Panasonic launches Yahoo!7 PLUS7 on VIERA CAST

Yahoo Channel 7 Catch Up

Announcing the launch of Yahoo!7 PLUS7 on VIERA CAST



Customers can now enjoy the convenience of Yahoo!7’s PLUS7 via the VIERA CAST online entertainment portal on selected VIERA Plasma, LED LCD and LCD televisions*. The new function allows users to watch full-length episodes of selected Channel Seven shows on demand streamed over the internet to their TV.

“Panasonic is very excited about this latest addition to VIERA CAST. We believe it is a quality offering that will be warmly received by consumers who will be able to catch-up on their favourite Channel Seven shows when it suits them.”
Paul Reid, Director, Consumer Electronics, Panasonic Australia

Yahoo!7 PLUS7 offers full length episodes as seen on the Seven Network including Parenthood, The Event, Covert Affairs and Better Homes and Gardens. Users will be able to easily browse through the available shows and episodes, watch previews of upcoming shows and get help with using and watching PLUS7 – all on their VIERA TV.

“We’re excited to be launching the new PLUS7 service with Panasonic and continuing to be at the forefront of IPTV innovation in Australia,Yahoo!7’s platform agnostic approach means we can easily extend our content with a consistent user experience to a range of devices.”
Mark Helvadjian, Yahoo!7 Director of Platform and Products

With VIERA CAST, simply by clicking a button on their TV remote control, viewers can access certain internet content with the new addition of Yahoo!7 PLUS7; and also view YouTube™, Picasa™, stock information on Bloomberg™ and weather forecasts, directly on their VIERA TV. With Skype™ voice and video calling, users can also connect an optional camera to view the other party’s image on the big VIERA TV screen as they converse. The Twitter micro-blogging service is also available.

*PLUS7 will be available via the VT20 Series and V20 Series of VIERA Plasma TVs, the D25 Series of VIERA LED LCD TVs, and the S25 Series of VIERA LCD TVs.

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  • It came up once on it’s own with no other applications and hasn’t come back since. The other applications are somewhat intermittent too. It would be nice if VIErA Cast worked properly on my 50V20 (software up to date and connected by ethernet). If it didn’t work at all it would be more logical. Thanks

  • ABC Iview would be good but the best possible addition to Viera would be a web browser!!

  • i have a dmr-bw780 with vieracast, when do i get to see Yahoo7 Plus7 on my unit.

    i bought this unit because of the promise of expanding the vieracast offering.

    please make it worth my while!

  • Maybe Panasonic need to look at the number of portals available on other brands of tv’s, Iview and fixplay would be great.

  • Looking at the DMR PWT500GL as my Sony just died again. What will be added to Viera cast? Movie hire? iView?. At present there are limitations. Is it intended to greatly broaden the usefulness? Otherwise might do with the DMR XW 4385GLK.

  • Hi Liam, we are sorry but we cannot comment on this at this stage. Cheers, Team Panasonic

  • checked out vieracast on my dmr-bw780 today and found i had Plus7….happy days!

    well sort of, not all the content that is available on the Plus7 website but its a start.

    looking forward to more content and with luck iView…please

  • Yep, Plus7 is available on my blu ray (DMP-BDT300) also.. Great!

    Waiting patiently for iView now 😉

  • Am so pleased to hear new functionality will be released for 2010 models.
    Am puzzled about why we have had so little communications from Panasonic about their plans in this space.
    The US have had more apps than Aussies for the last 12 months including Amazon VOD and Netflix.
    Good to see us closing the gap a little.

  • Dear Paul Reid, Director, Consumer Electronics, Panasonic Australia. I’m losing patience. Can you please sort more viera cast channels for your Australian consumers? I bought a tv on the understanding that more channels would be added – so far all that’s happened is bloomberg has disappeared. Start with ABC iView asap. Seriously Samsung and Sony are kicking Panasonic in the market.

  • Hi Dave,
    Our 2010 models with Viera Cast will receive an update in the end of October which will add ABCiView. We are continually working with content partners in Australia and overseas to add more content. Unfortunately this is a process which takes some time to sort out the legal backend and also the software solutions for both the provider and Panasonic. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about more content coming in the next couple of months.
    Thank you,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi there I bought the THP50U30A plasma instead of a Samsung smart tv as I bought a DMP-BDT300GN Blu-Ray with Viera Cast. Disappointed as even though it has YouTube and 7 there is no Skype,Netflix or Amazon. ABCiView will be great just would have liked Skype and a video rental section at least. Hope it gets more as in the setup there are a lot of spaces for Apps. Looking on the net America seems to have way more than Australia. Pitty Thank you

  • Is the Viera Cast update in October going to be for Blu-Ray players and TV’s or just TV’s?

  • I have a DMR-XW380 PVR and can see the show options for Plus7 but the shows when selected do not load. The spinning wheel just turns. I have good internet speed. Should i be able to view these programs yet? I have also performed update today on software but it’s still the same.

