Lumix Awards Round Up

We’re proud to announce another raft of awards for our Lumix camera range including the TZ10, G2 and FT2

November was a bumper month for Lumix when models from across the range picked up prestigious awards from publications such as Camera Magazine and APC. We’re particularly proud of the ‘Best Tech Award’ received from PC & Tech Authority for Lumix compact cameras as a whole.Below are details of all the awards…


Lumix TZ10
Enthusiast Digital Compact Camera of the year 2010 -2011

“The Lumix TZ10 is a winner because Panasonic has worked very hard to both maximise the capabilities and minimise the compromises with the result that it punches well above its weight (literally!).”

November 2010

Lumix G2
Compact System Camera of the year 2010 – 2011
“Panasonic has pretty well got every base covered with the Lumix G2 so it’s not just the only CSC model that’s really a truly viable alternative to a compact D-SLR, but it offers some appealing extras headed by the touch screen operations.”
November 2010

Lumix FT2
APC Magazine, Editor’s Choice
“The Lumix DMC-FT2 is a tough little beast”
November 2010

All Lumix Compact Cameras

PC & Tech Authority Magazine – Best Tech Survey – Compact Cameras – Winner Panasonic
“Take a bow, Panasonic. Not only did you nudge Canon from the winner’s podium for the second year running, but your results are phenomenal. Whether it’s image quality, reliability or value for money, voters can’t say enough about your cameras. More than 90% were satisfied or very satisfied in each of these areas”

January 2011