Pamper Yourself & Become a Panasonic Product Reviewer

Self-care is essential, and the Panasonic Personal Care giveaway is here to help you prioritize it! With a range of top-quality products available, including hair dryers, shavers, epilators, plus beard and bikini trimmers, there’s something for everyone’s needs.

Participating is simple. Just complete the form provided below and select the product you wish to win. If selected as a Panasonic Product Reviewer, we’ll dispatch the chosen product to you for review. After sharing your feedback with us, the product becomes yours to keep!

Here’s a rundown of the products you could Review & Keep.

Show your hair you care with our nanoe™ and Double Mineral technology. The
Panasonic EH-NA9J Hair Dryer deeply enriches your hair, reduces frizz and tackles signs of hair damage, dullness and split ends.
Prevent hair damage with the Panasonic NA-67 nanoe™ Hair Dryer. The oscillating quick-dry nozzle distributes airflow to help prevent hot spots, making it suitable for use by the whole family.
Experience faster and smoother leg, bikini or underarm hair removal with the Panasonic ES-EY31 Epilator. Capture hair as short as 0.5mm with less effort thanks to our efficient double-disc design.
Rely on the Panasonic ES-WV62 Bikini Trimmer for all your sensitive grooming requirements. Its compact design and ergonomic handle make it easy to use and perfect for delicate areas.
Achieve a close and comfortable shave with the Panasonic LT2B 3 Blade Electric Shaver. Ideal for everyday use, it is equipped with responsive beard sensor technology to deliver truly a personalised shaving experience. (Available in black or white)
Style and maintain your beard with ease thanks to the Panasonic ER-GB43 Beard Trimmer. It features 20 adjustable settings and durable stainless steel blades for the ultimate in precision grooming.
Effortless grooming of your body hair is easy with the Panasonic ER-GK80 Body Groomer. It includes an attachment to fine-tune your desired length for areas such as the legs, arms, chest and back.
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