New Blu-ray Recorder Range

Panasonic Unveils New Blu-ray Recorder Range


We are proud to announce that we have added two new 3D Blu-ray™ Recorders with twin HD tuners and one Blu-ray Disc™ Player with HDD recording capabilities to its home entertainment line-up. Boasting enhanced networking and storage capabilities thanks to the new Smart Link with Tablet[1] feature and compatibility with external Hard Disk Drives, while continuing the company’s commitment to high quality picture and sound, design and ease-of-use.

The new range includes the new 3D DMR-BWT820 Blu-Ray Recorder with impressive 1TB HDD, the 3D DMR-BWT720 Blu-Ray Recorder with 500GB HDD and also the versatile 3D DMR-PWT520 Blu-ray Disc™ Player with HDD recording capability, which also records onto a 500GB HDD.[2]


Key features

  • Smart Link with Tablet (DMR-BWT820/DMR-BWT720)

Users will get even more out of their Blu-ray Recorder by now being able to send a recorded program or live broadcast to their Android Tablet or iPhone/iPad/iPod touch wirelessly, then watch this content wherever they choose in the home.

  • Compatible with External HDD (DMR-BWT820/BWT720/PWT520)

Storage capacity is greatly increased with the ability to archive hours of recorded programs to an external HDD[3]. Up to 8 external hard drives can be registered, a total of 2 TB of additional storage.


  • VIERA Connect (DMR-BWT820/BWT720/PWT520)

Each of the new models features Panasonic’s enhanced VIERA Connect[4] IPTV platform, which easily connects to popular social networking sites You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Skype[5] as well as Yahoo!7’s PLUS7 and ABC iView for an even wider variety of Internet content from the comfort of your living room.


  • Shoot, Share and Store with 3D Camcorder and 3D-compatible Digital Camera

The Blu-ray Recorder’s SD Card slot lets users enjoy viewing 3D photos (MPO) and movies (AVCHD) shot with 3D-compatible digital cameras and camcorders, as well as viewing 2D stills and movie files. 3D images and video can also be archived to Blu-ray Disc for playback.


  • DLNA®

Using DLNA technology, Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Recorders can access content held on DLNA Server Blu-ray Disc Players, DVD Recorders with HD Recording, or compliant devices, making it easier to share and enjoy digital photos, music, and videos with home networking.  By simply connecting to the Home Network (LAN), the user can enjoy accessing recorded programs, AVCHD video and JPEG files as well as access, browse and view media stored on a server while in another room without having to worry about shuffling discs.

To personalise the experience, the new multi-user mode allows four users to be registered and each can record individual settings. They can also select a personal icon from 16 pre-installed images, or photos from an external source. To further personalise the plaer, there is the option to customise the home screen with any image the user chooses.


  • Smart Operation

The DMR-BWT820, BWT720 and PWT520 feature the new Simple EPG, which allows the user to simply press the GUIDE button and view the EPG instantly. More information can be viewed at a glance, making program selection easier, and users can continue watching their current program while searching for or recording other programs.

The new user-friendly Function Menu also allows viewers to search through the menu whilst still watching the same TV program, while the Multifunctional Remote features the new Last View function – simply push a button and return to the last channel you were watching. This also has 60 Sec Skip and 10 Sec Skip Back so it is easy to skip to the desired scene. ‘Rewind Live TV’ allows users to rewind live TV back to the desired scene, up to two hours, so important moments are not missed[6].

  • Superior Sound and Image Quality (DMR-BWT820/BWT720/PWT520)

The 2012 range features an improved UniPhier single chip signal processing LSI with a simplified circuit architecture that eliminates unnecessary wiring, resulting in reduced noise on the picture and sound signal. The UniPhier chip produces high clarity sound and turns off the analogue video circuit when it is not needed, eliminating interference to the other circuits.

Adaptive Chroma Processing, a high quality image processing technology, precisely processes the video signal of each pixel in vertical and horizontal directions. A redesigned DVD Super Resolution Processor helps produce natural images with no false contours, higher resolution for details and a reduction in noise, all resulting in richer gradation.


DMR-PWT520 500GB BD Player/PVR (Available from April)

DMR-XW390 500GB DVD Recorder specifications (Available from April)

DMR-BWT720 500GB Blu-Ray Recorder (Available from May)

DMR-BWT820 1TB Blu-Ray Recorder (Available from June)

[1] Available on BWT820 and BWT720 only

[2] DMR-PWT520 does not archive onto disc.

[3] The External HDD must be USB compatible. All direct recording to the External HDD will be in DR mode. After recording it is possible to change to long recording mode. Up to 8 External HDD can be registered. It is not possible to simultaneously connect 2 or more External HDD. The maximum capacity of a compatible External HDD is 2TB.

[4] Access to a broadband Internet connection is required to use VIERA ConnectTM features. There is no fee to use the VIERA ConnectTM functionality, however, some VIERA ConnectTM services require membership registration and have a separate fee structure. Network services are operated by the respective service providers, and service may be discontinued either temporarily or permanently without notice.

[5] With the purchase of a Panasonic communication camera.

[6] Rewind Live TV will be effective while the channel stays the same. When W-recording, Rewind Live TV will not operate.

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  • These sound good, but I hope they have finally written some good firmware and got rid of the bugs that were in earlier models like the DMR-XW350 and DMR-XW380. One day Panasonic will realise that java is simply not responsive enough for the role played in these units, and a remote control range of just 3 metres is about half of what is needed. I hope they have finally put an EJECT button on the remote this time.

