Master your own kitchen

Most people think of the microwave as a functional machine, designed to cook, defrost and reheat – and that’s about it. We’d like you to consider another point of view. With the power of three technologies, Panasonic microwaves give you a new way to cook all your favourite meals – creating mouth-watering cuisine, fit for a connoisseur.

Traditional microwave ovens work by intermittently blasting food with heat energy. You might think you’re cooking at 60% power, but in fact you’re only cooking at full power, 60% of the time. Your meal could be left with cold spots, over-cooked edges and even food boiling over the side.

This is not the case when you have a Panasonic Inverter microwave. Your food will benefit from continuous power throughout the cooking process, just like a normal gas or electric oven – only much, much faster.

Thanks to the Combination setting, your meal will have that delicious browned or crisped finish as though it were roasted in the oven. Plus, the innovative Flatbed design allows for greater space inside the microwave, so you can use larger dishes.

Want to see how these three technologies work together to create meals with gourmet flair? Adam Liaw, winner of MasterChef Series 2, will show you how in this exclusive video series.

Finally, here’s another great reason to get a selected Panasonic Inverter microwave for your kitchen – you’ll also receive a bonus copy of Adam’s cookbook ‘Two Asian Kitchens’. To claim your cookbook, simply fill out your details here.