The ultimate energy and water-saving washing machine

Panasonic’s front loading washing machines are packed with a range of advanced features that not only ensure washing your clothes is a breeze but also save you energy and water, making them great for your finances and the environment.

A unique 3D sensor and three damper system minimises drum vibration which in turn enables a larger drum capacity. Models are available with both 8kg and 10kg capacity and all offer a small footprint in your laundry.

The highly efficient inverter motor has seen these washing machines awarded four and half stars for energy and water-saving performance. Water and energy are also conserved with the five nozzle HydroActive+ shower. Detergent is dissolved quickly and the laundry is saturated, which significantly reduces the wash time.

Panasonic’s unique ECONAVI technology eliminates wasted water and energy by accurately measuring the size of the wash load and detecting the incoming water temperature, with the result that up to 50% less power is used and up to 30% less water. Constant adjustment of the drum rotation speed creates the most efficient washing action.

The intelligent design of the machines reduces vibrations and noise which, along with the inverter motor, offers the benefit of quiet operation. Add in a gentle wash thanks to the matrix drum, a large door which makes loading and unloading easy, plus the intuitive WashNavi with its detailed LCD panel, and a front loading washing machine from Panasonic is the smart choice.

Find out more about the range here.

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  • Hi I will be calling you again for the 6 th time in about 18 months. My machine can stop working because one 20 cent piece gets stuck in your far too narrow tube. It is also very difficult to gain access to. I also told someone the last time I wanted a REFUND as this is the most useless machine I have ever owned and he PROMISED someone would get back to me. TERRIBLE customer service.

  • Hi Catherine, we apologise to hear you have experienced faults with your washing machine. Please take note of page 5 of the operating instructions, “Check all washing and remove all objects such as nails, pins, coins, clips, metal wires, etc. They may cause damage to other laundry or the appliance.” Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will be able to arrange a technician to assist in the removal of the coin. Thanks