  • hi folk,tried to register my blueray recorder online but your page just jumps back to top every time i try to click on to a section.no phone number,what do i do.its model no.DMR-PWT500.SERIAL No VNI-HB002406 Aug2011.Purchased online from MYERS20/04/2012.Can u do it from here for me or let me know adress so i can do it snail mail.
    Mike Astle
    20 Byrne St. Wanniassa,ACT.2903

  • Have owned the DMR-PWT520 for just over one week now. Also own the DMR-XW450. Both are great units. The 520 has an improved UI and simpler functionality when it comes to recording TV. You record only in DR mode and can re-format later when archiving to hard drive if you wish. Did buy this in the hope that Viera Connect would have ABC iView (like is mentioned even in this website and their app Market website) BUT have been told by Panasonic tech support that this hopefully comes soon with an upgrade – some story about needing to get permission for each new device from the content supplier and this had not come yet. That maybe firmware or maybe unit needs replacing later? I don’t quite believe this tale 100% as why is iView visible on the appmarket online?
    Enough of the whine, the unit is all else excellent and can even stream recorded programs through my WDTV LiveHub with ease. Would have also been nice if they kept component (R/G/B) outputs as my Panasonic 1080i HD CRT (TX-86PW series) TV only uses these…and I love this TV too (better than most of the cheap TVs on market today)!

  • Hmm, looks like a good box. I wonder if the embeded cinavia will operate only during Blu-ray or HDD operations or whether it will also be active when the unit is in DLNA client mode (acting as a simple media player for files which were created elsewhere). Also interested to know if it can stream content from the “AV input” ports (ie a foxtel box) in the same way it can apparently stream the second tuner to a mobile device.
    Anyone have any knowledge / comment ?

  • Hi Panasonic,

    When is the DMR-BWT820 model being released? The press release above says June but I haven’t seen any available in-stores, and it’s now almost August.

  • Also…there is no full specification listing for all models. Can’t download the manuals for all models. Why is this?

  • I own the Panasonic DMR-BWT700GL bought last year for $899. The remote on these are dreadful. I tend to use my old ex75 remote which is easier to see and with the buttons in better positions. The 700gl remote has the del button up in an awkward position where on the ex75 its near all the main buttons.

    Will the new records really record to ext usb2 hard drives up to 2tb ?

    Hope thet use the same colour remote as onthe ex75. Just hatethose new black controllers which are to hard to read at night.

  • Would be great to be able to toggle Guide views and bring back the full day per channel guide view like in the old XW380. It was easier to read some of the programs as they weren’t truncated.

    Would also be great if it could stream to 2 devices at one time.

  • Hi Ben, the Download Centre on the website has been fixed. You should be able to download all manuals.

  • Hi Mike, our Product Registration Form was down for a little while, but is now back up and running. Maybe try giving it another go?

  • I am looking to maybe buying the bwt820gl but I need to know if I can record to ANY external usb2 drive or if I can copy video from the internal hard drive of the recorder to ANY usb2 hard drive.

    I have read many people unable to get their external drives to be seen by the recorder.

  • I’m considering purchasing a Panasonic 500gb twin HD Tuner Recorder (Model Number DMRXW390GLK) My Question Is : Can I record a Foxtel Programme on the Recorder & If so ,can i then burn that programme to a blank DVD ?

  • Hi Ron, yes with two conditions:
    1) using composite (CVBS) connect
    2) content is not copy protected by Foxtel, such as Pay-Per-View.

  • Hi Looking to purchase a DMR PWT520. Could you please confirm which Video formats are supported via the usb. The box states MKV but will it also play MP4 and AVI



  • Hi Rob, MP4 and AVI are supported. But as always, the file extension is a file container indicator and some files may not play despite a .avi or .mp4 extension. Cheers!

  • Is there an optional Panasonic extended warranty with the PWT520 model? If so how much does it cost?

  • Just bought a panasonic dmr bwt820gl blu ray recorder and we are trying to record from tv an watch another channel on our panasonic viera plasma an the tv keeps going to blank hdmi screen. All cables in rite spot . is it a faulty unit?

  • Can you please tell me how to get the pwt520 to stop automatically playing an inserted disc when it is turned on (from standby)?
    I can understand autoplaying a disc when you put it in whilst the unit is on but i cannot understand why you would ever want to start playing a disc that is already in when you turn it on – it’s just annoying.

  • Hi there, I just purchased the DMR-BWT720 Blue Ray HDD Recorder, to replace my old single SD tuner model DMR EX75.

    The old model still works, but no longer can record to DVD. I’d like to get some material off the HDD of the old model, and have been told I can link the 2 machines to record onto the new model, but can’t find any direction on how to do this. Can you help?

  • Hi Simon, please follow the directions as described on Page 15 of DMR-BWT720 Operating Instruction Manual. Cheers.

  • Hi Ando, sorry to hear you find this feature annoying, but unfortunately it’s just the way it works. Cheers.

  • Hi Leanne, so that we can help you better, it would be best if you gave one of our team members a call on 132 600. Cheers!

  • We just purchased the DMR-BWT820 and it performs flawlessly for the features that are implemented. Any chance of feeding the following feature requests back to R&D for future upgrade considerations. This would make the unit a total market leader.
    – Smart Link with Tablet feature – Windows 8/RT app availability in addition to iOS/Android.
    – Remote record/EPG view via web/http interface.
    – Timer recordings to check EPG for title/time changes just prior to recording/activating.

  • Hi, I have the DMR-BWT820, but I’m more used to a computer based PVR and I’m finding the manual a bit confusing. So here goes:
    – If I want to be able to burn programmes recorded to the HDD to DVD, what format should I be doing the initial recording in?
    – When I want to burn to the Disc, do I need to do conversions first and if so, into what formats?
    – Is the burning achieved via the “Copy Titles” instructions on P48 in the manual?

