Panasonic Unified Communications & Conrad Gargett | Case Study

Since 1890, Conrad Gargett has been at the forefront of architecture in Australia. The award-winning Australian firm handles projects in a variety of sectors including aviation, commercial, health, infrastructure, hospitality and retail as well as landscape and urban design and is expanding domestically and internationally.

Conrad Gargett sees the application of cutting-edge technology as one of its key strengths. Panasonic and Com2 Communications have supported the company’s demand for the latest technology to advance their business, serve their clients and improve their bottom line.

“We would recommend Panasonic to anyone who is looking for a great, feature-rich, robust and reliable business telephone system at a fantastic price point.”
– Scott Savage, IT & Systems Manager, Conrad Gargett


Legacy communication systems could not keep up with evolving and changing needs, was not upgradable to SIP or easily expandable, lacked state-of-the-art functions, and was incurring high monthly charges.


Panasonic’s KX-NS700 compact hybrid system integrated under the KX-NS1000 communication platform handled both present needs and also allowed for future expansion at two additional sites, provided enhanced mobility for those in remote locations, and slashed overall telecommunications bills by over 60%.


In consultation with Com2 Communications, Conrad Gargett selected a Panasonic KX-NS700 compact hybrid system integrated under the Panasonic KX-NS1000 communication platform and supported by 132 feature-rich and durable Panasonic handsets.

Within four weeks, Com2 organised fibre, SIP, voice porting and system delivery to a Conrad Gargett site under construction, and completed actual deployment in just four days.

“With such a user friendly system, our general work day has gotten much easier. With only one training session, our staff are using the system for all of the things that we needed it to do.”
– Scott Savage, IT & Systems Manager, Conrad Gargett


• Panasonic Business Communication Server KX-NS1000 x 1
• Panasonic Smart Hybrid PBX System KX-NS700 x 1
• Panasonic Terminals KX-NT553 x 132


One year after deployment, the features and capabilities of the Panasonic communications solution continue to pay dividends for Conrad Gargett.

“The Panasonic solution provided ease-of-management, a more simplified IT structure and an overall lower telecommunications cost. All of these benefits were in addition to full, integrated SIP capability.”
– Scott Savage, IT & Systems Manager, Conrad Gargett

Ongoing benefits include:

• Reduction of overall telecommunications spend by over 60%
• Ease of use and simplified IT infrastructure
• Expandable system design allowing for future business growth
• Choice of voicemail delivery via the handset or email
• Easy on-premise system management utilising a web manager interface
• High quality, durable Panasonic handsets

One of the key criteria for Conrad Gargett’s choice of Panasonic equipment was the ability to be future-proofed. In the next 12 months, they plan to add more than 150 new users to the network at two additional sites. Panasonic’s KX-NS700/ KX-NS1000 solution enables Conrad Gargett’s IT department to fully address both present and future needs.

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