Jessica Watson Updates!

15th May 2010 – Jessica returns to Sydney!

Jessica is now home! She arrived safe and well to much fanfare in Sydney on May 15th 2010. We were very pleased to have her visit us at the Panasonic Australia head office to tell us all about her trip. Here are a few images she took on her LUMIX FT1 and FZ35 from her trip she shared with us. Stay tuned for further updates from Jess, and how she used her Toughbook Laptop and LUMIX Cameras during her voyage.
You can view more Jessica Watson images over at our offficial Flickr page here

19th February: Jessica cheered up by a huge pod of dolphins

16th January: Mum & Dad pay Jessica a visit out at sea

14th January: Jessica ecstatic as she rounds Cape Horn

9th December: Perfect conditions as Jessica reaches 6000 Nautical Miles

5000 miles and counting! Update from Jessica
Yesterday Jessica reached another milestone having sailed 5000 miles. Below is a video update from the 27th November just after sunset.

20th November: Jessica crosses the Equator!
Jessica has reached a significant mile-stone in her trip. Congratulations Jess, we hope you enjoyed your cool off!!

October Update
Jessica is doing great and is making steady process. She will continue to send us video updates along with photos which we will be publishing in our Flickr Group as well as on our Facebook Page.

Be sure to check out how Ella’s Pink Lady is going via Jessica’s boat tracker.

For more information about Jessica along with other videos see our previous post 🙂

June Update

Jessica is now home! She arrived safe and well to much fanfare in Sydney on May 16th. We were very pleased to have her in the office last Monday morning to tell us all about her trip. Here are a few images she took on her LUMIX FT1 and FZ35 from her trip she shared with us.

More about Jessica here

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  • It may not be a Tall Ship, But a fine Yacht and a Remarkable young lady Sailing her. God Speed Jess. and May the Stars guide your way.

  • I am following your progress, and look forward to getting your daily logs. I admire your spirit of adventure, and have no doubts that it will bring you back to Os safe and sound, and with an experience that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. Success will give you a real challenge. What will you be able to do to beat this one? Best wishes, Kevin.

  • Hi Jessica, Wow, what a great thing you are doing, a truly fantastic young lady with the skill, knowledge and spirit to follow your dream. After this you will have the world at your feet and I have no doubt, a very very interesting and exciting life ahead. My admiration and very best wishes Jessica, safe journey.

  • Hey, Jessica. I admire your courage and determination. We often check your website to see how you are going with your whole trip. Looks like you are doing very well so far. Keep up the good work, and i wish you a safe trip home. God Bless You!
    xxx, Chantelle, Brisbane, 14. =)

  • Hi Jessica,i m from bangladesh i m so glade to u,beco,really a great thing you are doing,Best of

    luck & Success will give you a real challenge.Keep going.Best wishes,(Shanto)

  • Hi there jes,great to see you are almost half way,youll soon be on the homeward streach,we”ll give you a wave as you sail bye cape natrulist western australia he he, good luck, and take care.

  • hello Jessica,
    what a wonderful inspiration you are – I now have my 9 year old gradnson tracking you and appreciating your wonderful writing. Jack looks forward to all your updates as much as I do
    congratulations to your parents for having enough love to allow you to follow your dream

    lots and lots of hugs and good wishes
    Jack and Grandma Sue

  • Jess, If you tore you main (I’ve seen them shred in two), if I were you I’d be doing my best to avoid that ensuing storm front (as in doing whatever it takes) because you also could break the mast, don’t forget. Four knock-downs for a little ship like that has to be putting you in deep trouble (maybe that distress beacon is correct), though hopefully your being careful not to rip up the main is going to be enough. If worse gets to worse, I’d call it quits and send out an S.O.S.. Hypothermia and exhaustion are not options, you know… Bye.

  • Those are rough seas (too bad THEY aren’t moderate)! Does she have a bucket to bail water, by any chance???? No offence meant, however I do believe time is of the essence as to forwarding my suggestion(s). Bye, bye.

  • Bryan
    Kindly don\’t have a negative attitude and get a life.
    I am sure that you may have some experience in sailing but Jessica would runrings around you even if she is not as old as you.
    To undertake this sort of thing, both Jessica plus friends and family would ensure both the boat and her captain are up to the adventure.