    Having an option that just says “Burn to disc” (and a section in the manual with the same heading) would have been more helpful as it all seems a bit cumbersome the way it is. But like I said I’m used to sophisticated PC based system with a GUI interface.

    Any help greatly appreciated, as I gues I’m just not used to working this way.



  • Hi Clive, always record in DR mode to HDD as this preserves original broadcast video quality.
    Also, when copying to DVD, choose the highest quality settings; the recorder will do the rest (i.e. conversions) to ensure the DVD is according to DVD standards and playable on DVD players. Cheers!

  • I have a Panasonic DMR-PWT500 when I insert the LG DVD-R into the Recorder it doesn’t recognise it.
    I have tried Function Menu – Copy but message says “please insert suitable disc”. I checked the discs in computer and they appear to be OK.
    Any suggestions please?

  • Just purchased DMR-BWT720.
    What size portable hard drive will it support for USB playback? Or only a fash drive?
    Also says USB is compatible with Fat32 files up to 4GB. Is it also compatible with NTFS and/or larger files? Most HD movies are bigger than 4 GB.

  • Just purchased a DMR-BWT720GL and we have a Foxtel IQ HD unit. What cable connections are required to record programs onto the hard drive and then copy onto DVD.

  • Just purchased DMR-PWT520. I have worked out how to record programmes on 2 TV channels simultaneously to HDD but cant seem to find info in instruction book on how to then watch a 3rd different TV prog at the same time. I know my sister can do it on her model 380 but which button do I press on the remote to achieve this. Thanks

  • Just got the BWT720 as a Christmas present. Really impressed so far with what it can do – watching live TV via Diga on the iPad is just marvellous. But… my entire movie collection on the home DLNA NAS is in .mkv format, and this unit will not play .mkv over the network!! What’s the problem? Our Viera TV has no issue with it… Is there any chance at all of having this capability included in a firmware upgrade soon?

  • As David said re DMR-BWT720, would be great to be able to toggle Guide views and bring back the full day per channel guide view

  • Just bought Panasonic DMR-BWT720 which USB HD
    D are recommended for playback and recording from Panasonic HDD

  • I have just purchased the DMR-PWT520. When trying to play avi or mkv files over the network they are seen but will not play. The media server is a Twonky media player on a WD Live NAS. If the files are then copied to a USB stick and inserted to the player they play fine. All other media devices play the files over the network OK. On my first attempt to use USB stick formatted to NTFS the player said unsupported. Reformatted to FAT32 & seen and plays OK.

  • Hi,
    I’m having issue with pwt520 when playing movies from usb hdd (externally powered). After an hour or so movies audio can become out of sync. fix the problem by pressing fast fwd or rewind then play again.
    Also having trouble with tuner – not as reliable as old $40 pvr from kmart! abc, ch31 in particular.

  • Hi Gene, we can’t make specific brand recommendations, but most USB HDDs available via Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, etc will work. Cheers!

  • Hi Gary, use BWT720 AV IN (R-AUDIO-L Video) input connection. For further assistance, please give us a call on 132 600.

  • Hi Andy, the BWT720 requires DLNA NAS to have on-board Media Server software for transcoding purposes. Cheers.

  • My question was why can I play movies on a USB memory stick but not using DNLA. The movies are seen but will not play

  • Mac compatibility?
    I have a DMRBWT820 conected to the home wireless network. I have a DMR XW300 In another room connected to the same wirless network and an Apple TV. Is there a way to connect the new 820 to this network and / or the Apple TV? I hv tried searching for server and client in network settings on the 820 but nothing is discovered. Is this a Mac compatability issue? Thank you. V

  • Hi,
    I have the same problem with files not playing using a DLNA device.
    Any help would be great..

  • Hi
    I am trying to understand the process when using a USB with this unit. If I want to play something that is on a USB, and register it successfully, does the unit then copy all files viewable on the player, onto its HD and then deletes these files from the USB? Why does it delete these files from the USB (if in fact it does)? Can I use a little stick USB or must it be the jarger USB HDD? If my USB has other files, say EXCEL or WORD, will they be affected? Any other info on USB functionalty appreciated

  • Hi,
    I’ve just bought a Panasonic DMR-XW390GLK and a USB 3.0 Hard Drive to use with it, however when i plug it in to try and access the files it says that the USB Hard Drive is unsupported.

  • Hi Jack, the TV uniquely formats and pairs the HDD to that TV model and serial number. During TV format all existing USB HDD files are deleted.
    TV formatted USB HDD is for exclusive use by the TV. TV recordings cannot be viewed or copied when USB HDD is re-attached to PC. You cannot use USB stick for recordings. Hope that helps!

  • Hi Michelle, so that we can help you further, we need to know what is the HDD size? Does it require external plug pack? And what is the HDD format; ie NTFS/FAT? Cheers!

  • Hi Again
    With the DMR-PWT520, could I register and use say a 32G USB stick in this way.After registration of this stick (? OR does it have to be a larger portable HDD) I transfer any viewable files from a PC onto this stick and then transfer these files onto the DMR-PWT520. I understand these files are then deleted from the USB stick. I assume I could repeat this process with any other viewable files (?) Thanks

  • Hello
    Following from my prvious post, I now know that you cannot use a 32G stick with this unit. I have tried to have a good read of the manual. Can you confirm the following:
    1. Once a USB HDD is formatted to the unit it cannot be used (it will not open) with a PC?
    2. It follows that you cannot ever play any external file on this unit through the usb outlet?
    3. The usb component of this unit only allows storage of TV recordings additional to the units internal hard drive?
    If 1-3 is true then I was certainly misled when I purchased the unit

  • Hi,
    Reply to my post.(Jan 19th 2013)
    The HD size is 750GB, there’s no external power plug and the HD format is in NTFS.

