Top marks go to the SC-NE5 Wireless Speaker


Our versatile wireless speaker scored a commendable 9.2 out of 10 in recent review by John Stewart for The Slanted, garnering praise on a number of fronts – especially it’s ability to “to play almost any type of media that you throw at it”

The reviewer was also impressed with that this wireless sound-system still supports CD playback, saying that it “fits with the entire message that Panasonic is trying to promote with this unit, one of unifying all of your media in your home, and allowing you to take control wirelessly, effortlessly and instantly.”

The SC-NE5 comprises of two major components; the wireless speaker unit and the satellite dock for mobile devices. Put together they look like incredibly sophisticated technology but the reviewer was delighted the system worked “seamlessly, effortlessly and quickly right out-of-the-box”, noting that this isn’t always the case with similar products produced by other companies.

Throughout the review, it was clear that the multimedia versatility of the SC-NE5 really wowed the writer.

“The device features airplay, which is one of the simplest ways that you can stream your media from your iOS device, but there is also Bluetooth compatibility, there’s the CD player and the auxiliary input, plus the FM radio. Almost any device that you would want to play music or media from, can be ported to the wireless speaker-system, either wirelessly or through the satellite base-station.”

Best of all, The Slanted recognized the wireless speaker’s value for money and rated the SC-NE5 as a stand-out among top-tier competitors, stating that it has “more options than almost any other wireless speaker that is available on the market within the same price range.”

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