Skype launches on Viera Panasonic Televisions

Panasonic reconnects family and friends around the world with Skype now available on new VIErA TV range

Australian consumers will be able to make Skype video and voice calls from the comfort of their couch following the announcement of the availability of Skype on selected Panasonic 2010 VIErA TVs using the first ever VIErA Skype Camera. An overview of the features are highlighted in the following video:


Consumers will now be able to use Skype on 2010 VIErA Cast enabled VIErA TVs simply by connecting the VIErA Skype Camera to a TV with a broadband connection. Users can access their existing Skype account and contact list (or create a new account), with the ability to make voice and video calls to other Skype enabled hardware including PC’s, mobile and fixed line phones and other Skype-ready TVs. The Skype service is available on VIErA D25 Series LED LCD TVs, S25 Series LCD TVs, and VIErA VT20 and V20 Series Neo Plasma TVs.

“The introduction of Skype to our online VIErA CAST entertainment portal and the new VIErA Skype Camera allows our customers to continue to take advantage of the outstanding range of new technologies available on VIErA TVs. The ability to make high quality video calls evolves VIErA from being the entertainment hub of the home, to now being the entertainment and communications hub of the home,”
Glenn Zanoni, Product Marketing Manager, TV, Panasonic Australia

The Skype service via VIErA CAST gives users access to regular innovative Skype functionalities, such as the ability to make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls to other Skype-enabled hardware, make calls to landlines or mobile phones (at Skype’s low rates), as well as the ability to access Skype voicemail and make voice conference calls with up to 24 other parties. For easy operation, Skype can be accessed and operated via VIErA Cast using the VIErA remote control.

The VIErA Skype Camera is designed for easy mounting on top of the VIErA TV and connects to the VIErA TV via USB. The camera can capture high quality video from a distance up to 5 metres away, and includes 4 unidirectional microphones for clear video and audio calling. VIErA Skype Cameras are sold separately and are available from all major retailers. The VIErA Skype Camera has a recommended retail price of $199.

Compatible TVs from the Panasonic Viera T20 and V20 Series Plasma TV range include the TH-P65VT20A, TH-P58VT20A, TH-P54VT20A and the TH-P50VT20A. Compatible TV’s from the Panasonic VIERA D25 Series LED LCD TVs and S25 Series LCD TV range include the TH-L42D25A, TH-L37D25A, TH-L32D25A, TH-L37S25A and the TH-L32S25A

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  • Great concept but I wont upgrade my TV to get Skype. Heres an idea how about a software upgrade so that all of those DTV DVD Burners you gave away last year can utilise skype on TV. Might as well look at getting something back for your investment, I know I would buy one then. I look forward to a response

  • Love the tv I just got.—-TH-L32D25A
    Awesome picture easy to use menu’s —

    The veira cast features are all good. (Would love more to choose from)
    will we ever be able to configure them ourselves…

    EG — Like samsung….(Swear word I know)
    I choose their bluray over panasonics (because of their Veira cast options)
    I can choose which apps I download and use..
    so dont feel bound by the decisions they make.

    with your product i am at your mercy…
    who says facebook is better than myspace for instance…

    hope you understand ,,, seeking more flexibility with what otherwise
    is a great product.


  • Hi there. I’m just wondering whether the Skype client on Panasonic TVs will allow for conference calls (voice & video).

    ie: can I video call two people & see both their cameras simultaneously?

    If not are there any plans to add this feature in future firmware updates?

  • Hi,
    In order to utilise Skype video from my Viera Plasma TV, do I have to purchase the Panasonic camera? Or can you I can use my existing Logitech HD Pro webcam C910 ?

  • Hi Martin,

    Skype will only work with the Panasonic Skype Camera. This camera has been specially designed to work in a living room environment. This includes the 4 multidirectional microphones which pick up sound from across the room.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Steven,

    The Skype software is still in BETA stage and can only allow for 1 person calls.

    Many Thanks,

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Colin, we are not sure what compatibility features you are referring to, so call Customer Service on 132600 to discuss these products and functions in depth.