  • Greetings, I know a HD TV programme can be burnt to a Blu-ray in DR quality only once,
    ie 1080ix1920.
    Can I burn the same programme on another blu-ray but in a lower quality setting?

    Also a fault on the Panasonic DMR-BWT720 models in the U.K, when ‘copy’ is selected to burn a TV programme from HD onto Blu-ray there is no conformation that a recording is taking place, shouldn’t there be some kind of indication that a recording is in progress?

  • I have an issue with pwt520 and changing channels…..often you will get a ‘no signal’ for a second or two and then the channel will display. when i check the reception both quality and strength are close to or on 10. really annoying because it takes so long to change channels. any ideas what is causing this?

  • Hi
    I have a Dmr-Bwt720gl and am trying to connect Logitech Skype Camera for Panasonic and it cannot detect camera .

    1. I have tested camera on PC and works fine
    2. Is this device not comparable and need to get the Panasonic camera

  • I have had the DMR BWT720 for about 6 months now and have recently purchased an iPad. I’ve dnwloaded the app to view the recordings from the player and have setup the player according to the instructions on the Panasonic support page. The app hasonly managed to connect to the recorder once. Every other time since and previous it shows the app ‘searching’ for a recorder. The WIFI signal is strong and I have enabled the ‘snooping’ packets thing it talked of on the support page. I am desperate to use this app but can’t get it working!

  • Hi Frosty, so that we can help you further and ensure your issue is resolved as quickly as possible, could you please give us a call on 132 600? Cheers!

  • Hi,
    Ive been able to set up two iPads, two iPods, an iPhone and a PC to be able to view what is on the DMR-BWT720 I just bought. How do I view the content it has on my Mac and how do I view what is on the PC and Mac on the DMR-BWT720.

  • Hi Richard, There are quite a few variables in this query. Please call 132600 for assistance. Cheers!

  • Just purchased the BWT820. Various web sites (UK) indicate the 820 has the ‘series’ record feature but this does not seem to have made it to the australian version. You have to use the ‘weekly’ record feature.
    Is this correct or am i missing something?
    Does Panasonic intend to introduce this feature via a future software update?

  • Hi Gary, this is correct – Australian DTV broadcasters don’t carry ‘CRID’ data in their SI; as noted, best workaround is ‘Weekly’ record feature. Thanks!

  • We are very happy with our DMR-PWT520 except that we have trouble turning the unit to standby mode

    About 3/4 of the time when we turn it off the PLEASE WAIT signal just goes round and round indefinitely until we turn it on again

    Small problem but annoying??

  • Hi there,
    We purchased a DMRBW500 in 2008 and LOVED it until it developed problems a few months ago. Fortunately we had an extended warranty and it was replaced with the DMRBWT720. We have been dreadfully disappointed with it as the signal cuts in and out constantly. We took it back to Harvey Norman and they replaced it but the problem continues with this unit too. We know that the problem is with the HD recorder since the same show viewed through the Viera is fine. I rang Panasonic but the consultant I spoke to kept suggesting that it was a signal problem. We know it’s not a signal issue since the old recorder had no such problem and neither does the tv itself. We’re at a complete loss as to what to do now and mourn the death of our DMRBW500. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have DMR BWT 720 and I recall Panasonic advertising that I could control it with a remote app from my iPhone. But the Panasonic remote app doesn’t list this as a compatible device, and the app
    Can’t find my player on the network. DIGA player
    Works well though. Should the remote app be able to control my player?

  • Thanks but I don’t have a problem with the DIGA player – I use it already. But I want to control the blue ray player with the Panasonic remote 2012 app so I can start and stop blue ray discs. This app can’t find my player.

  • HI Nigel, please call our help desk on 132600. They will be able to answer in more detail. Thanks.

  • Hi,
    I have just purchased a DMR-XW390 recorder and I have figured out you can record straight into a DVD from the AV input in FR mode. My question is whether you can make chapters as you go along.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Rosswen, you just need to press the chapter key on the remote control when you wish to insert a chapter. Hope this helps. Thanks 🙂

  • Hi, my old very reliable DMR-EX88 keeps showing the Disc Present symbol when no disc is present and when a recorded disc is in the machine it won’t recognise or play it. When I use a blank DVD-R disc to create a disc from stored programs, as I always have, I get a Non Recordable Disc message. Is there an easy fix. I intend to keep the unit as it is excellent at record and playback but I could sure use the function to create my own discs.

  • Hi, my trusty DMR-EX88 will not play DVDs or record to a disc from memory, it keeps giving “An Invalid Disc” message and the Disc Present Symbol stays on all the time. I’ve tried the “turn the power off” trick but no joy. Can you help please.

  • Hi Norm,
    Unit has developed a hardware fault that requires service. Please call 132600 for assistance.

  • Hi Norm,
    Unit has developed a hardware fault that requires service. Please call 132600 for assistance.

  • My DMR-PWT520 will not open the disc tray from time to time and I have to go through the reset procedure in the manual.
    Why is this happening?

  • Hi Can you confirm I can play Mp4 files downloaded from computer onto usb stick on the panasonic DMR-xw380 .

  • Hi Joanne, unfortunately the DMR-XW380 will not play MP4 files downloaded from a computer.

