Smart Panasonic Air-Conditioners with New ECONAVI Technology

Smart Panasonic Air-Conditioners with New ECONAVI Technology

Panasonic has launched a new range of stylish reverse cycle Air-Conditioners featuring new energy saving technology to reduce power consumption in the home.

The range features the new ECONAVI sensor, which uses smart technology to moderate the temperature according to room usage, and deliver up to a 30% energy saving while cooling and up to 40% while heating. ECONAVI is an innovative energy saving concept also featured on Panasonic Washing Machines and Refrigerators.

Shane Quinn, Product Marketing Manager – Air Conditioning, Panasonic Australia, said: “Consumers are telling us they want to make energy savings in the home and our new range of Panasonic Air-Conditioners with ECONAVI technology can help them do this.

“This smart technology senses when there are people in the room, and also how much activity is occurring, and automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly so less energy is used. Energy saving is as simple as the push of a button.”

In addition to ECONAVI, Panasonic’s Inverter system makes constant adjustments to provide optimum performance at all times. This extremely precise operation enables quick cooling when needed while reducing power consumption compared to conventional non-Inverter units.

The new models also achieve significantly higher Energy Star ratings compared to their predecessors, in line with growing consumer awareness of the need to reduce energy consumption in the home.

Users may also select Autocomfort mode, which has the added feature of high activity detection to increase cooling when activity in the room increases. Both the ECONAVI and Autocomfort options can be selected easily using the remote control.

Panasonic’s revolutionary e-ion Air Purifying System with Patrol Sensor detects levels of dirt in the air, and initiates the Active E-ion air purification system which then begins to catch and de-activate more than 99% of dust, bacteria, mould or virus as soon as it is detected.

The new range has an industry leading operating range from -15° up to 46° so even the harshest Australian temperatures are covered. The line-up’s award-winning, stylish curved design has a clean, slim look while the ventless intake grill makes the units easier to clean – perfect for any modern Australian home.

Panasonic has also launched five new cooling only models as part of its extensive Air-Conditioning range, including the CS/CU-S18MKR, a new size in the cooling only range.

Panasonic inverter air conditioner

ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Deluxe Inverter (E Series)
Model              Star Rating    Availability     RRP
CS/CU-E9MKR            4.5 / 4.5 Stars            Available now            $1275
CS/CU-E12MKR          3.0 / 3.0 Stars            Available now            $1495
CS/CU-E15MKR          2.5 / 2.5 Stars            Available now            $1671
CS/CU-E18MKR          2.5 / 2.5 Stars            Available now            $2078
CS/CU-E21MKR          2.0 / 2.0 Stars            Available now            $2254
CS/CU-E24MKR          2.0 / 2.4 Stars            Available Oct             $2540
CS/CU-E28MKR          2.0 / 2.0 Stars            Available Oct             $3266

Cooling Only Inverter (S Series)
Model              Star Rating    Availability     RRP
CS/CU-S9MKR            3.0 Stars                    Available now            $1066
CS/CU-S12MKR          3.0 Stars                    Available now            $1308
CS/CU-S18MKR          2.5 Stars                    Available now            $1810
CS/CU-S24MKR          2.0 Stars                    Available Oct             $2254
CS/CU-S28MKR          1.5 Stars                    Available Oct             $2826

More information about Panasonic Australia’s environmental activities can be found here

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