How Adventure For Change and Panasonic captured Greenland


Dr Dean Miller and the Adventure For Change team are back from Eastern Greenland, and they’ve condensed their two-month expedition into an extraordinarily beautiful four minutes of film.

If you’ve missed some of the Adventure For Change story, a group of scientists, adventurers and filmmakers, led by Dr Dean Miller, travel the world researching and documenting amazing locations and the people who live and work there, with a focus on sustainable conservation. It sounds like a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

In fact, at times it is a tough job. Expedition Greenland covered an incredible 5000 km – by foot, sled, ski, snowboard and aircraft – to explore, research and record this rapidly changing Artic environment. Greenland is the least densely populated country on earth, with almost 80% covered by an ice sheet up to 3km thick.

Into this harsh, isolated setting, the Adventure For Change team took the tough Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 digital single lens mirrorless camera, as well as an AG-HPX250EN full HD pro camcorder, the spectacular output of which you can see for yourself in the video. The equipment was up to the challenge, in some of the harshest conditions found anywhere in the world.

Sharing Panasonic’s commitment for a sustainable future, the Adventure For Change team hope their efforts will educate, inspire and create lasting change. If you share their passion, you can follow them on Facebook

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