  • HelloI have the 720 in the UK, 1tb version. I’m actually in sunny Old South Wales, as opposed to New South Wales! Anyway… Bluray connected to LG tv via hdmi and to Sony dav S550 via optical audio out. I’m just using the Sony as a sound system. Had some audio synch problems. Found the audio delay function but could not adjust it while a bluray disc was playing. With trial and error I got it just right. But then the sound was all out when watching tv channel. I thought i was adjusting the optical out delay but this must have adjusted the hdmi delay. Is there anyway to adjust each separately? Help! Thanks. Steve

  • HI, am owner of a DMR-BWT720. Have a spare external USB HDD that i decided to use a device to connect to this unit to clear some old recordings. Problem is I stupidly used the wrong USB HDD to connect and registered as 1st device. (Still kicking myself no end). I fully realise I have screwed what was on this drive. In the faint hope I may be able to recover anything on it, I need to know what format is the drive now. Does the registration process only change the boot sector/partition tables etc. This will help in whether I fork out for someone to try to recover any remaining data on it. Thanks in advance. Cheers Paul

  • Hi Paul, unfortunately once USB HDD is formatted by the recorder, all pre-existing data is deleted and un-recoverable. Sorry.

  • Hi i have the dmr-pwt520 and can not work out how to record 2 or mot tv shows on at the same time. I can’t find it in the manual. Help Please?

  • Hi Julie, please refer to page 27 in the instruction manual for how to record 2 shows at the same time. If you require any further assistance, please contact our customer service team on 132600. Thanks

  • hello ive got a Panasonic dmr-xw390glk and the digital tuner has stopped working only 3 months old bought from ebay can I reset ? if so ..how??
    or is it land fill ..

  • Hi John, we would suggest setting the unit back to factory settings. If this doesn’t work you will be required to have the unit assessed by a Service Centre. Thanks

  • Why does the disc tray on PWT520 not open and require the reset procedure outlined in the manual?
    Considering this is the first thing in the troubleshooting guide, you guys must know what is likely to cause it???

  • Hi Mike, your product may have developed a fault. Please contact our customer service team on 132600.

  • Why wont a HDD portable hard drive just play the movies on my DMR-PWT520 without having to register it then lose all my movies? How can I play these movies?

  • Hi Kaeleene, you will need to register the HDD portable drive to your DMR-PWT520 as it will need to be formatted to read the filing structure of that Blu-Ray Player. Hope this helps, thanks.

  • I have had a Panasonic Bluray recorder for a couple of years now. Can’t remember what model (currently at work). The problem is that it won’t recognise many standard formats, on a USB (including MP4). I’ve tried looking for firmware updates, but can’t find any. AVI & DIVX seem to be about the only common formats that it can even see (let alone read). Do you know if there are any firmware updates, and how to get them?

  • Hi Jeff, to understand your query further we would need to know the model number of your product. There are internet updates available depending on the model of the machine. Please let us know the details, or alternatively contact our customer service team on 132600.

  • Hi, I have purchased a DMR-BWT820.
    I am having trouble trying to connect it to my home network. I am using a telstra supplied Technicolor TG587n v3 modem/router.
    I have tried the Panasonic Easy Network Connect with both wireless and wired connections, but get the same error.
    1. LAN (or) Wireless connection : Pass
    2. IP Address setting : Home network available
    3. Connection to gateway : Fail

    I have also noticed the device does not appear in the list of connected devices in the modem config.

    I have tried many, many times.

  • Hi Andrew, gateway failure is caused by the modem router blocking the PVR from talking to the outside world. You need to setup a DMZ in your modem router. Thanks

  • hi – I Have a DMR-BWT720 – when i burn a programme over 2 hrs say a football match + buildup to a disc total 3hrs it copies over in LP but when finished and finalized the programme will play but has no sound
    anybody know why?

  • Hi Pat, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you with this matter.

  • Hi, I have just purchased a DMR-PWT530GL and having trouble connecting to the Internet.
    1. LAN (or) Wireless connection : Pass
    2. IP Address setting : Pass
    3. Connection to gateway : Fail
    1. LAN (or) Wireless connection : Pass
    2. IP Address setting : Home network available
    3. Connection to gateway : Fail

  • panasonicau:
    Hi is this a phone number does no connection from ireland ! do you have an irish number or email address?

  • Hi Tracey, it sounds like your modem/router see’s the recorder as a security risk, you will need to create / enable a DMZ in the modem/router. If are unsure how to do this we recommend calling your ISP or modem manufacturer for assistance.

  • Hi

    I have a dmr-pwt520 and have been able to access the internet for the past year or so. For no reason, this access has stopped and i am now having the following issue. I havent changed anything in my router or changed internet provider etc.

    1. LAN (or) Wireless connection : Pass
    2. IP Address setting : Home network available
    3. Connection to gateway : Fail

    definitely havent set up a DMZ or anything else referred to above previously to get this working previously.

    any suggestions?

  • Hi Anthony, please try recorder shipping condition reset. If this fails, recorder may require service. Please contact our customer service team on 132600.

  • I have a DMR-BWT720 and have just purchased the latest Gatsby Blue Ray disc and it will not play I exchanged it for another copy and it still will not play. Other Blue ray dics we own work fine.
    Any suggestions

  • Hi Martin, can you please check if this Gatsby Blu-Ray disc is coded as Region 4? If it is, please call our Customer Service Team on 132 600 for further assistance.

  • Hi..

    I am thinking of purchasing a DMR-BWT820, and have read all available information, including this blog, seeking an answer to my fundamental requirement, but with no success.

    With the DMR-BWT820, will I be able to copy recorded programs, via my home Ethernet, from the DMR-BWT820 to my PC for archiving and later viewing on my PC? If so, what format will these recordings be presented as?

    Thank you….

  • thats fine but everything on the portable hard drive is then deleted and you then cannot add movies from your computer to the hard drive. why can’t the hard drive be seen as a usb stick (which we have no trouble with?)

