Panasonic Toughbook & IMDEX Mining | Case Study

IMDEX – a leading mining equipment, technology and services (METS) provider to the global minerals industry – has selected Panasonic’s Android and Windows Toughbook devices, as the company’s preferred tablet hardware.

With its headquarters in Western Australia, IMDEX continues to develop and deliver best-in-class technologies for its global clients. The company improves their operational efficiencies and productivity by providing integrated solutions via its leading REFLEX and AMC brands.

“We’re proud to have a longstanding relationship with IMDEX providing tailored and fit-for-purpose technologies for the global mining industry.”
– Marc Amelung, General Manager, Mobile Solutions, Panasonic Australia


IMDEX identified the need for rugged, reliable and user-friendly mobile devices to complement its advanced subsurface solutions and diverse client needs – for example drill crews, geologists and office-based colleagues.

Working in the mining industry presents a variety of challenges and it’s crucial that the technology is dust and splash proof and operates in extreme weather conditions.

“It’s essential that our clients are aided by the technology, rather than hampered by it. Ruggedness, reliability and usability are vital factors.”
– Guru Jabbal, Products Development Engineer, IMDEX


IMDEX’s partnership with Panasonic enables the company to offer products that can endure the harshest working conditions, preventing downtime and loss of productivity for its clients.

“We found Panasonic’s solutions provided all the features and specifications that we needed including: interchangeable batteries; a slimline design; sunlight readability; temperature control; and a quality screen.”
“Client feedback regarding the Panasonic Toughbook has been incredibly positive. They recognise that reliable technologies make their lives a lot easier.”
– Guru Jabbal, Products Development Engineer, IMDEX

IMDEX engaged Panasonic some ten years ago. Since this time, the partnership and product solutions have evolved substantially.

“We initially approached Panasonic based on the company’s strong reputation for robust and reliable products. Now, after working with Panasonic for almost a decade and deploying more than 1,000 7-inch FZ-B2 Toughbook tablets, we can confidently say that its products have delivered on this front.”
– Guru Jabbal, Products Development Engineer, IMDEX


IMDEX plans to utilise the Panasonic FZ-B2 Android or FZ-G1 Windows Toughbook due to their astounding success in the future. The mining industry is evolving and workforces need rugged yet slimline models at their disposal – IMDEX and Panasonic are both at the forefront of this shift.

“The products deployed with IMDEX have certainly evolved over the last ten years, from our bulkier CF-19 Toughbook model, to our slimline tablet solutions for Android (FZ-B2) and Windows (FZ-G1) operating systems. We look forward to working with IMDEX to continually enhance our solutions for its needs in the years ahead.”
– Marc Amelung, General Manager, Mobile Solutions, Panasonic Australia

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