Panasonic projectors go colossal

With a maximum capacity of 90,000, putting on a show at Wembley Stadium is the very definition of ‘go large or go home’. So when former Pink Floyd member, Roger Waters took his “The Wall Live” tour to Wembley, he made sure every fan in the stadium had the best view in the house.


Photo Credit: XL Video and Wembley Stadium

Multi-award winning AV experts, XL Video worked with Panasonic projectors to create the colossal 20,000 sq.ft video wall that brings the show to life. It’s not just Wembley Stadium experiencing this visual feat; forty units of Panasonic 20,000 lumens PT-DZ21KE and PT-DS20KE projectors are being installed into grand scale stadiums and arenas, as the musician delivers 27 electrifying rendition performances across Europe running until autumn 2013.

It sounds like a lot of work but it’s worth it, even just for the moment when audiences get to experience Roger Waters duetting with a 50 ft high video of himself.