  • Hi there, I have a question of watching movies from an external hard drive. At the moment I have no trouble watching my movies from a USB disk, however when I try to do the same from my WD external 320GB hard drive a message appears that it is unrecognisable and prompts me to register the hard drive – thus wiping all info from the hard drive and making it unrecognised by my computer to add our movies. the device we have is a blu-ray player DMR-PWT635

  • Hi Rob, unfortunately, whilst you can stream live to your PC – the programs will be encrypted if you try to play them back from archives. Thanks

  • Hi Kon, as stated in the manual all Ext HDD must be registered. The registration matches the filing system and this “matching” is reversed if you re-register your hard drive to your computer to download programs. For further information on this issue please call Customer Service on 132600.

  • Cannot connect to panasonic dvd recorder the device RS541070 please help trying to register

  • its a DMR-BWT835GL I am trying to register for remote recording and I get error RS541070 , also the tablet app cant find the recorder , even though I know for a fact the recorder is connected to the network/internet because I can access online contect

  • Hi there, We’ve recently upgraded our tv to a Samsung 3D Smart TV and have a Panasonic DMR PWT 520 HD recorder. We have tried to play the 3D movies but keep getting the message “This Blu-ray disc requires a Blu-ray 3D player connected to a 3D display. Your Blue-ray player does not support Blue-ray 3D” We have tried all the settings, updated the software and even purchased a new HDMI Cable and still can’t get it to play in 3D. I’m getting really frustrated because this model says it supports 3D.

  • Hi Shell,
    Sorry there has been so much frustration, so long as the TV is 3D and the disc you are trying to play is not one that comes with its own set of glasses included – there should not be a problem. It sounds like something in the initial settings may have been incorrect best thing to do would be to reset both your Blu-Ray Player and TV to shipping condition.

  • Hi Remon,
    Sorry you are having difficulties, best thing to do would be to call 132600, they can take you through some steps to hopefully resolve this!

  • DMR-BWT835. Recently purchased this DMR and downloaded DIGA player to my iPad. I can view live tv and recordings on the HDD over my home wireless network but can’t seem to get through my router to remotely set recordings using the iPad over the Internet. Is this something to do with ip port forwarding settings in the router? Any suggestions gratefully received.

  • Hi Brad, Please call 132 600 and one of our experienced staff will be able to assist you with this issue. Thanks

  • It appears that one of the tuners on my DMR BWT720GL is not longer working. Only the REC2 tuner is functioning & when it’s timer recording can not record anything else or change channels like we used too. What could be the issue?

  • Hi CK, it sounds like your product may have developed a fault. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you in this matter.

  • Was interested in getting a panasonic hdd dmr-xw390glk
    How can this be converted to region free at no cost.
    Is this a blu-ray player as well?

  • Hi Ted, the DMR-XW390 is not a blu-ray player. To unlock it after purchase please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will provide you details with your closest service centre for this.

  • Hi, I’ve bought the DMR BDP530gl and the network connections both wired and wireless test and pass okay. I have internet, EPG, etc… My iPad is a part of the same home network and the iPad’s network address is Enabled in the network settings. However, DIGA player cannot find the recorder. It stays on the “searching for recorder” message indefinitely. Any ideas?

  • Panasonic DMR-XW380 tuner stopped picking up digital Perth Australian Channel 10 & ABC suddenly last week but receives others whereas LG TV served by aerial in series still picks up full range of channels. How do I rectify or is tuner partly U/S?

  • Hi Simon TEN & ABC occupy RF channels 11 & 12 respectively. We would suggest you connect the recorder directly by-passing the LG TV. If now all OK, check RF cabling etc. Otherwise recorder may require service, please contact our customer service team on 132600.

  • Dear Team,

    Youtube footage/video is only displayed in a small part (to the right) of my Sony Bravia tv screen. How do I make it Full Screen?



  • Panasonic. TH-L42E30A – the HDD after two year is no longer working. Whenever I try to watch recorded tv or delete some recorded tv – the screen turns black ant it automatically goes back to normal tv.

  • Hi Kath, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist with some over the phone fault finding and book a service call if necessary.

  • Purchased Dec2010 a Panasonic DMR-BW880 (500Gb) PVR and very happy.

    I wish to connect a USB external hardrive to extend my movie library and wondering how I might do that on my unit.

    Thanks in advance ..

  • Purchased a DMR-HW220 HDD recorder 6 months ago and in the past few weeks when we play dvd’s on it, the image is slower than the sound. We’ve tried different dvd’s, blu rays etc but it’s the same with all of them….any ideas on how to fix this without returning it to the point of purchase?

  • Hi

    I am thinking about purchasing a DMR-BWT820gl and i am wondering if i can connect it to my computer and burn content from computer to blue ray disc.

  • Hi Dave, sounds like your product has a fault. As this is part of our warranty exchange program, please return the unit to the retailer and they will be able to swap it over for another machine for you.

  • Hi Alan, no this function will not work, no product will allow you to do this. The DMR-BWT820GL will allow you to record TV and then burn to a disc. You can also use an external HDD to record to and play back on this machine for extra storage.

  • Hi Alison, Your DMR-XW350 will not play Region 1 DVDs out of the box. However it can be enhanced to play all regions by an Authorised Service Agent. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will book a job for you.

  • Hi, we just purchased a DMR-BWT835 which the store person at JB HiFi assured us would be compatible with “most” USB devices. However the external HDD we bought from the same store (a Seagate 4T drive) is coming up as incompatible.

    The manual provides a URL to go to for info about what devices ARE compatible but it’s in Japanese and sadly no help. Where can I find information on what devices are compatible?

