JDA Software and Panasonic announce partnership

JDA Software, Inc. and Panasonic Corporation have announced a joint partnership to co-develop integrated solutions leveraging the JDA® Luminate™ family of solutions and Panasonic’s unique technologies for the manufacturing, logistics, and retail industries.

By combining forces, JDA and Panasonic will bring comprehensive process innovations to customers that take advantage of digital edge technologies incorporating SaaS, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), real-time sensing technologies, and advanced analytics.

The joint solutions will enhance the value chain within a customer’s operations by optimising production plans, supply and demand prediction, lead times, and store inventory management.

“Major digital transformation of supply chains is accelerating and the ability to quickly access intelligent, actionable data and insights will provide organisations with the ability to differentiate their offers in the marketplace. The JDA partnership with Panasonic – which includes a joint venture in Japan – to co-innovate and deliver solutions to our customers is a major step in a direction to deliver autonomous supply chains with AI & ML capabilities, resulting in profitable business decisions unlocking full business impact in factories, warehouses and stores.”
– Daniel Kohut, Senior Alliances Solutions Director, JDA

JDA and Panasonic will utilise the strengths of their respective customer bases in each home country to expand into new markets and work together to promote business globally by providing new solutions that address key use cases including:

  • JDA Luminate Warehouse Tasking with Panasonic Visual Sort Assist
  • JDA Luminate Store Optimiser with Panasonic Out-of-stock Detection
  • JDA Luminate Store Optimiser with Panasonic Flowline Analytics
  • JDA Luminate Store Optimiser with Panasonic Facial Recognition

“Panasonic System Solutions Oceania is committed to developing technology solutions for key customers, particularly within the logistics, supply chain, and retail market verticals. A collaborative partnership with JDA will strengthen our connected solutions which we will develop in conjunction with our customers. By integrating our hardware and software, this will enable the creation of meaningful knowledge, and assist our customers to develop competitive advantages whilst delivering greater value for their own customers.”
– Jason Coleman, Managing Director, Panasonic Systems Solutions Oceania

About JDA Software, Inc.
JDA is the proven leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)-driven supply chain and retail solutions for 4,000 of the world’s leading retail, manufacturing and logistics companies. JDA enables an Autonomous Supply Chain™ by connecting its cognitive SaaS solutions from end-to-end – across planning, execution and delivery – with a broad partner ecosystem, empowering customers to better predict and shape demand, transform their product delivery and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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