Panasonic projectors light up Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica

As part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary, Notre-Dame Basilica will present AURA, a unique immersive luminous experience in the heart of the Basilica, designed by the renowned Moment Factory team and brought to life by 14 of Panasonic’s 20,000 lumens projectors.

“As we celebrate the 375th anniversary of our founding, the time is right for Montrealers to rediscover the Notre-Dame Basilica and to highlight it for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to the luminous, musical experience designed by Moment Factory, the Basilica dives right into the 21st century, into the digital multimedia era. Which just goes to show that even a 188-year-old institution can be a part of our smart city.”
– Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montréal.

This grandiose, innovative artistic project sheds new light on the history and architecture of the Basilica as well as on the art that can be found within its walls. Visitors will be moved and amazed when they experience this immersive, powerful creation.

AURA begins with a lighted path that draws us to the Basilica and reveals its splendour. A progressive immersion in a captivating universe of light and sound guides us to the very heart of Notre-Dame. Light, orchestral music and majestic architecture unite to offer a multimedia show that takes place in three acts. Let yourself be transported by the striking energy.

AURA will help visitors discover one of Canada’s greatest heritage monuments in a whole new way and will move them with its portrayal of its treasures.

Panasonic Projectors for Business AURA light show at the Notre-Dame Basilica