Panasonic security solutions launch Video Insight certification

Panasonic Video Insight is the missing puzzle to completing your surveillance solution.

Panasonic Video Insight is an advanced enterprise-class Video Management System, integrating powerful VMS features, hardware optimisation and cost efficiency in one robust system. Video Insight captures, manages and stores video surveillance across a network – on a single or multiple locations – and supports the broadest range of IP and analog camera models.

Panasonic Australia rolled out our first Video Insight Certified Professional (VICP) training for system integrators and end users on 17th July in Brisbane, followed by Melbourne on 23rd July, Sydney on 14th August and Adelaide on 11th September. Still to come will be training sessions in Perth on 25th September.

Video Insight Certified Professional, Brisbane training group

Video Insight Certified Professional (VICP), Brisbane training group

The objective of the Video Insight Certified Professional (VICP) program is to familiarise integrators with the features of our Video Insight video management system as well as to train them to install and administer the software at client sites. The training was very well received and the integrators were kept engaged throughout the whole session, having to go through an assessment at the conclusion of the training in which they had to achieve a minimum score of 75% in order to pass.

Video Insight Certified Professional, Sydney training group

Video Insight Certified Professional (VICP), Sydney training group

“A big shout out goes to National Sales Engineer, Chris Larson and Technical Support Engineer, Kenneth Tepporn who both put in long hours over the last few months developing this training module. It is a very well designed training program that fully engages the participants and has been most appreciated by all.”
Ranjit Sohoni, Product Marketing Manager, Security Systems

What’s next? An Advanced Video Insight Professional Training (AVICP) course, which will cover more complex topics, is planned for introduction later in the year.

2018 Advanced Video Insight Certified Professional 2018 Video Insight Certified Professional

Panasonic Video Insight | Video Management System

Panasonic Video Insight is the missing puzzle to completing your surveillance solution.

Video Insight provides the most comprehensive and cost effective video management software for centralized and de-centralized environments. Harnessing the capabilities of pure 64-bit system, Video Insight optimises your hardware to allow endless scalability, unlimited client workstations, simple integration with legacy systems, centralised administration, standby server and more.

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