Panasonic’s Lumix G6 rated one of the best on the market


Panasonic’s latest addition to the G-series, the Lumix G6, is starting to receive excellent reviews on a number of tech sites. It’s been described at Trusted Reviews as a “feature-packed camera that more than keeps up with the competition” and “one of the best CSCs [compact system cameras] on the market”.

On a technical level, Trusted Reviews writes that the G6 has excellent image quality performance. The 1728-zone metering system “copes admirably in a range of different lighting conditions” while the 16MP Live MOS sensor captures “an impressive level of detail”. In addition, the reviewer notes, noise reduction is “more than a match for comparative DSLRs”. And if your taste runs to producing A3 prints at 240 ppi, the G6 will handle it “with ease”.

Panasonic enthusiasts will know by now that the Lumix G6 has an impressive array of specs and controls, with the body controls themselves rated 10/10 in this review. You’ll find a high res, high contrast electronic viewfinder, multi-gesture touchscreen, clever Wi-Fi connectivity, and Near Field Communication that lets you connect to a smartphone or tablet and transfer images just by touching the devices together.

The review concludes that the G6 holds its own against “impressive DSLR rivals” like Canon and Nikon, making this new Panasonic release “no small achievement”.

Meanwhile, over at What Digital Camera, Phil Hall gives a great run down on the G6’s extensive specs, and finishes with “if you’re looking for comparable DSLR performance and images in a smaller body that’s complemented by a growing range of compact lenses, then the G6 is the perfect travel companion”.

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