Panasonic launches ECONAVI 10kg Washing Machine campaign

A family with 15 children and a washing pile of up to 42 loads per week has been chosen to be the QLD candidates in a Panasonic campaign to find Australian families with the toughest washing loads.

The Bonell family of Toowoomba, mother Jeni and father Ray, with their fifteen children between the ages of 11 months and 22 years, is one of four families selected to put the new Panasonic 10kg ECONAVI washing machine through its paces.

While most of us don’t have the washing needs of a house blessed with 15 children, it seems many Australians underestimate their laundry load. The national average weekly volume is around 32kg capacity* or about four loads in an 8kg machine – the Bonell family is doing around ten times this.

“It’s interesting how much washing the average Australian family actually does – even an extra two loads a week can mean up to four extra hours spent doing washing. This is where an extra 2 kilo capacity in each load can really make a big difference,’ said Prue O’Loan, Product Marketing Manager – Whitegoods and Small Appliances, Panasonic Australia.

The new ECONAVI 10kg Panasonic washing machine has an extra-large capacity drum in a compact body and automatically senses the size of the load, so is great for energy-conscious families with big laundry loads, but standard sized laundry spaces.

The machine also features ‘Stain Master’ technology, which intelligently removes 23 of the most common stains. It does this by automatically selecting the optimum temperature, rotation power and soaking required.

“At the moment I spend a lot of time washing. We will easily go through 11 uniforms a day, and with most of our nine boys getting into outdoor sports like touch football, the load just seems to get bigger and bigger. We would probably go through up to 120 or more socks a week – just imagine trying to match them all up afterwards! I spend at least a few hours doing the washing every night, and at the moment I’m doing close to 2,200 loads of washing a year – I’d hate to think how much time I spend dealing with that,” said mother, Jeni Bonell.

“Because we have such a diverse range of washing to do, everything from heavy duty work wear to soft delicate baby clothes, it should be a huge advantage to be able to customise the program settings. With the volume of washing we do it’s also really important that we are as economical and environmentally-friendly as possible, so automatic load-sensing technology should make a big difference for us too,” Jeni continued.

Panasonic has been extremely committed in developing ways to meet Australia’s unique washing needs, from increased load sizes and environmental performance to functions to assist with the removal of new types of stains.

Keep an eye on Panasonic Australia’s Facebook page here for news on the remaining three families to put our ECONAVI 10kg Washing Machines to the test.


* Based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on domestic water usage.

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  • What a great washing machine! It’s been easy to use, saves on our water consumption and our clothes are phenomenally clean. Absolutely love it. Being able to wash 10kg loads is such a time saver. All we need now is for Panasonic to make an ECONAVI clothes dryer to go with it
    Thanks so much,
    the Bonell Family

  • That’s such a good product that weight 10kg and its such a useful that people who have so many members in their family.

  • Hi Diya, We think that 10kgs is a great size too. Glad to hear you like it as well and thanks for the feedback! MCB

  • That’s such a good product launches by panasonic and this product useful to who have big families,hotels and even laundryman also.

  • Panasonic is one of the best company and great that launches a 10kg washing machine which is very useful to who lived in joint families and i liked this machine.

  • Hi Sharon, we like our machine too! I have very few in my famly but I find doing one large load is much more economical (and time efficient) than doing lots of small ones! MCB