Panasonic bring back their famous Bread Maker model

Panasonic have re-released their famous Bread Maker model, the SD-257

Panasonic has answered the call from retailers and consumers alike, bringing back the popular Bread Maker. The Panasonic SD-257 Bread Maker is a high quality appliance that is easy to use, offering fantastic features for a delicious loaf, every time.

“We have received hundreds of requests from consumers to bring our popular Bread Maker model back, we’ve listened and here it is – with new and improved features.”
Ms Aki Yamamoto, Product Marketing Manager, Microwaves, Small Appliances and Consumer Batteries, Panasonic Australia

Bread Maker Australia

The SD-257 is sure to be a hit with the whole family, with convenient features such as Panasonic’s unique Diamond-Flouro coated breadpan and kneading blade ensuring that the bread does not stick to the pan, making it simple to remove the bread at the end of the baking cycle.

Easy to use, the SD-257 features a large capacity raisin and nut dispenser to ensure that ingredients such as raisins, nuts and dried fruit are added at the correct time so that they are evenly dispersed throughout the loaf. After baking is complete, the dispenser can be removed for easy cleaning.

“Users can get creative with their baking thanks to Panasonic’s original recipe book featuring over 120 original bread and dough recipes, as well as Gluten free recipes which can be created using the Gluten Free Program. Other recipes featured in the book include pizza dough, brioche, rye and French bread,”
Ms Aki Yamamoto, Product Marketing Manager, Microwaves, Small Appliances and Consumer Batteries, Panasonic Australia

Users have a variety of baking options at their fingertips, including crust colour control so the baking temperature and time can be automatically selected to achieve a light, medium or dark crusti, and also with the ability to select three different loaf sizes.

The SD-257 also includes a 10-minute power interruption protection feature with selfresetting motor protector and a 13 hour preset timer, so users can have freshly baked bread at any hour of the day. The nutritional benefits of bread are well recognised as not only is it rich in complex carbohydrates which are a natural source of energy, bread is also high in fibre and low in fat, containing a wealth of vitamins and minerals.

The new Panasonic SD-257 Bread Maker is available now at an RRP of $269.00
To view a list of stockists click here

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  • Great news! I have a Panasonic SD-253 which is beginning to wear out (after years of faithful service) so it’s good to know there’s something I can replace it with. Well done for listening to your customers.

  • I have just bought a Panasonic SD-257 and would like to use compressed yeast (fresh yeast), has anyone any experience of this. I always use compressed yeast when making my bread by hand and I much prefer the flavour it gives to the bread over dried yeast.

  • I was searching for a bread pan without teflon. Is diamond-fluoro the same thing?
    I find it chips off after a while and mixes into my bread, and I really don’t want to be eating it, let alone cooking in it.

  • Please let me know where I can purchase one of the SD-257 bread makers.
    I am in Melbourne.
    Thank you.

  • Great Buy, I have the SD 200 used many time and beginning to wear out bought other brand and 12 loaves later still not happy with the results glad to find the new SD 257 first loave PERFECT.
    Thanks Panasonic you have the pattern correct.

  • I have no luck in finding a store in Sydney Australia that sell this product. Where did you buy yours?
    Thanks in advance

  • I am SO excited to hear that Panasonic has released a new model Bread Maker. My father has a 10 yr old SD 251 and it makes delicious bread. When I started my search to buy my own Panasonic, I came to a dead end, I almost reluctantly bought a Breville. Today I dropped into The Good Guys electrical store at Robina, and the sales lady was wonderful. She informed me that Panasonic have a model and that she could order one for me. So now I am waiting, and I hope it doesn’t take too long to arrive!!

  • I was one who requested Panasonic bring breadmakers back to Australia. All the others available in this country are poor quality. I will be hot-footting it down to a store to pick one up! Thank you Panasonic.

  • We have ordered one. Big number of back orders! It is now made in China so time will tell if it is as good. Can’t wait.

  • Can I make jam in the sd-257 bread maker? I was about to purchase one today, but the salesperson could not answer my question.

  • The receipe for spelt bread is only for a 400 gram loaf. Has anyone made a larger loaf and what are the correct ingredient amounts.

