Panasonic interactive whiteboard gives schools a head start

Students at Rouse Hill High School get a head start with a Panasonic interactive whiteboard
The integration of a Panasonic Elite Panaboard Interactive Whiteboard at Rouse Hill High School has enlivened the learning experience for students through content-rich, technology-enhanced teaching.

Rouse Hill High, located in New South Wales, has been using a Panasonic Interactive Whiteboard since mid 2009, following the donation by Panasonic as part of the company’s “Partner in Learning” program. Rouse Hill High has a classroom allocated specifically for interactive whiteboard users and teachers may book the room for its use.

The Panasonic Elite Panaboard has been designed to provide active, visual-based education that makes the classroom fun. By using a PC with Internet access, the Panaboard can connect to the Internet and teachers can incorporate into the lesson the vast amount of information available on the Web.

Using the interactive whiteboard improves student engagement and allows for quick access to resources. It creates a more dynamic teaching environment that really catches the attention of the students and retains their interest in the subject matter. As a new school we have in place some excellent facilities that support and facilitate our student’s development. Technology-based education tools provide a great opportunity to interact with our pupils in a way they understand and can relate to.
Rouse Hill High School Principal, Kim Chapman

The electronic pen also enables teachers and students to interact accurately with the information displayed, allowing them to draw and write on the board, whilst Ultrasonic and Infrared technologies precisely sense screen position. From a user’s perspective, the pen allows greater control and comfort, while the board’s hard-wearing design minimises maintenance and downtime.

Panasonic’s ‘Partnership in Learning’ program was devised to assist worthy schools, such as Rouse Hill High were students are actively engaged with interactive whiteboards and teachers are enthusiastic and keen to share their experience with Panasonic. We really value the feedback gained from our partner schools through the program.

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