  • Hello pana forum i have a pana 54″PLASMA WITH VIERA CAST I LOVE WATCHING IVIEW but i am having with issues with plus 7 it always lags updated firmware still no satisfaction all other shows great eg youtube /ustream who do i need to contact for help

  • When will ABC iView be available on the 2010 Blu-Ray players with Viera cast? I bought a BDT300 in the early part of 2011 and paid over 300 dollars, so I don’t consider it an old model. It is a great Blu-ray player but the Viera cast offering is disappointing. I had been hoping that ABC iView would have been available by now (as it has on the older Panasonic TVs). Any news on this?

  • I too have the same isasue as Richard points out. Have been trying to watch Plus7 for three weeks now but the video is pixelated and the audio lags. System is up to date. As pointed out in the comment above, who do I contact? Channel 7?

  • Hi Richard, I am sorry you are experiencing problems. Normally for issues like you have described we would advise that connection speed will greatly affect the speed of the content. As the Yahoo7 content is different to that of YouTube, it is difficult to compare the two services. If you are using a wireless connection we would also suggest trying a wired connection to see if this improves the speed of the content. If you have any further issues please feel free to contact our Customer Call Centre on 132 600.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Antonio, if you are also using a wireless connection we would also suggest trying a wired connection to see if this improves the speed of the content. If you have any further issues please feel free to contact our Customer Call Centre on 132 600.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Shona, video content does require a fast connection speed, so it is possible network connection speed is the problem. If you have any further issues please feel free to contact our Customer Call Centre on 132 600.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Cedric, unfortunately we do not have any confirmed information at this stage re ABC iView on Blu-ray players. We will certainly update you via the website when any updates are finalised.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi, I have a TH-L42E30A and plus7 is so out of sync it is unwatchable, Can anyone advise how to fix this problem?

  • I have the same issue as Shona. Connected upto Viera Cast last night, via a NETGEAR Universal Wi-Fi Internet Adaptor (WNCE2001). Watched a couple of AC/DC videos via YouTube – worked fine. Watched some sport clips via YouTube and found it most instances ran real slow. The sneak peaks from Plus7 worked – no issues. Tried watching ParentHood and the wheel just kept turning. Left it for 3 hours – still no luck. I have an Optus Cable contection running their top of the line wireless modem/router. I am consistently speed testing it at 100 Mbps download speeds. Even when my iPhone is connected to my wireless network it has been speed tested at 15 – 17 Mbps. So my high speed internet is not the issue. Would appreciate some assistance with this.

  • Hi Tazman,

    This could be some issue with the Yahoo7 servers, we are currently investigating this and will let you know once we have found out more.

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Rob,

    This could be some issue with the Yahoo7 servers, we are currently investigating this and will let you know once we have found out more.

    Team Panasonic

  • I’d like to add my voice to those of other ABC watchers. iView hasn’t arrived on my DMR-XW450 for Christmas; please, please make it early in the new year 🙂

  • hello team pana I would like to know how the issue with yahoo servers are going as mentiond b4 i am still having issues.In addition to my past comment i use a wireless laptop outside and dont have any issues with watching yahoo.I am curious about the lag I AM WONDERING IS IT SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE ADVERTISEMENTS THAT I SEE ON THE LAPTOP WHILST WATCHING BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS MAYBE THE PANA HAS A ISSUE WITH THE FORMAT THE ADS ARE IN.I would like to know if any of the pana team have the same issue on their own pana and has connecting to the ethernet cable sorted their problem.

  • Hi Richard, Panasonic is still investigating the current video delay when using the Yahoo7 service. We understand your frustration and apologise for the inconvenience.

    Team Panasonic

  • A big thanks to team pana for following up on my problem with yahoo7 service all great now no lag on any shows,job well done.Now all we need is the same content from yahoo7 that we get on our computer. To antonio give it a go now all good.

  • Dear Team Panansonic,

    I have recently accessed the Plus 7 facility, however I notice that it does not show catch up for programs like Private Practice, Revenge, Packed to the Rafters and many more. How do I get access to these?

  • Chris ,for me the problem was viera cast lagging on better homes and gardens on Yahoo 7 all other content was ok.I have not been told what the fix was as i had done all panasonic asked me to do 1 mnth before that now its ok.Look thru early posts on this page to see fixes.Maybe a firmware update but that didnt fix my prob i just think the server was the issue in the first place. Good luck

  • I’ve also found this. I connected last week because I wanted to watch revenge, but when I bring up Plus 7 there are only a few programs there, as distict from the bringing it up on my computer which has everything. Am I doing something wrong?

  • HI Panasonic,

    I have a DMR-BW780. The network setup says that the network and internet is connected. However every time I select the network or press the Viera Cast button all I get is a blank screen with the words NET on the blu-ray player panel display.

    Also when I select BD Live on my blu-ray disc all I get is an error message.

    Can you help?

  • I have a Panasonic DMR-PWT500GL and a Samsung HT-D5530.

    Long story short, the Samsung blows the pants of the Panasonic for features, great menus, intuitive ease-of-use and a massive amount of online content.

    The Panasonic Viera Cast is, at best totally crap! The menus suck and the Viera Cast system on the unit is SO SLOW and clunky to navigate.