  • Hello,

    Just purchased a Panasonic DMR-XW390, really great so far except have been getting many partially failed recordings when timer recording 2 programs at once, often not receiving a warning about overlapping schedules – because they don’t really seem to overlap?
    Any insight into this would be appreciated!

  • Hi Glen, please call our customer service team on 132600 when you are near the unit and they will assist you in fault finding.

  • Hi, I’m just checking to see if the DMR-BWT720 can play Region 1 DVDs. I saw your earlier reply about the XW350.

  • Hi Wendy, please contact our Customer Service team on 132600 and they will book a job at the closest Authorised Service Centre for you.

  • Hi, Last week I purchased a BWT835GL Blu-Ray recorder. Should I be able to play region 1 DVDs with this device? Thanks.

  • Hi Panaonicau – that link takes me to an error message saying that page is no longer there. Next?

  • I have just purchased a seagate 1tb portable drive (I require a unit to be functional between both mac and pc and this is the only one that will do this).

    When I plug it I to the USB port I get the error message “incompatible USB”.

    I can use the drive directly from my tv without any problems.

    Can you please advise what I can do?

  • Hi Steve, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will book a job for this service.

  • Really frustrated with the Panasonic DMR BWT720. It won’t play the Great Gatsby BluRay. I’ve had 2 from the video shop and now the BluRay from the 3D combo, so that makes 3. Yes, firmware is up to date. 1.11
    Clearly this is something Panasonic has known about for a while – what do I have to do to get this fixed?

  • Hi Jo, please connect your unit to the internet when you play the Great Gatsby. You should be then able to play the disc.

  • Thank for the response. The unit takes 3.25 minutes to start playing the 2D disc, with a LAN connection.
    While not convenient, at least it eventually works.

  • We have just bought a DMR BWT 835 and are having issues recording.
    The recording not completed symbol is showing and a whole list of reasons are shown however none of them appear to be the reason.
    How can we troubleshoot the exact issue?

  • Hi Robyn, you can do a shipping reset (pg.93) and see if this resolves the issue, but the best option would be to call 132600 where our fabulous technicians can take you through a whole range of troubleshooting step-by-step!

  • I recently purchased a BWT835GL bluray recorder. When the unit is on standby mode, should it display the time. I have set the clock as per instructions, but cannot get it to display when he unit is turned off at the remote.my previous panasonic recorders would display the time in standby mode. Thanks.

  • Hi Steve, Quick Start needs to be turned on to activate that clock in standby – pg.90 of your manual will show you how.

  • Hi
    I have the DMR-BWT835, and have copied recorded shows onto a DVD-rw, which I the finalise and then watch on other DVD players with no problem.
    However, when I go to re record onto the DVD-rw it says it cannot copy onto that disc.
    Am I using the wrong type of RW disc, or us there something I need to do before I record on it again.


  • Hi – recently purchased a BWT835, and first impressions all good. However volume seems low from unit compared to my other devices (e.g. Blu-ray player, PS3, pay tv STB). Is there a volume control function hidden in the BWT835? I couldn’t find anything obvious in the manual nor on the web with Google… TIA.

  • Purchased Model DMR-PTW500 (New Zealand) for Xmass. It will not let me watch a third channel while recording two others which store says it should. Trying to update firmware to V 1.34 (from factory v 1) as unit will not recognise the +1 Hour channels to record in advance. Using freeisoburner 1.2 (ISO 9660 compliant)on a windows 7 pc. Created disk with PANA_DVD.FRM. Will not upgrade as unit says “unsupported”. Your help please.

  • Hi Mark, watching a third channel (on a Australian model) is only possible when the channel is part of the multiplex of the channels you are recording. E.g. you can record ABC and watch ABC 1, 2 or 3.

  • Hi, if you are using a Panasonic TV you might have the automatic volume control activated – take a look at pg. 88 in your manual.

  • Mark, in NZ the recorders are marketed as record 2 or record 1 & watch 1. They aren’t the same as a MySky HDi recorder which has 3 tuners. The store is putting you wrong.

    You can watch a recording & record 2 other channels but not record 2 & watch a third. I have the BWT835 and it will not do that, so doubt the PTW500 would.

  • “Hi, if you are using a Panasonic TV you might have the automatic volume control activated – take a look at pg. 88 in your manual.”

    Thanks for that – have turned off and will see if that resolves it. Cheers.

  • I connected a Panasonic DMR-PWT 530 to a Sony TV using the HDMI cable. All works well except that there is a message saying HDMI1 recorder across the top of the TV screen when playing a DVD or using the TV through the recorder. there is no message if just playing the TV, using the top right hand buttons on the remote. Can this message be turned off, it probably takes up about 10% of the top of the screen?

  • Hi Allan, the HDMI sign is generated by your Sony TV. You will need to check the manual or contact their customer support to switch it off.

  • I have a DMR-PWT520. When I turned it on this morning I received the message ‘No signal” for all channels. I could view the channel guide OK.

    The TV worked OK when connected direct to the antenna.

    Later this morning I turned the Recorder on again and now the reception is OK for all channels.

    Is this unit OK, or is there an intermittent problem that is likely to get worse?

    I purchased the unit on 28/9/2012.

    I previously had a DMR-XW300 which required a new main board after only 4 years.

    I opted to purchase a new unit rather than pay $500 to have it repaired.

    What’s the problem with these units.

  • I have a DMR-PWT520.

    PS This problem occurred whether the HDMI or AVI connection was used.

  • Hi Phil, the television networks have recently made changes to their frequencies on stations. Please refer to the following website http://myswitch.digitalready.gov.au/ for all of the information. Your product may require a shipping condition as it sounds like you are experiencing problems . Please note this will delete Input Labels, DTV Favourites, timer recording schedules and any network settings you may have. Please refer to pages 68 and 81 in the user manual.

