Rugged Toughpads go into the mining industry with Global Tech

Rugged Toughpads go into the mining industry with Global Tech-HERO

Rugged Panasonic FZ-G1 Toughpad tablets are driving an intelligent solution developed by Australian company Global Tech Group™ that overcomes the challenges of safely and effectively training single-seat heavy vehicle operators in today’s mining industry.

“The Toughpad is up to the task. It’s ruggedised and well-suited for use in the mining industry – with IP ratings, an all-weather vibration, drop, dust and water-resistant design, a rugged keyboard and anti-glare screen, and fits into a compact case for carrying.” – Richard Vorias, Managing Director of Global Tech Group™

Global Tech Group™ has developed and is marketing a Portable Vehicle Training System (PVTS™), designed to revolutionise the training of mining personnel on extremely large single-seat vehicles such as dozers, graders and excavators. Key to the PVTS™ solution is our FZ-G1 Panasonic Toughpad – an ultra-thin and lightweight fully rugged tablet device, used in conjunction with a specifically designed clip on keyboard.

Richard Vorias, Managing Director of Global Tech Group™ explained that there were a number of key considerations in developing and patenting the PVTS™.

First and foremost, when training mining personnel on these large single-seat vehicles, it’s not possible for the trainer to be next to the operator. This means that operators generally follow up their in-class training by driving the vehicle under the instruction of an experienced instructor who trains them over the mining radio network and views them from a safe distance. This method lacks privacy, which can lessen its effectiveness, and instructors have no way of viewing the trainee’s actions in the cabin.

The Global Tech Group™ PVTS™ solution provides remote, private and live training with instantaneous feedback and guidance via one-to-one Wi-Fi communication, and is designed with robust technology to withstand the rigours of mine site environments. Central to the success of the PVTS™ package are our rugged Panasonic Toughpads, thanks to their ability to withstand the environmental extremes of blistering summer heat all the way through to driving rain, constant exposure to dust, and relentless vibration and shock.

The key elements of the PVTS™ solution include:

  • The FZ-G1 Panasonic Toughpad – an ultra-thin and lightweight fully rugged tablet device, used in conjunction with a specifically designed clip on keyboard.
  • 4 individual cameras that capture high-definition video images
  • PVTS™ application
  • A rugged headset
  • A Pelican-style rugged case
  • Operates to 500m line of sight/250m non line of sight
  • Optional: Integrated Whole Body Vibration (WBV) analysis and assessment system.

Global Tech Group™ has now successfully sold the PVTS™ to customers in the mining industry and has received great feedback on its ease of use and the real productivity improvements made through the new training process.

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