The Spokesman by Dean Saffron

filmed entirely on a GH3

Filmmaker Dean Saffron created this beautiful piece on James, a mysterious bicycle collector from Queensland. It’s an exploration of a man and his treasure trove, with bicycles stacked floor to ceiling, from every era of cycling.

The film shows us James in his creaky old wooden house, which can best be described as a living museum for bicycles.

To capture this story, Dean chose a Panasonic Lumix GH3, delivering stunning results. The filmmaker began by shooting stills of James and his collection, before deciding to use video as the medium to best convey his subject’s indisputable passion.

I felt compelled to make this video after meeting James. He was a very enigmatic man who has taken it upon himself to collect a bicycle from each developmental epoch for future generations to enjoy.”

–       Dean Saffron

The film serves as a time capsule for future generations, a moment in the life of a very unique individual. So for the next three minutes, why not immerse yourself in someone else’s world?

Take a look for yourself.


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