Integrate 2018: Inside Panasonic’s Fully Immersive Expo Stand

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Integrate 2018 is just around the corner and Panasonic will be bringing something spectacular to the floor of Australia’s premiere AV and Integration trade show. Whether in a large entertainment venue, gallery, state-of-the-art museum, or broadcast production, Panasonic is a leader in developing and delivering visual technologies and imaging solutions that captivate audiences all around the world. This year we’re teaming up with Infocus Design to develop an immersive Integrate expo stand showcasing the ways our AV and IT solutions can be combined to entertain, engage, educate and inspire!

Panasonic Solutions at Integrate 2018

22-24 Aug 2018, ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour
Panasonic Booth: F40

Welcome to our glorious 4K projector dome

Panasonic Integrate 2018 Stand by Infocus Design

Panasonic Integrate 2018 Stand by Infocus Design

A creative and unique addition for Panasonic at Integrate 2018 will be an Ultra HD dome projection display featuring our flagship 4K+ PT-RQ22K laser projector along with the newly-released ET-D3LEF70 fisheye lens which has been intuitively designed for applications such as planetariums, theme-park attractions and theatres to give viewers a thrilling immersive experience. With an angle of view up to 183°, this high resolution fisheye lens is a distinctive addition to our line-up, making it possible to cover a complete dome, distortion-free, while only using a single projector.

See 4K professional displays bring art to life

Panasonic Integrate 2018 Stand by Infocus Design

Panasonic Integrate 2018 Stand by Infocus Design

Panasonic is passionate about increasing museum and exhibition engagement through digital and interactive tech, which we’ll be demonstrating to Integrate visitors with our breathtaking gallery space. Here, works of art will be brought to life in dazzling 4K resolution by our new EQ1 display panels. We’ll be utilising the six new models in a series ranging in size from 43 to 86-inches, mounted in both portrait and landscape orientation to give our gallery a convincing artistic flourish.

Watch our robotic camera shoot live footage

Panasonic Integrate 2018 Stand by Infocus Design

Panasonic Integrate 2018 Stand by Infocus Design

What better place to unveil our new AW-UE150 4K integrated remote camera that offers 4K 50p capture with a high-magnification 20 x zoom lens – a first for a broadcast-class PTZ solution – than at Integrate? Attendees will be able to see how perfectly suited this camera is for filming stages, arenas and other high-end live broadcast events, along with how easy it is to operate when coupled with our new intuitive AW-RP150 camera controller. We’ll be putting our PTZ cameras to work on a specialised Tecnopoint tuning solution; a robotic dolly system designed to capture footage from various angles throughout the expo.

For more information, downloads and press releases, visit Panasonic at Integrate 2018.

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