  • I am trying to Buy a SD257 however the only place suggested by Panasonic in WA is Goodguys in Cannington and they dont have stock. Disapointed as wanted it for a present by the 13th Aug. I pretty well only buy Panasonic electrics as I have always found them reliable and quality. Otherwise I guess its look for a deal on the net.

  • I tried two Good Guys shops, but not available. So I rang Panasonic and they said I could get it through major retailers. So I have rung David Jones, Myers and Harvey Norman. Nobody carries or has this product. I live in Inner Sydney. Is this product really available?

  • Hi Lindsay,

    This is a very popular product and many of the stores have presold their orders. We are regularly selling to major retailers and recommend to contact stores, alternatively ask the store to place an order for you.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Mike,

    This is a very popular product and many of the stores have presold their orders. We are regularly selling to major retailers and recommend to contact stores, alternatively ask the store to place an order for you.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Kim,

    The breadmaker are available in most retailers.

    This is a very popular product and many of the stores have presold their orders. We are regularly selling to major retailers and recommend to contact stores, alternatively ask the store to place an order for you.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Ah Panasonic, you’ve done it again. I’ve made 4 loaves of Laucke crusty white since buying an SD257 a week ago, and each has neen superb.

    I had a totally negative experience with a different brand breadmaker earlier this year, and got a credit note on it. When I heard that Panasonic were re-entering that market, I waited until the SD257 became available and put the note towards it.

    I was not disappointed.

  • We looked far and wide to get a Panasonic after seeing an aunt and uncle in Scotland produce great bread everyday.
    Finally got one at Good Guys Thornton NSW. We have had nothing but success but I am a bit worried as we just love the grain bread we make by adding Demeter Farm Mill organic seven grain kibble mix. This kibble mix has scratched the bottom of the pan and that is just after 2 loaves. We are hoping if we need to get a new pan in the future we can purchase one.
    We just love the recipes for various dough everything has been delicious. Our adventurous daughter even made the croissants and they were lovely.

    So glad Panasonic was available here in Oz.

  • Vivienne.
    Don use yeast. it so bad for your liver.
    I advise you to buy a cook book with recipes from our ancestors called Nourishing traditions cook it is only $40.

  • In July I purchased the new SD257 to treat myself with a top of the range breadmaker having owned two cheaper brands that produced great bread but eventually ran out of puff. Yesterday I took it back to the shop for my money back! After following Panasonic’s recipes to the letter with raw ingredients and premix, this machine has been unable to produce a decent textured loaf of wholemeal bread that doesn’t fall apart when you slice it. The after sales service I received from ‘customer care’ was very poor and my only option in the end was to take it back to my retailer. I hope that you publish this comment as well as all the glowing ones and I’d love Panasonic to get to the bottom of why this machine cannot make wholemeal bread.

  • Spelt Recipe for the SD 257.

    The following recipe makes an acceptable, though far from perfect, spelt loaf.

    Use the Basic White 4 hr, size medium, setting and the regular (unpronged) paddle.

    1 ½ tsp yeast
    150g wholemeal spelt flour,
    150g white spelt flour,
    50g oatbran (to make it low GI)
    1 ½ tsp bread improver
    1 ½ tsp iodised sea salt
    1 ½ tsp sugar
    1 tablespoon oil.
    250 ml water.

  • What’s missing from the recipe is 0.5 tsp of Lecithin granules. (Available from a health food shop.) This improves the texture and size of the loaf.
    Now it’s perfect.

  • Wholemeal Spelt recipe for the SD-257.

    This makes a loaf that produces slices suitable for a toaster.

    NOTE, If you mill your own flour from spelt grain, store the 500 gms of grain in the freezer overnight so that the freshly milled flour is produced at room temperature.

    Use Gluten Free mode.

    To 375 ml water at 23*C in the machine add,
    1 ½ teaspoons of sugar and,
    2 ½ teaspoons yeast.
    Stir to combine.
    Add 500 gm whole spelt flour,
    2 ½ teaspoons lecithin,
    2 ½ teaspoons salt,
    1 teaspoon bread improver,
    4 teaspoons of oil,
    1 egg.

