Panasonic Air Conditioner Features and Benefits

First in Air Conditioning Webisode Series Explains the Features & Benefits of the Panasonic Range

The first in a series of seven webisodes about Air Conditioners outlines the features and benefits of the latest range from Panasonic. The current range has something for everyone whether it be a small machine for one room, or a large unit for a whole household. A variety of new features are explained including, ‘Quiet Mode’ and ‘Inverter Technology’ as well as unique new features such as ‘Mild Dry Cooling’, to maintain a natural level of moisture in rooms, as well as ‘Eion Air Purification System’, which filters the air to reduce the amount of dust and bacteria present.


Future webisodes will include specific festure presentations and buyers and installation guides, and will be featured here.

For more information on the whole range of Panasonic Air Conditioners visit the official site here

For a complete checklist of what to be aware of when buying an air conditioner check here

Download the full 2010 Panasonic Air Conditioner brochure here

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  • Great post. I just bought my first house and it doesn’t have any air conditioning. I have 2 spot coolers that are great but I was thinking about getting something a little more permanent but I don’t know anything about this kind of stuff so I have been doing some research. This was very helpful, thanks for sharing.