Panasonic’s cordless phones offer the ultimate in convenience

Enjoy freedom, flexibility and reliability when you’re at home with Panasonic’s new cordless phone models, the KX-TG6822ALB Twin Pack and KX-TG6821ALB Single, which are packed with a range of advanced features including customised call blocking, noise reduction technology and the ability to communicate during a blackout.


It’s hard to beat the convenience of a cordless phone at home when you can make and receive calls wherever you are. And with Panasonic’s unique Noise Reduction feature you can enjoy the confidence of being able to clearly and easily hear the person you’re talking to with a reduction in background noise of up to 75%. On top of that you can even adjust the pitch of phone voices so people of all ages can talk comfortably and be easily heard.

Of course, the convenience of a cordless phone is no good if you don’t have any power and communication is cut off. This is where Panasonic’s cordless phones really come into their own. There are times when being unable to make a call is not simply inconvenient but a real issue during a crisis. The clever Power Failure Talk System means that during a blackout you simply place the handset on the base to supply the power stored in your handset to the base unit, and you can then make calls even when the power is out.

As well, the very handy Smart Key, Incoming Call Block and Night Mode features put you in control of calls so they don’t become intrusive but still enable you to take any important calls. You can check missing calls, answer incoming calls with speakerphone on, listen to voice messages or snooze the alarm. You can also customise your phone so it only rings for selected people or stays silent from a pre-set time, like bedtime for example, giving you the ultimate in control.

Add in the Advanced Digital Answering Machine with remote operation so you can access it away from home, and the large 1.8” white backlit LCD screen, and these innovative cordless phones are a must-have around the home.

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  • Any idea when the TG6822ALB will be available in the Australian shops?

  • Hi Michael,
    This phone will be received by stores around mid-May in Australia. It may be ranged first at The Good Guys and then quickly to most retailers by end of May / beginning of June.

  • Please provide the model numbers of all current Panasonic 3-handset cordless phones.

    Please indicate those models which are blackout proof.

    With thanks.

  • Hi Dennis, The handset models are KX-TG8563AZB, KX-TG8163ALB, KX-TG8033ALB, KX-TG7653AZB, KX-TG7523ALB, KX-TG6563ALT, KX-TG5523ALB. Blackout proof models are KX-TG8563AZB, KX-TG8163ALB, KX-TG8033ALB. Thanks

  • I’ve been checking out the KX-TG6821ALB for a friend who’s on 1/4 acre block. Nothing in the specifications states the maximum recommended range from the cradle. Could you please tell me this information?


  • Hi Tina, Operation range: Up to 300m outdoors, Up to 50m indoors, depending on environmental conditions i.e. obstructions (walls) and RF interference from nearby electrical equipment.

  • With the DECT models which are ‘blackout proof’, does the memory of date and time remain operational so that TAM messages are accurate after a power outage?

  • Hi Peter, the answering machine function will not operate in black out. Only the phone will operate for incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Re previous question on DECT phone ‘blackout proof’ performance. Fair enough that TAM doesn’t work during power outage, but does the phones clock keep going to allow the TAM to record call details accurately after there has been a power blackout? i.e is there battery back up phones clock ?
    We suffer frequent short power outages which make the TAM info on the present phone quite useless.

  • PANASONIC DECT KX-TG6822ALB cordless phone. Do these phones screen and key pad light up when making a call, for example when trying to dial a phone number at night in the dark do the numbers light up?

  • Hi Janelle, you are able to program this phone to have the phone and keypad’s light up. The information is available in the user manual on page 27.

  • This phone won’t keep the correct time. I set it and the next day the time is hours out. Is there a trick to setting the time and date.

  • Hi Tony, if you have followed the instructions in the operating instructions with still no success, please contact our customer service team on 132600.

  • Will the frequency range of the KX-TG6822ALB affect my adsl2+ connection? I currently have an uniden phone operating on 1.6GHz and it constantly beeps for no reason. I was told the frequency of 1.8GHz is the cause for the beeps.
    will your phone model do the same?

  • Hi Robert, Our KX-TG6822ALB cordless phones operate at 1.88 – 1.90GHz which shouldn’t affect the ADSL Wi-Fi. It is worthwhile investigating the noise filtering quality of any phone you consider purchasing (our KX-TG6822ALB has excellent noise filtering) and ensuring you use an ADSL line filter. Hope this helps! MCB

  • Can I pick up a second handset and join in to a call already in progress with the 3 phone package of Kx-TV 8163alb?

  • Panasonic released 4 new cordless phones in mid July 2014. Why does only Ryda in Sydney acknowledge they exist and have them to purchase. Ie no DSE, TGG, HN, BL. When will these stores have them.

  • Hi Panasonic, so my post on 28.7.2014 wekas approved 5 days after I submitted it. Any chance of a response soon?

    Further I called customer service today to find out how I could buy the phone. They said all the stores that normally stock Panasonic can order it. All the stores however said no they can’t.

    So the question remains when will the July 2014 release of new phones be available in the shops?