You know who else love the CM1? The toughest critics!


Sure, you can listen to us lose our minds about the game-changer that is the LUMIX CM1 camera phone. No big deal, right? It only does away with the whole camera vs smartphone debate by adding a high-end camera with incredible image quality to the smartphone that is now pretty much welded to our hands.

The real proof is in how the CM1 is being received outside of Panasonic HQ… Well, the reviews are in and the awards keep coming, so we are clearly not alone in our admiration for the possibilities opened up by the CM1 camera phone.




Review by Richard (New Zealand)

“The Lumix CM1 is THE game changer and there are so many reasons to get excited about it. Unfortunately, once you’ve tried one (like me), it’s really hard to go back to a normal smartphone.” – Review by Richard


Photo Review

“Panasonic is to be congratulated for developing the CM1 as it’s a step in a long-sought-after direction; producing truly ‘connected’ cameras. It also raises the performance bar for future smartphones. For both reasons, we think it merits an Editor’s Choice.”
– Photo Review | Editor’s Choice.


“Its wealth of photography kit helps it achieve image quality that’s unrivalled in the smartphone world. If you love the idea of always having a great camera to hand but don’t want to be weighed down with two devices, the Lumix CM1 is the phone for you.”
– CNet | 4/5 Stars.

Click here to watch CNet’s video review on YouTube.


Trusted Reviews

“The Panasonic CM1 is a camera that happens to do everything an Android phone can do. Yes, including phoning your mum and sending YouTube cat video links over Whatsapp. Panasonic calls it a Communication Camera, but feel free to think of it as an Android phone with photos that beat those of every other phone to date.”
– Trusted Reviews | 4/5 Stars.


Australian Financial Review

“The CM1 takes photos that are better than any phone we’ve ever seen, up there with compact cameras. Not to mention, it’s got the full suite of camera modes, and serious camera features such manual focus peaking, exposure bracketing and spot metering. There’s even a nice ring around the lens you can devote to setting, say, the ISO. Apart from the absence of a viewfinder (something you would never expect to find on a phone, not even a camera-phone/phone-camera like this one), it’s a very camera-like experience.”
– Australian Financial Review.

What Digital Camera

“Previous attempts to combine the full functionality of a smartphone with a serious traditional digital camera have been less than successful, often not quite managing to get either aspect quite right and thus ending up with an uncomfortable foot in both camps. The Panasonic CM1, however, impresses in managing to successfully execute both the smartphone and the camera aspect with very few compromises… it’s the best executed integration of smartphone and tablet we’ve seen to date.”
– What Digital Camera | Overall Rating 87%.

Amateur Photographer

“It represents a new frontier for smartphone technology and the camera marks a clear improvement on what we’ve seen from the leading smartphone manufacturers” – Amateur Photographer | 4/5 Stars.


“The Panasonic CM1 is impressive, even judged solely as a camera. Who wouldn’t want a high-end compact with a 1-inch sensor that will go in a shirt pocket? On top of that, it’s a decent Android smartphone too.” – Techradar | 4.5/5 Stars.

CNet Video Review

Check out the CM1 product page.

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