Cinematic quality in the palm of your hand

When you go to the movies or enjoy a DVD at home, it’s easy to lose yourself in the breathtaking cinematography, and you might imagine that such results can only be achieved with the most expensive equipment.

The new Lumix GH3, an extremely versatile camera that produces results of the highest quality, challenges that assumption. The video recording function features advanced technologies developed by Panasonic for its professional broadcasting equipment which means that videos can be produced that are nothing short of cinematic.

A short film was created by Philip Bloom using the Lumix GH3 to demonstrate the incredible cinematic quality this camera can produce. Bloom has been a leading figure in the low budget world of digital film making and in his film ‘Genesis’ he creates a compelling story with high production values.

Shooting in a range of different conditions, from low light to sunlight, fast movement to handheld, Bloom creates a work that feels like it was made by a Hollywood studio on a much larger budget.

Watch the short film now.