New Panasonic Bread Maker Delivers Cooking Magic

New Panasonic Bread Maker Delivers Cooking Magic

Panasonic SD-2501 Bread makerPanasonic has announced the SD-2501 Bread Maker – a durable and easy to use unit with a host of fantastic features so users can enjoy a delicious loaf or even create their own fruit jam using the new Jam and Compote mode.

The SD-2501 boasts a large capacity raisin and nut dispenser to ensure that additional ingredients such as nuts and dried fruit are added at the correct time and are evenly dispersed throughout the loaf. After baking is complete, the dispenser can be removed for easy cleaning.

The SD-2501 is sure to be a hit with the whole family and is perfect for true bread lovers with a variety of bread programs including Gluten Free and Rye Bread modes. The new Specialty mode also allows users to bake bread with ease using various cereals and flours – such as spelt flour.

Mathew Harrison, Group Marketing Manager – Home Environment, Panasonic Australia, said: “We are very excited to launch this new model into the Australian market – we had an exceptional response last year when we re-introduced the Panasonic Bread Maker to Australian customers and are looking forward to offering consumers even more advanced features with this new model.”

“Users can unleash their baking creativity with a greater range of bread programs at their fingertips and even make their own fruit jam and preserves with the new Jam and Compote mode – the perfect complement to any bread.”

The new model features a variety of baking options, including crust colour control so the baking temperature and time can be automatically selected to achieve a light, medium or dark crust , and also three different loaf sizes.

The SD-2501 also includes a 10 minute power interruption protection feature with self-resetting motor protector and a 13 hour preset timer, so users can have freshly baked bread at any hour of the day.

The nutritional benefits of bread are well recognised as not only is it rich in complex carbohydrates which are a natural source of energy, bread is also high in fibre and low in fat and contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals.

The new Panasonic SD-2501 Bread Maker is available in October from consumer electronics retailers. For more information and stockists, visit www.panasonic.com.au or phone 132 600.

Key Features:

Panasonic SD-2501 – Bread Maker with raisin/nut dispenser

• Diamond-Fluoro coated Bread Pan and Kneading Blade for outstanding durability.
• Jam and compote mode, with eight jam and six compote recipes available.
• Specialty mode allows users to cook with various cereals and flours, such as spelt flour.
• Raisin/nut dispenser.
• 10 minute power interruption protection – in case of emergency, the machine has a 10 minute memory. The program will resume if restarted within 10 minutes.
• Choice of three loaf sizes and three crust colours.
• 13 versatile baking programs and a comprehensive list of recipes are included in the operation manual. Menu options include Basic, White, Wheat, Rye, French, Italian, Sandwich, Gluten Free, Pizza and Bake Only.
• Improved inner pan lock mechanism.
• 13 hour digital timer – wake up to the fresh smell of bread.
• Slim and compact design with a generous pan size of 1.13kg.


Power supply 230V/240V AC 50Hz
Power consumed Maximum 550W
Dimensions Approx 37.0 x 28.0 x 33.0cm
Weight Approx 6.4kg
Accessories Measuring cup (310ml), measuring spoon

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  • Hi
    Well thanks for your advice re the differences between the SD257 and SD2501 (see comments on SD257 page). I bought the SD2501 and I’m very happy with it.
    I make both white and wholemeal loaves and from day 1 every loaf has come out a success. I’m about to try some of the more ‘exotic’ loaves shortly. I have also made raspberry jam. As mentioned in the instruction book, it did make a soft (or runny) jam which, for me is more like a sauce. I did use half fresh/frozen raspberries so maybe the extra water in the frozen ones might have contributed to that. Anyway, my SD2501 gets used every day or every other day making bread. My partner can’t even wait to toast it, he just has to have it fresh! Thanks Panasonic one kitchen appliance that gets used and used and used.

  • Hi I have just purchased the SD2501 and want to try the spicy fruit loaf. The recipes only include the recipe for NZ (twice). Can someone please let me know the correct ingredients for Australia?

  • Hi Leonie, we apologise, it is a typo in the manual, the NZ and the OZ instructions are the same for the spicy fruit loaf. Thanks!

  • wanting to make spicy fruit loaf can anyone advise which kneading blade to use as not in book?

  • Hi Ken, you can use either kneading blade depending on your requirements and the fruit level you choose to add to your bread.

  • Hi,

    I am confused by the spicy fruit loaf recipe – how can the oz and nz recipe be the same when all nz recipes use a different amount of yeast and flour in every recipe.

    It would be appreciated if you could post the oz spicy fruit loaf recipe.

    Thank you in advance

  • Hi Martin, please call our Customer Service Team on 132 600 and provide us with the Model number of your Bread Maker. We can then provide you with a recipe for the Spicy Fruit Loaf.

  • Hi there, I rang the customer service team and they have given me the following recipe which I have tried and worked well.
    Thought I would post it to help others out too.
    It IS very similar to the NZ one, but has differences.

