The 765 Series. Good call.

“Ring ring! Ring ring!”

 There’s that sound again. You’re at home and someone’s calling your mobile, but you can’t remember where you left it. The hunt is now on. Running through the house, you realise you have only six rings until the voicemail intercepts your call. Where is that mobile?! There must be an easier way.

When you have a Panasonic 765 Series in your home, this problem is a thing of the past. The 765 Series comes in a twin or triple handset cordless phone that gives you the ability to link up to two mobile phones. So you can make and receive your mobile calls through your home phone. Easy.

“Ring ring! Aunt Gertrude!”

Screening your calls is a breeze, thanks to the talking caller I.D. feature. Now you can hear who’s calling without having to rush to the phone. Using text-to-speech technology, this phone announces the caller ID information in between rings.

Finally, Intelligent Eco Mode makes sure that you use less power. This feature automatically senses when you’re using the handset close to the base unit and lowers the power consumption. This extends the available talk-time and prolongs battery life. It’s good for the environment too.

This intelligent cordless phone will make you wonder how you ever did without these convenient features. So when thinking of a phone for your home, the 765 Series is the answer.


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  • First, let me begin by saying that we can’t find the 7653 phone around. It’s only the 7652 that we’ve found in Dick Smith and The Good Guys. The 3-phone system isn’t listed in their systems at all. Then, no one sells the extra handsets – which for us, will cost nearly double what they go for in the USA, I’m told.

    I rang Panasonic and was told that I’d have to buy the handsets from their “spare parts” suppliers. Lame. I spent all afternoon ringing the number they gave me, only to get engaged signals, and then a “we’re closed” message at 4.30. Other spare parts sellers advised that the handsets weren’t available and they had no idea when they would be. Why list them at all?

    I’d like to buy a 7653 system, but I need to be sure I can get the extra handsets! I sent letters to Panasonic in Sydney and Victoria about a month ago, and no one has had the courtesy to reply but that seems to be the Panasonic way these days.

    Do any other systems have talking caller ID anymore? That can take 6 handsets?