Panasonic projectors help create world-first maritime training simulation

Students and commercial clients now have access to the latest in state-of-the-art maritime simulation training technology thanks to a $1.4 million upgrade at the Australian Maritime College (AMC), a specialist institute of the University of Tasmania. The upgrade includes the world’s first installation of Panasonic’s ultra-high resolution 4K Full Mission Bridge Simulation Projection System, using five Panasonic PT-RQ13K 3-chip DLP laser projectors with 4K resolution.

“Our facilities are used for maritime human factors research and investigation into port development, ship manoeuvring, and improving ship and port safety. They also help bridge the gap between theory and practice in the training of ship masters and deck officers. The upgraded Panasonic projector system enhances that capability and ensures AMC continues to be a leader in maritime simulation.” –Professor Thanasis Karlis, Director, AMC National Centre for Ports and Shipping

As the most advanced simulation training experience in the world, the new facilities provide AMC students and clients with unparalleled realism and a higher level of immersion in the simulator for more effective training. By incorporating Panasonic’s PT-RQ13K 3-chip DLP laser projectors with 4K resolution, the projected image is clearer, brighter and more colourful with less visible pixels, so the user experiences a more realistic perception of the simulated environment.

“Education organisations, like the AMC, continually face the need to offer students and clients the latest facilities and interactive teaching experiences, and they are turning to technology to do this. Panasonic’s innovative approach to projector technology has significantly enhanced the simulator user’s experience and immersion. –Peter Huljich, Group Manager, Projectors, Panasonic Australia


Tech spotlight: 4K Full Mission Bridge Simulation Projection System

  • The Panasonic PT-RQ13K projectors are the world’s lightest 3-chip DLP laser projectors with 4K resolution available today, offering unprecedented image quality.
  • AMC’s set-up uses five projectors that each produce 10,000 lumens brightness and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio.
  • The projectors’ built-in software makes the geometry corrections to seamlessly project and edge blend the five separate images onto the simulator’s 240-degree, 7.2 metre radius by 4.5 metre tall cylindrical screen
  • This provides an immersive training experience when viewed from the cabin of the main bridge ship simulator.
  • Panasonic Early Warning Software monitors the status of the projectors connected to an intranet, and provides alerts if any servicing is required, minimising any downtime and interruption to training.
  • The solution offers the AMC a good return on investment now and in the future. Laser technology means the projectors are lamp-free, eliminating associated replacement and maintenance costs, and with a life of around 20,000 hours.
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