Zoom into action

Tapping into your creativity with a Lumix G Micro System camera has now become even easier thanks to the release of the world’s smallest and lightest full-range F.28 telephoto zoom lens. The scenes you can capture are only limited by your imagination.

Whether you’re shooting all the action at a sporting match, capturing animals on safari, taking memorable family portraits or effortlessly zooming right into a subject, this bright 35-100mm lens delivers superb image rendering. Your shots will feature rich, lifelike textures, crisp edge to edge contrast and a unique Nano Surface Coating for minimal ghosts and flare.

The versatility of this lens is enhanced with POWER O.I.S (Optical Image Stabiliser) which compensates for both small, fast movements and large slow ones, so you’ll find it easy to shoot blur free stills and shake free video.

Not only will the lens ensure your pictures look amazing, its sophisticated metallic finish complements the style of the Lumix G Micro System camera range, while a rubber ring on the durable metal lens mount makes this lens both splash resistant and dustproof.

Find out more about the Lumix G X VARIO 35-100mm/F2.8/POWER O.I.S. lens, available in Australia from December 2012.

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