    Spicy fruit loaf (oz)
    Can use menu 06 (5hr) or menu 03 (4hr)

    Yeast 2 1/2 tsp
    300g whole meal flour
    100g white flour
    Salt 1 tsp
    Butter 75g
    Sugar 2 tsp
    Cinnamon 2 tsp
    Mixed spice 1 tsp
    Eggs, medium ,2
    Milk 100ml
    Water 100ml
    Mixed dried fruit 150g
    +/- 1 tblsp bread improver

    I didn’t use the bread improver and it still turned out lovely. I added 1 extra tsp mixed spice and one of nutmeg, and just used sultanas.
    I also just used 400g total of multigrain bread flour.
    I chose menu 3.

    Hope this helps others out there!!

  • Thanks Breadmaka for posting the OZ recipe, I have come searching for a solution and found one, now looking fwd to making spicy fruit loaf.

  • I have one of these and have been very pleased with the bread that I am making daily. I use a bread mix (two cups white & one of mulrigrain). Produces better loaves than the breville machines that I have used for the past 10 years.

  • I have your Model SD-2501 which is fantastic and in use all the time. I decided to try using a Lauke crusty white bread mix but am totally confused because they give amounts to use for a 1kg loaf and a 750g loaf which they call large & medium respectively. However although your machine has 3 sizes XL,L and M nowhere in the manual does it say in grammes how big the loaves are for the 3 different sizes. Please can you help?

  • Hi Jo, please refer to the individual recipes for each variety of bread to confirm the amount of flour to use. The recipes commence on page 21, just a reminder to refer to the OZ recipes as the flour in New Zealand has a different density hence the differences in weights.

  • Hi, I recently lost my instructions for my breadmaker and when I looked on line I found the UK instructions which have lots of more recipes than the OZ version. Do you plan to update the instructions to include all the recipes available for the UK consumers? I am very intereedted in the recipes for the Tomato Focaccia and the Pesto and Pine Nut Loaf. Many thanks.

  • Hi Kirsty, thanks for the feedback, we will pass this onto the factory and let them know to add all recipes in where possible across the world.

  • Hi,

    I received this bread maker for christmas and have enjoyed lots of lovely loaves and made awesome pizza dough recently too.

    My only issue is the automatic raisin dispenser is not working 🙁 I tried twice, once on timer and once without a delay and both times if failed to drop the raisins in. I had exactly 150g raisins in there, so not sure if the weight affects it.

    I took out the pod and manually pressed the latch and it worked, so I think it may be the little presser which is inside the machine. Appreciate any help, I would love to avoid the hassle of sending it back to the manufacturer..

  • Hi Sarah, we suggest using an ingredient such as sunflower seeds or some nuts to confirm the dispenser is working. Raisins may stick together by nature which is why it may not be filtering thru into your bread mix.

  • What is the difference between the Panasonic Breadmaker SD2501 and the SD2501W, if any?

  • I would like to know when will the Panasonic bread maker be sold in malaysia or singapore? I would like to purchase one. I have tried buying from amazon but they don’t deliver to malaysia or singapore. Please let me know how may I purchase one. Thank you.

  • I have seen there is a stainless steel breadmaker model (2502) with a new yeast dispenser available in the UK. Will this or a similar model be available in Australia and if so, when? I already have two previous models but am interested in upgrading again and giving the oldest one away to friends!

  • Hi Claire, at this stage we are not planning to release this model in Australia.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was nearly going mad talking to the fellow on the line about this fruit loaf. He said to use the NZ one, but I could see that their yeast is different to ours here in Oz.
    Once again, thank you. Let’s hope the bread is worth all the trouble.

  • We have owned the 2501 for about 10 months and have been very happy with the results. The only negative is that the mixing blade has failed (becomes loose on the spindle and detaches during mixing)and is not covered under warranty. Replacement is $46!!! Considering a new machine costs under $200, that’s pretty rich for a part that lasts less than a year …

  • I would like to make a Soy and linseed loaf from a premix. Please could you advise which menu I should use and the amount of water for 500g of flour. Thank you

  • Hi Martin, on the bottom of page nine in the manual is a box with some instructions on using a premix. Basically it breaks the bread mix into three categories, yeast included in mix, brioche and yeast separate sachet to mix. Just follow the steps in the category of mix that you have! Happy baking! MCB

  • Hi Geoff, we are so sorry to hear about your situation. Can you please contact our Customer Care Centre on 132600 so they can discuss this further with you. MCB

  • Hi Jack, We don’t actually have any information regarding making pasta dough with the SD-2501 – though there is a function for pizza dough. There are however a number of recipes on the web regarding making pasta dough in your bread maker. Best of luck and please let us know how it turns out! MCB

  • I made the 50:50 rye and wholemeal loaf and it was flat on top. It didn’t rise like the Lauke german grain bread mix did. Is this normal?

  • Hi Melissa, Wholemeal and Darker Loaves require more rising time. If you are finding that your Loaves are a little flat you can help them rise by making the the rising time a little longer! MCB

  • How do you increase the rising time? I used menu 07 and thought it was all pre programmed.

  • Ps. I made the frozen mixed berry jam to the recipe and it came out runny. Are the berries supposed to be added in their frozen state or should they be defrosted first? The recipe doesn’t say, except that they are frozen. Is there anything you can do to retrieve them when they turn out runny?