Telstra Expands Panasonic Toughbook Deployment As Telco Giant Talks Tough

Telstra is so impressed with the Panasonic Toughbook rugged notebook that it has refreshed its Toughbook fleet – to assist in providing and maintaining superior customer service. The country’s leading telecommunications and information services provider is currently rolling out over 3,000 new fully rugged Toughbook CF-19Mk5s to replace its legacy CF-19 fleet deployed back in 2008. These fully-rugged models are used by Telstra Service Delivery Communication Technicians in the field.

Telstra has also deployed around 400 semi-rugged Toughbook CF-53 notebook models within the company’s Service Delivery Enhanced teams.

Since its first introduction of the Panasonic Toughbook with the CF-18 in 2004, Telstra’s average annual repair rate has dropped to 3.7% – a reduction of 25% over the previous notebook solution. Telstra anticipates that the average annual out of warranty repair rate will further decrease as the new models roll out over the next six months.

“After several years of rigorous testing and monitoring, we are confident that we can rely on Panasonic Toughbook to provide not only rugged features but also exceptional connectivity, screen visibility and battery life to complement the complex technical equipment and applications required out in the field.” Said Ken Gray, Service Design Solutions Manager – Telstra Operations.

“More importantly, we are continuing to see the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of our Toughbook fleet fall as a result of very low repair rates – this is a top priority for Telstra in driving down operating costs, reducing downtime and improving overall customer service,” he added.

“Our recent experiences of working during natural disasters such as flooding and fires confirmed how vital these tools are to our team.”

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