Panasonic spreads Christmas cheer with more gifts! Popular VIERA promotion now offers choice of Tough LUMIX Camera or a Wii Bonus gift

-promotion now closed-

– Only Bonus Wii Pack promotion remains –

Today, Panasonic Australia announced the re-launch of its highly successful Bonus Wii Promotion, with the added value of exciting games. The Bonus Wii Pack promotion will run concurrently with the incredibly successful VIERA Bonus HD promotion, which has already received claims for over three quarters of the bonus gifts.

Due to the overwhelming demand, from 1 December, Panasonic will offer an additional promotional bonus offer of a Wii Bonus Pack including Wii console, Avatar game and Wii Mario Kart with steering wheel, valued at $578.90 RRP when consumers purchase any VIERA Full HD Plasma TV.

The Bonus Wii offer ends on 24 December, 2009, extended to 31st January, 2010 so consumers should hurry to ensure they don’t miss out. Visit panasonic.com.au/christmasbonus for details.

Thanks to this great new promotion, consumers who have not yet purchased their Panasonic VIERA Full High Definition Plasma TV for the summer can enjoy the Bonus Wii Pack valued at $578.90 RRP.

Paul Reid, Director, Consumer Electronics Group, Panasonic Australia said;

“The response to the VIERA Bonus HD Christmas promotion has exceeded all expectations. With the choice of two great offers – including the new Bonus Wii Promotion featuring the popular Wii pack, or the Bonus HD offer of a go-anywhere LUMIX FT1 camera – there’s something for everyone this Christmas.”

According to Reid, the Wii Bonus Pack and the LUMIX FT1 Camera pack offer consumers an excellent choice to complement any lifestyle. The LUMIX FT1 is ideal for active families looking for the ultimate hybrid to capture both still and motion images in any shooting environment. The Wii pack is sure to bring the family together with the most physically interactive gaming experience.

To claim your Bonus Wii pack, visit panasonic.com.au/christmasbonus
To claim your Bonus HD Tough LUMIX FT1 Camera pack, visit panasonic.com.au/bonushd now, or SMS ‘BONUS’ to 0429 826 687 to find out how many bonus LUMIX FT1 camera gifts remain.

Postage charge
Bonus HD Promotion: Customers will be charged $17.50 to cover postage and fulfilment upon submitting their claim.
Bonus Wii Pack Promotion: Customers will be charged $30 to cover postage and fulfilment upon submitting their claim.

Click here for Bonus Wii promotion Terms & Conditions or here for the Bonus HD promotion.

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  • We purchased 1 HD and 2 Full HD Viera TV’s in the past 12 months because we thought they were the best product on the market at the time and not because of a promotion, but it would have been nice if at least one of them managed to co-inside with one of the promotional periods you’ve had over the same period

  • Following purchase of Panasonic 42inch plasma TV on 3-11-09 bonus gift claim submitted 4-11-09 am waiting for delivery of HD twin tuner DVD recorder, would appreciate delivery ASAP.

  • It is great that panasonic offer free stuff but I always seem to miss out on these promotions. I have just bought a new LCD TV and a new DVD Recorder but neither allow me to be eligible to receive the promotion.
    I love panasonic products and that is why I purchase this brand but feel there should be more eligibility to claim the promotions.

  • I have lodged my claim for a Wii. Now I need to send my invoice to panasonic but I did not see an address anywhere. The phone number 132600 does not go through, so I cant call someone to get an address. Can someone tell me where to send my invoice please?

  • Hi
    We purchased a 42\\" Plasma in December 09 just recieved an email stating it will be another eight weeks before the bonus wii wil be delivered.

    Not a happy customer

  • I cant find where to track the status of our bonus wii.Our special number is KBJE5198.Could you please tell me how much longer we will have to wait?
    Many thanks
    Sharlene King and Toby Billings

  • Maddy, I have the promotions brochure and the address is; Panasonic Viera Bonus Wii Offer,PO Box381, Brookvale NSW 2100

  • I’ve now been waiting over the 8 weeks estimate for my DVD-recorder bonus.

    Can’t get into contact with the HDbonus area, as they’re only open M-F.

    What can I do???

  • I bought a plasma tv and qualified for a HD bonus gift. I was sent an email at the end of 09 saying the expected dispatch date was the 22nd of January 2010 and that I would be kept informed. So far nothing. What’s the situation?


  • I brought a full hd plasma in december 09, it has been about 6 weeks now haven’t received my home theater system, i know it says you try to get it out in under 8 weeks but i can not find the original site to log on to check the progress. Help would be appreciated.
    thank you

  • I see there’s a couple of Nintendo Wii expectees asking about the 8 week turn around. I too like to get an idea wether it will be eight weeks or less, please be less. I remember the advert when the kids get to play with the empty box while mum & dad play with their new Nintendo Wii. That’s definitely not gonna happen the box is at the tip. Please reply with some good news.

  • Hi Team Panasonic
    I too have been waiting a long time, as like other punters on here, am very nervous about the long wait – particularly since I haven’t received any updates from you indicating where I am in the queue.

    Could you please, please contact me to discuss.

    Thank you


  • I am waiting on my Wii station also – can you contact me also, there appears to be no follow up – if there is aproblem can you not EMAIL
    Could you contact asap


  • Hi,
    I was having issues trying to see where my status was at on my wii pack. But ended up finding it on here – so thought i might post this to help others having issues. If you click on the underlined link that says http://www.hdbonus.com.au/wii (under the picture of the tv and wii pack) it should take you to log in page with your email and password – enter these and it will give you an update on your status. Hope this helps anyone else having issues with their wii promo.

  • I am absolutely appalled at the lack of customer service I have received trying to claim this promotion. I had bought my Panasonic Viera in FEBRUARY and have STILL not received it, despite NUMEROUS calls and faxes. The staff assure me every time I call that they will “check on the status and call me back”, not ONCE have I received the follow up call, and have ALWAYS had to chase it up myself, with still no results!!!
    I am disgusted.

  • Hi Benjamin,
    We’re sorry about the issues you are having and will have a service rep contact you asap.
    Our apologies,
    Team Panasonic