Panasonic announces support for Macquarie University environmental research and education

Panasonic Australia has pledged $690,000 to fund environmental research and public education as part of a new Macquarie University eco initiative.

Panasonic Australia announced today it would support Macquarie University’s commitment to climate risk research and education during the next three years – including the creation of the Panasonic Chair in Environmental Sustainability. Panasonic Australia managing director, Steve Rust, said it was the single largest environmental initiative to be undertaken by the company in Australia.

“There has never been a more pressing need for cutting-edge environmental research and education and we are pleased to be able to lend our support to Macquarie University, we hope our support will assist Macquarie University in remaining at the forefront of global environmental understanding and discussion.”
Steve Rust, Managing Director, Panasonic Australia


Internationally acclaimed Australian scientist, explorer and conservationist, Professor Tim Flannery, has been appointed as the inaugural chair. As part of the agreement Macquarie University will provide global Panasonic executives with briefings on green issues, as Panasonic moves towards becoming the world’s number one environmental technology innovation company. Professor Flannery is expected to present a whitepaper to executives in Japan on emerging consumer attitudes towards environmental products later this year. You can find out more about Tim Flannery’s role and his views on climate change in the following interview:

“Panasonic’s support will help us pursue new and important areas of research and public education. As such, it is of vital importance to Macquarie University. Strong partnerships with industry, the community and research organisations are vitally important as we continue to research and communicate issues around climate change impact. We thank Panasonic for being an enthusiastic supporter of our work.”
Professor Steven Schwartz, Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University

Earlier this month Panasonic announced its ‘eco ideas’ plan for Asia Pacific, including the goal of boasting 80 per cent of total product sales contributed by environmentally efficient products by March 2013. The company also pledged to reduce CO2 emissions from production activities in the region by 500,000 tons by the same date.

Locally Panasonic Australia has undertaken a number of environmental activities including:

– Partnership with the Australian Museum as the inaugural Principal Scientific Research Sponsor;

– Leadership role in the development of the National Packaging Covenant and Product Stewardship for Electronic and Electrical Products

– Introduction of energy efficient products in Australia such as the Neo Plasma range of VIERA televisions

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  • Great idea …great to see I bought the right company camera…my 4th coming up…because of your action I will tell all of my friends who already have been customers of your cameras…great.
    What would a competition of the people who use solar energy standing outside their houses …an historical series perhaps in black and white[sepia] to give impact to the historical pioneering nature of what is happening with sustainable energy …THE PANASONIC SUSTAINABLE ENERGY ARCHIVE ‘ Competition …this could include photos of farmers standing next to cows in a paddock of Wind Turbines or Geothermal power sites with a sunrise to show the oncoming power surge which Panasonic is opening up….action talks…well done Panasonic you make me proud to be a Panasonic owner. Thank you thank you and thank you again.