Panasonic Vancouver 2010 Athletes’ Blog. “One Winter, Five Dreams.”

UPDATE: Gold Blogger Announced

Congratulations to the Panasonic Gold Blogger Aaron Harris from Illinois, USA! Aaron will be blogging from the Olympic Games in Vancouver which are now only days away. Feel the Olympic spirit and follow the world’s greatest winter athletes as they battle for glory on the slopes and in the stadiums of Canada. Aaron will be reporting regularly from the games and shooting through everything form athlete interviews to photos from the tournaments themselves, all of which can be seen on his Gold Blogger blog.

Panasonic and the Olympics
Panasonic is the official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Video Equipment product category, and global sponsor for Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.

To share in the excitement of the Winter Games Panasonic Global has recently launched the “One Winter, Five Dreams” athletes’ blogs and Gold Blogger competition (competition now closed). The five athletes introduced here are striving for glory at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and we will follow their quest to overcome a variety of adverse circumstances in seeking the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games.

They may not be “star” athletes, but like every Olympic contender they have a dramatic story to tell. It is the strength to believe in one’s dream that makes it possible to keep on trying and overcome all types of adversity. We want to put these athletes in the spotlight and share their dreams and passion for Olympic competition.

Using videos and photos, the five athletes with highly unique experiences, will blog about daily training and events and their passion in pursuit of their dreams of becoming an Olympian. Readers can post messages on the blog to encourage and support them to realize their dreams.

Gold Blogger Competition

— Competition now closed —
Bloggers around the world who would like to see the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, please give us a hand!
A Gold Blogger will be selected from users who have posted heart-warming messages on the blogs ?of any of these 5 athletes?, or who have supported these athletes through their blogging and/or other social media activities.The selected “Gold Blogger” will be sent to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games to represent the online supporters by blogging about the athletes’ activities and competitive performances. The Gold Blogger will also deliver the online messages from the participators of the site to the athletes.

As the Gold blogger you will receive:

  • Free round-trip airline ticket
  • Free accommodation
  • Free Olympic Games tickets

Your voices of support will encourage the athletes in their pursuit of their dreams and lead them to victory. So let’s share their passion!

Visit the Gold Blogger website to enter.


The Athletes

The five athletes we have chosen to introduce here have overcome a variety of adverse circumstances in seeking the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games. They include Robel Teklemariam (men’s cross-country skiing, Ethiopia), Clyde Getty (men’s freestyle skiing, Argentina), Tugba Karademir (ladies figure skating, Turkey), Katharine Eustace (women’s skeleton, New Zealand) and Kazuhiro Koshi (men’s skeleton, Japan).

You can visit the athletes blog at http://5dreams.panasonic.net

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  • I’ve entered the Gold Blogger contest! There is still time to enter. You have until January 31st. Please join me and share in the passion and excitement of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Check out the inspiring stories of the five athletes at http://5dreams.panasonic.net/ Read their blogs and post words of support and encouragement as they work towards their Olympic dreams!