Panasonic’s Lumix GH3 “two cameras in one”

Panasonic’s Lumix GH3 was recently reviewed in The Sydney Morning Herald with the reviewer, Terry Lane, finding many positive things to say about it. Noting that the GH3 “is about as close to a true hybrid still and video camera as you can buy”, it’s “one of the best compact-system cameras”, and is “a video camera that produces results comparable with dedicated camcorders”, he poses the question: “do I need two cameras, or will the GH3 do it all?”


Lane sets up an experiment to answer this question, mounting the GH3 on a bracket next to a Panasonic HC-V700 camcorder. Simultaneous high-definition video was then shot, with both cameras recording to SD memory cards and plugged directly into a high-definition TV set.

Both cameras produced remarkable HD video and “the tiny HC-V700 camcorder, with its 46x zoom lens, is simply astonishing.” Lane goes on to highlight the GH3’s “absolute image quality”. He was very impressed with both cameras, and believes that “for top-quality, carefully-controlled video shooting” the Lumix GH3 is a great option. And as to Lane’s question about whether the GH3 can do it all, he concludes, “for two cameras for the price of one, the GH3 is unbeatable.”

Read the full review here.