  • Hello,
    I’m glad to see that PANASONIC has released a new and tougher coating on this great machine.
    But, can you tell me if the SD257 pan is compatible with the older SD253 or 255 ?

  • Hi,
    I’m looking at buying the Panansonic SD 257 breadmaker and have heard some bad reports about wholemeal bread. This is the main type of bread i will be making and want to know if this model will make a good loaf.

  • Hi Heidi,

    We get great feedback on our Bread maker, including the wholemeal programs.

    The SD-257 has a dedicated whole meal program which with 8 dedicated recipes.

    Our new model the SD-2501 might be more suitable for your needs with 3 different Programs dedicated to wholemeal bread and 10 proven recipes in the manual including
    – Wholemeal loaf 75%
    – Wholemeal loaf 100%
    – Wholemeal loaf 50%
    – Rapid wholemeal loaf 75%
    – Spicy fruit loaf
    – Rosemary and thyme loaf
    – Sesame and bran loaf
    – Orange and poppy seed loaf
    – Date and nut loaf
    – Mixed grain bread.

    All have been tried and tested and produce beautiful bread.
    you can read more about the SD-2501 Bread maker at our website: http://www.panasonic.com.au/Products/Bread+maker/Bread+maker/SD-2501/Overview

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi, been a fan of the old SD257 for so long. Obviously been hiding under a rock because I only just found out about the release of your ‘new’ SD257. Went to buy one but now hear that it has been replaced by the SD2501. Can you please give me an indication of how the two compare, ie, what are the differences? My Dad gets a great loaf out of the ‘new’ SD257 and I am not sure whether to chase one of those down or purchase the SD2501. Any thoughts that could help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi Linda,

    The SD-2501 Bread Maker’s Key Features & Benefits
    Diamond-fluoro coated Bread Pan and Kneading Blade
    – achieving outstanding durability and easy to clean surface

    Jam and compote mode – for perfect home made jams and compotes

    Raisin and nut dispenser – for even distribution within the loaf

    Delay mode – wake up to fresh bread in the morning

    Specialised modes – Gluten free, Rye + Brioche and Pizza dough
    3 loaf sizes, 3 crust colours – will cater for your various baking needs. (pan size = 1.12kg)

    Improvements from SD-257
    100% Gluten free Program

    Jam and Compote mode – for homemade jams and compotes

    Spelt bread speciality mode – for baking of spelt bread, an excellent source of nutrients, vitamins and protein
    Slimmer design – for easier storage

    Improved Hinge design – will stabilise inner pan and reduce noise

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi
    Thanks for your reply. I ended up buying the SD2501 and will put my thoughts on how that is going on the SD2501 page but in short I am extremely happy with it and all my bread has been fantastic out of it.
    I guess I am saying thanks for producing a great product.

  • Hi, I’ve recently bought a SD 2501 in Australia and would love to make the spicy fruit loaf, however there is only a NZ version of the recipe in the instruction manual. Does anyone have the Australian one or know of a good fruit loaf recipe?


  • I need to cancel a program – I selected the wrong options. How do I cancel after it’s started?
    PS I love my SD-257 🙂

  • 06-03-2014 14:05pm

    What program would you recommend for Laucke “German Grain” with your SD 2501 breadmaker

    Thanks, Keith

  • Hi Keith, please follow the instructions on page 9 for using a bread mix. For whole wheat, multi grain flour you should use menu option 4.

  • Hello,

    I have been given a Panasonic SD253 bread maker without an instruction booklet (my daughter-in-law has upgraded to a new model). Can I purchase this manual please & what will the price be?


    Gloria Velleley
    3 Rupari Place
    BELROSE NSW 2085
    Tel: (02) 9451 7718
    Mob: 0425 305 400

  • Hi Gloria, Thanks for your enquiry, we have forwarded a PDF copy to your email address. Happy Baking! MCB

  • Hi there, my old mom is after a bread maker with a stainless steel baking pan, do any Panasonic have them please?


  • Hi Jane, we currently have the SD-2501 Bread maker which does not have a stainless steel pan. The coating is a specially designed Diamond-Fluro that stops the bread from becoming stuck to the pan and is very easy to clean. It makes life a lot easier than stainless steel! MCB