    Still no ABC iView, no Bigpond TV/Sport/Movies, no internet radio and next to no other useful apps.

    The Samsung has all of this stuff in droves. All recent Samsung devices have the same feature set as well – TV’s, DVD/BluRay players, etc.

    The Bigpond content alone is brilliant!

    Panasonic are all promises on heaps of content, but STILL no delivery. Like many others here, I purchased the Panasonic based on Panasonic’s bragging, as well as that of the salesman, about how much online content was avaialable.

    As far as I’m concerned, Panasonic are selling their gear under false pretences. The need to wake up to themselves and close the EPIC void between their offering and that of their competitors.

    Needless to say, this is the last Panasonic purchase I’ll be making. Samsung all the way from here!

  • Not impressed!After all the Hype from the sales people about the additional features of the Panasonic only to find five accessable apps No movies and other featured apps already available on other competitors I think I will upgrade!

  • Hi Panasonic Team,

    I just bought a TH-L47ETA and I am very happy so far however, have tried to access yahoo 7 plus and it only has limited content compared to the website (eg can’t access Grey’s Anatomy). Could you please let me know why and how to get access?


  • hello jasmine,as you can see content is not there on plus 7,i used to see bh&gardens now its not there and I dont think we are going to get any answers from the panasonic team & i cant access any one from plus 7 also I dont know of anyone with other tvs ie samsung to see if they get more content we all just have to live with this problem not happy jasmine

  • Hi Panasonic team,

    any chanceyou will introduce “SBS On Demand” on Viera Cast in the near future?

  • I have a Panasonic Viera TH-P42G15a. Will this unit have viera cast updates. Currently only Youtube, Twitter, Picaso and Weather. Cheers

  • Hi Sam, the Viera Cast service has no planned updates. If updates become available, your unit will prompt you to update automatically. Cheers.

  • Can you please tell me why not all channel seven show ate on plus seven? Winners and losers used to be and now it’s dropped out! I don’t understand why you cannot have the favorite shows on, such as home and away, greys anatomy, winners and losers etc etc

  • Hi Mel, thanks for your message. Unfortunately, the TV content is programmed and controlled by Plus7, therefore we’re unable to influence program selection and availability. Cheers.

  • I purchased a Panasonic THL47DT50A LCD TV. I tried to install Plus 7 via Viera Cast but the ‘install’ tab showed grey and no response when I clicked it. Please advise how to install ‘Plus 7’. Thanks

  • Hi Michael, Plus7 is currently under repair by Plus7. We have been informed the site should be up and running within the next 7-10 working days. Apologies for the inconvenience. Cheers.

  • Hi, I have a Panasonic TH-L42D25A TV running 3605-10300 software. I can access IVIEW stations but it only shows the latest episode, i.e if a season is available every shortcut seems to point to the last episode in the season. Is anyone else seeing this?

  • Hi Akrenske, when selecting an ABC iView program with multiple episodes, the TV will automatically select the latest episode.
    To select the episode of interest, press the right cursor on the remote to view the available episodes within the sub-group, select the episode you wish to view the press OK to begin. Hope that helps! Cheers.

  • On my Panasonic when viewing Internet access the plus7 button is saying that this service will be removed shortly, does any one know why, or is it being replaced
    Hope someone can assist cheers

  • Hi, I noticed that the Plus 7 service on my Panasonic Viera v20 television is being removed. Why is this service disappearing off my Panasonic TV? No such message has shown for my Samsung television. Will the service be returned with a new app?

  • Hi. I also have a DMR BW870 and, after a couple of years use, finally connected to the internet. It immediately did a software update – all good. But only 4 apps under Viera Cast. Can I get more – and particularly iView? Thanks.

  • Hi Ned, this is normal. It’s due to hardware limitations as this model cannot receive iVIEW and is limited in the number of apps. Sorry.

  • Hi Panasonic,

    What will it take to get apps for Channels 7 & 10?

    Looking at the above thread I’m beginning to regret buying Panasonic, and thinking I should have stuck with Samsung 🙁

  • HI,

    I have a TH-L 37S10A tv and a DMR-XW350 DVD recorder and I have just connected it to my router. Is it possible to get ABC iview with Viera link? I only seem to get Picasa, YouTube, weather and Twitter.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Fantastic good to see more channels coming to Viera,

    I have a 2012 model though I would like to use it a decent media recording setup however trying to access any video or recorded TV is just SOO SLOW… it takes 10 mins to bring up all video media on the drive… any chance of a decent GUI upgrade??

  • Hi Scott, unfortunately making it faster is not possible due to hardware limitation. We would recommend having smaller files on the external source to speed up the process.

  • Hi guys I have the th-p55vt30a and have just connected it to wifi for the first time and have abc iview and sbs on demand but none of the other channels like plus 7. My firmware is up to date, is there something I can/need to do to get them up??

  • I’m not sure exactly why but this website is loading
    very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or
    is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  • Hi Simone, I can see all those apps on my tv but the 7, 9 and 10 catch up channels aren’t there. Just wondering why and will they be an available update or something in the future??

  • Hi Marlene, we do not have any issues with the site on our end, hope you have resolved the problem! MCB