ultimate therapeutic experience.

Gentle Hair Removal

Choose an innovative Panasonic wet/dry epilator from our latest range to experience gentle and efficient one-stroke hair removal. The premium multi-function model can also shave, trim, and pedicure, to give you smooth skin from top to toe.

Daily Dental Health

Everyone knows they should be flossing for really effective dental care but string floss is so awkward and messy that this step often gets neglected. Skip the horrible string and switch to a water or air flosser to get a dentist-style clean at home that will keep teeth and gums in tip-top condition.

Create a spa experience at home for mum with Panasonic personal care

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Delicious Inspiration for the Foodie Mamas Who Love to Eat and Cook

BONUS! Tupperware valued at up to $149 with selected microwave and bread maker purchases

If the kitchen is the beating heart of your home, make it easier to serve out big helpings of nourishing love with a chef-worthy culinary collection. Here’s a glimpse of the gourmet goodies your mum could be whipping up with Panasonic kitchen appliances at her beck and call.

Microwave Roast Chicken

A whole roast chicken with all the trimmings: from prep to the table in just 45 minutes using our versatile convection, grill and combination microwave.

Rice Cooker Risotto

Entirely effortless pumpkin and mushroom risotto: say “goodbye” to constant stirring at the stove and “hello” to set-and-forget risotto straight from our premium rice cooker.

Bread Maker Artisan Loaf

An artisan loaf to rival any bakery: authentic oval-shaped crusty loaves are now easy to make at home thanks to our posh new bread maker.

Introducing the Panasonic kitchen staff every cook needs in their brigade

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Expand Your Mum’s Opportunities to Literally Snap Herself Happy!

Does your mum get a whole lot of joy from taking photos of life’s big and small adventures, then curating them into a photo album to treasure forever? Well, we’re here to tell you she is genuinely snapping herself happy! According to the authors of a study out of Yale “photo-taking leads people to become more engaged with the experience” which means science actually supports you boosting mum’s happiness by encouraging her shutterbug habit.

Family Holiday Fun

The pocketable LUMIX TZ95 features a flexible rear monitor for easy selfies and group shots, making it the perfect holiday companion for mums to capture memorable family moments

Wild Animal Encounters

Your mum can a walk on the wild side with a LUMIX G9, the ultimate photography camera packed with everything she needs to capture incredible wildlife, nature and landscape imagery.

Social Media Snapshots

The LUMIX GX850 is perfect for social media mums on the move; she can capture incredible shots with the camera’s flip-up monitor and hands-free selfie mode.

Exciting Travel Adventures

Mums who love embarking on exotic journeys will never get tired of using the LUMIX G95 hybrid camera to capture every photo and video opportunity in stunning detail.

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Fill Your Melody-Loving Mum’s Life with Music, So Much Sweet Music

Music really is one of the strongest forms of magic, so we’re going to show you how to conjure up the perfect audio gift matched to your mum’s musical style.

Smart Speaker Oasis

Every mum needs a little downtime, so you’d be earning major brownie points if you made her a musical zen oasis with a wireless smart speaker that does her tunes justice.

Urban Retro Luxe

If your fashion-loving mother is always on the go, she’ll appreciate a set of retro-styled headphones that make mobile music look incredibly chic.

Sporty Workout Zone

Does your mum prefer fitness adventures to rest and relaxation? Her best musical match is ultra-light wireless sports earbuds featuring water resistance to protect them from sweat.

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Think Outside the Gift Box by Giving Your Mum Clean Air to Breathe

BONUS! eftpos® card valued at up to $200 with selected air con purchases

Does your family show love in more practical ways? Here’s a gift that will improve mum’s quality of life! Panasonic’s ECONAVI reverse cycle air conditioning offer the revolutionary nanoe-G air purifying feature to enhance indoor air quality and improve dust removal.

This standalone system can be used independent of cooling and heating operations, and it even works hand-in-hand with our Mild Dry Cooling function to reduce the unwanted side-effects of air conditioning, such as dry skin and mouths, by maintaining the level of air moisture in the room.

A clean home environment with Panasonic’s nanoe-G air purifying system

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Claim a Genuine Tupperware Set of Your Choice

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Claim a ‘Meet Dermalogica’ Skin Care Pack

Claim a BONUS Dermalogica skin care pack when you purchase a Panasonic EH-SC65 or EH-ST63 facial cleanser before 15/05/2019.

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Claim an eftpos® Card to Spend as You Please

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