Panasonic Air Conditioning – Advanced E – Ion Air Purification System

Third in Air Conditioning Webisode Series Explains the Advanced E – ion air purification System

The third in a series of seven webisodes about Panasonic Air Conditioners highlights the latest ‘Advanced E – ion Air Purification System’. The system works behind the scenes to keep the air in the home fresh clean and clear. It does this by deploying charged air particles which attach themselves to any virus, bacteria or mould then filters these through the air conditioning unit.


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The next in the series of webisodes will focus on the ‘Mild Dry Cooling’ feature

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  • Has there been any research into the potential health effects of releasing superoxides (if that is the ionic oxygen in use?) into the air? There are indications that superoxide may have a role on asthma attacks, so I wanted to check.

  • Hi Adrian,

    Panasonic air conditioners do not introduce any gases into the room. The air conditioner simply adds a negative charge to the existing air particles in the room, and this is how the e-ion air purification function is possible.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic