CeBIT 2018: Enhancing Mobility with Toughbook Solutions

CeBIT Australia is the focal point for the Asia Pacific B2B tech industry, with the annual exhibition and conference at ICC Sydney attracting thousands of technology professionals from government, enterprise, SMEs and start-ups to explore the future of business technology.

Panasonic’s Toughbook team was on-site at CeBIT Australia 2018 to showcase our exciting range of rugged devices, including our two-in-one laptops, tablets and handhelds. Attendees engaged with these Toughbook experts to learn how our cutting edge business solutions can enhance the productivity, connectivity and mobility of their field based employees, as well as for those in less precarious environments.

At CeBIT Australia 2018, attendees also learned new insights from global industry luminaries across a series of keynotes, panels, and stage sessions. Clare Hose, Toughbook’s Product Marketing Manager, presented ‘Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case For Rugged Devices’ as part of the event’s Innovation Stage line-up.

Clare Hose, Toughbook’s Product Marketing Manager, Panasonic Australia

In her informative session, Clare Hose explored the benefits of investing in rugged notebooks, tablets and handhelds along with the challenge in convincing IT decision makers to pay now, in order save later. Hose demonstrated that while rugged devices do cost more to purchase up-front, based on the amount of money saved in terms of employee downtime, IT servicing time, and other related costs, the investment in a high-quality rugged device could pay dividends for years.

READ MORE: Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case For Rugged Devices (PDF 1MB)