The Kid Witness News Global Awards get underway

The Kid Witness News global awards have kicked off in Japan with students presenting their entries on Day One

The finalists of the Kid Witness News Global competition, where students were tasked with creating a five minute film around a chosen topic, have arrived in Tokyo. The students will embark on a ‘cultural experience tour’ leading up to the awards on the 27th July, when the winning entry will be announced. We’ll be documenting the whole trip right here on the blog with daily video diaries and photos from all the events.

Year seven students Rick Goon Chew and Jacob Thompson, from Mundingburra State School, are representing Australia with their entry the ‘Global Warming Rap’ – a five-minute video montage that shows three penguins delivering an important message on our eco footprint and the survival of earth through rap and animation. Their achievement is made all the more impressive by the fact that they are only the second Australian entry ever to be selected as a global finalist.

At the beginning of the first day students from all of the six countries involved got to know each other and presented their entries at a round table orientation event.


Next all the finalists went to the ABC studio for a photo session followed by a traditional Japanese lunch and a sightseeing tour.


Over the next four days the students will visit a Japanese TV studio, ride on the bullet train, visit a Japanese school, take in the sights as well as attend the official awards ceremony.

You can view all the images from the trip on our official Flickr profile here