Capturing Northern India: A Journey with the Panasonic LUMIX G9II

By Clint Ranse

I’m excited to share my Northern India journey with the Panasonic LUMIX G9II. Before delving into the camera, let me paint a picture of who I am. I head up a video creation company and I’ve long relied on the GH series of cameras. I hadn’t really taken a photo in a long time as I was just never really happy with the results I achieved. In saying that, photography was how I got started with cameras and I was excited to see what a photo-centric camera from Panasonic LUMIX had to offer. The LUMIX G9II, however, didn’t just meet but exceeded my expectations.

Our 14-day adventure was inspired by Intrepid Travel’s Northern India Family Holiday Comfort itinerary. It unveiled a tapestry of wonders—from Delhi’s bustling streets to the majestic Taj Mahal and the wild Ranthambore National Park. Each location presented itself as a brand-new canvas for the LUMIX G9II. This camera proved to be more than a tool; it became my steadfast companion – I carried it everywhere.

Accompanied by the versatile 25-50 F/1.7 lens, the LUMIX G9II’s reliable autofocus made capturing spontaneous and vibrant moments effortless. Wandering through the markets and being able to quickly snap a shot of a street vendor through his stall and know that the focus would get him was awesome. Using it with the 10-25 F/1.7 lens, I was able to grab shots of monuments like the Taj Mahal while also being able to follow people effortlessly in the shot thanks to the autofocus.

As we headed down to Ranthambore national park I was excited to see how the LUMIX G9II paired with the LUMIX G Leica 100-400mm F/4-6.3 Mark II lens. Wildlife photography is an area where it really shone. Though an elusive tiger eluded my lens, the camera’s precision captured the majesty of distant wildlife with clarity and detail, from battling deer to hidden owls nestled among tree branches.

It was truly great being able to use the camera to not only photograph animals but to spot them as well. I found the focus box was picking up the small birds that I couldn’t find myself. Even my 9-year-old captured some great shots while we were there.

The LUMIX G9II, especially when paired with the Leica lens, is a dream setup for travel photography. It’s transformed how I capture our travel journeys, making it a top recommendation for anyone in the micro 4/3 camera community.

I can honestly say this camera will be joining my kit as my travel camera of choice with the LUMIX GH6 staying at home rigged up as the B-roll monster that it is.