  • Jesse, just wanted to let you know that there is a cyclone on the opposite side of Africa headed in your direction. You shold arrive e at the Cape before the storm although. since the Cape used to be called the Cape Of Storms, I wouldn’t count on pleasant waters in that area at any time. Also, since it is east of Madagascar yet (with 140 kt gusts at present) there is the possibility for it to dissipate
    although, given it’s southwest direction and slow (5 mph) speed it could be close to you and your path sometime next week (after you round the tip of the continent) as an extrapolated storm. That would be rare although not impossible by any means, so you better slow down to give it time to subside, you know???? Bye. Dr. Quinn

  • Congratulations on the way you are handling this trip. We are so proud of your determination to follow your dream. We send our love and look forward to watching you sail into Australian waters. Enjoy every minute of your own world while you have it to yourself. Treasure those memories always. Love Terry and Joy.

  • We are an aboriginal Child Care service in Dubbo NSW and we have been following your journey with great admiration and the children love it . Keep up the great work. all the very best
    All your fans at Allira

  • Jessica,Iam soooo proud of what you have achieved ,enjoy this wonderful voyage and our prayers are ,you will return safely ,GOD speed Jessica.Love the HENDO\’S,Mary,Tony,Melinda and Damien.

  • Jessica you and ELLA\’S PINK LADY, what a gr8 team.I cant believe you\’ve journeyed soooo far.I often peruse the web to try and grasp where you are and I\’m in AWE of what you and THE LADY have achieved. You are living proof to others who self doubt and will inspire many young people to never lose sight of their dreams. Many HUGS and God be your guide.You will be in our PRAYERS before and after you touch HOME. Love the HENDO\’S,MARY,TONY,MELINDA and DAMIEN.

  • I just learned about Jessica\’s big sailing adventure today and am very excited to see her blog and video journal! I went on a virtual sailing adventure to circumnavigate the world in Second Life from August until October 2009. While my online journey cannot compare to Jessica\’s real life challenges and experience, I can appreciate her spirit of adventure and dedication to create and work toward a heady goal. Her determination to achieve her goal is inspiring and exciting to follow. I\’m just glad I didn\’t know about it earlier…it\’s a nail biter of an adventure and I would have run out of nails by now!

    Godspeed to you, Jess, and thank you for sharing your adventure with us. By doing so, your thrill of a lifetime becomes a little of our own as well. =) Cheers, Dahlia

  • I have no doubt you will complete your dream. A girl like you with so much determination and stamina and sea knowledge above your years is not only a task done by so few but one done by special people and you definately fall in that category. The world will be at your feet when you return. You are an inspiration to not only the young but all ages Well done young lady

  • You are a truly amazing young lady. I have followed you from the time you left. I do hope to be there to cheer you when you come in. You are an inspiration to a lot of people, both young and old. When you return may the whole world be at you feet.

    Take Care my darling, and may God Bless you.

  • Have followed your voyage from day one. What a wonderful young lady. God speed sweetheart. We need people like you.to offset the louts we currently put up with.
    I have run out of candles but will find another one to light your way HOME.
    God bless you and keep you safe.

  • you go girl good luck with the rest of your trip, us aussie’s are proud of you, keep safe

  • Hello Jessica, You do us all Aussies proud, Stay safe and a big welcome home to aussie soon.

  • Dearest Jessica, Your little Pink Ship has carried you part way through a lifetime of a wonderfull memory, and I am sure it will carry you back to us in Australia. I may never meet you but you will live in my memory as a wonderfull adventurer I am so proud of you. Don W xx.

  • Hi Jess, what a guttsy effort, at 16 tender years to take on the worlds oceans and alone, you do Australia and your family proud, what a fantastic effort i\’m sure you will remember this voyage for all time. All of Australia wishes you gods speed and a safe return to Sydney harbour and your family, keep up the great work, keep warm, be safe. Terry Richards — Melbourne

  • Congratulations Jessica. What a wonderful, brave & truley historical event. You deserve all the accolades about to come your way, take a deep breath Jess, soak it all up, and enjoy the rest of the ride.

  • Hi Jess, what a guttsy effort,and from a very brave girl very proud to be watching you arive back where you beolng ,,,Very proud to be A Aussie.

  • Hi Jess,

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! on you epic, solo trip around the World. ! You are an inspiration to everyone – young and old. And, what an amazing “after dinner” story. !!!!

    WELL DONE ! and Good Luck with the Celebrations.

    Warm regards

    Graham Dunn

  • all i can say jessica is congratulations and well done on ur journey and ur achievement

    i am 11 years old
    i am a big fan i love you so much
    just want to ask somthing
    how many food and drinks did you take?