  • Hi Panasonic,

    I’m looking at purchasing a 3D blu ray DVD recorder. Is DMR-BWT835 the latest model and how does it compare to DMR-PWT635. It seems pretty much the same except the price. Does DMR-BWT835 play all region DVDs? Thanks

  • Hi CJ, the biggest difference is the BWT835 allows you to record onto a disc as well as the hard drive. With the PWT835 you can play discs, but not record on them. Both units play 3D discs and have 1TB internal hard drives and have twin tuners for multiple recordings, they also both have built in wifi.

  • I have just purchased a DMR-PWT530GL and have connected it up to my TH-L55WT60A tv. When I try to watch tv programs through the reecorder I get a no signal message from most of the channels but if I hook the aerial straight to the tv I don’t have an issue. I have tried re tuning the channels but I still have the same issue. Is there a problem with this model?

  • Hi Ken, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you over the phone with some tips to assist you.

  • Trying to watch MP4 video through USB on DMR-PWT530. Movie plays fine but there is no sound, is there anything I need to change to hear sound?

  • We have had a DMR-BWT835 and in the last couple of weeks, the TV viewing has been punctuated with a sound drop-out of a word or two every couple of minutes. The longer you keep viewing, the more noticeable it becomes, extending to a few word or more on a regular pattern. If the Unit is turned OFF and turn the TV to normal viewing bypassing the unit, the problem disappears.Recording on one or more channels will record the sound drop-out.Connected to another TV produces the same!

  • I have a lg digital tv and recently had an lg DVD blue ray recorder, it was faulty got it replaced by a national Panasonic DMR-BWT835 I now am having trouble with watching my movies off my USB stick it won’t work now either at the back of my tv or the front of the DVD recorder, I also have tried my 1tb hard drive and in both places and it won’t work either……..Please help what is wrong is it because it’s been damaged from the first recorder??? Desperate!!

  • Hi Wendy, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will try some options over the phone for you.

  • Hi Reece, please call our customer service team on 132600 when you are with the unit and they will assist in trouble shooting.

  • I have a DMR-BWT835 recorder and have recently tried the idea of moving some of the files from the 1Tb internal to an external 1Tb USB drive. Is there any way to reconfigure this external drive to long play, as I did notice that after copying files across, it appeared to be set to SP which leave us with about 300 hours max as opposed to the internal drive currently set to LP and almost 1000 hours…. Or am I asking too much?

  • Hi Dale, sounds like your product has a fault. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you with booking a repair in.

  • Hi, I have a Panasonic DMR0BWT835 Recorder (purchased late last year) and yesterday purchased a USB 3.0 external hard drive. However, when the USB is inserted and I try access the hard drive, the recorder says that there is no USB connected. However my other USB 2.0 1TB external drive works fine. Is it because my new external hard drive has a 3.0 connection? If so, is there something I can d to fix this as all external hard drives are coming out with 3.0 connections? Its a ‘Western Digital – My Passport for Mac’ 2TB external hard drive. Both external hard drives are formatted MS-Dos (Fat).

  • Hi Shane, please refer to page 10 in the operation manual in relation to the maximum storage size is 2TB.

  • Hi Jon, thanks for your enquiry. The unit is not capable of changing the speed on the external hard drive. Cheers

  • Hi, I am looking to purchase a DMR-BWT835.
    can you tell me what is the difference between the BWT835 and the BWT835GL?

  • Hi Walter, the DMR-BWT835GL is the full model number. The models you mention are one and the same! Happy shopping :). MCB

  • Hi, we just purchased a DMR-BWT835 and it will not play some of our dvd’s that are not region 4. However, We were assured when we bought this unit that we would be able to play all regions. Do I need to change a setting or something because I can’t find anything in the manual. Thanks

  • Hi. I just purchased a DMR PWT530GL player recorder. All good, I am on the net, have the recording organised but there is one problem. The tv channels for the Ten Network will not show. They are all there on my precious Panasonic recorder and come up strong on the tv (going through the 530) but even a manual search has no success . Ideas, suggestions?

  • Hi Richard, Often if the signal strength is very strong the amplifier in the Recorder means it is enhanced past the machines capability to read. Call our Customer Care Team on 132600 and they can troubleshoot this with you. MCB

  • Hi Darlene, the unit needs to be region enhanced. Please call 132600 and our Customer Care Team will organise this for you. MCB

  • Hello. Thinking of the BWT-835. I know I have to register (format) my external USB drive to transfer recordings. What happens in 3 years when I buy a new or different recorder? My current understanding is that the USB drive is registered to the current PVR and if that dies or you buy a new model/brand, you lose all you recordings.

  • Hi Bill,
    This is correct and is due to inbuilt security barriers in the HDD and Recorders to prevent the duplication and distribution of copyrighted material. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can change or help you get around. MCB

  • Hi

    I am planning to buy DMR-BWT835 to convert my old VHS tapes to HDD videos, then copy to PC. Thanks to DMR-BWT835 as it has AV inputs where most of the new recorder does not have. Then I can copy HDD to external USB. After reading manual I was surprised to know that the USB drive which has to be registered becomes useless to PC. My question is how to copy my personal HDD videos to PC?


  • Hi Durga, the DMR-BWT835 is an excellent recorder. You cannot however copy from a registered HDD from the recorder to a PC as these are encrypted to prevent movie piracy. The best way to do this would be to use a video capture card. MCB

  • Thanks Marisa,I already have USB 2 video grabber, but the quality is not good. When reading other forums, it seems I can burn VHS tapes to DVD using DMR-BWT835, then I can copy DVD to PC. Can you confirm whether this is possible?

    I understand that I cannot copy HDD from DMR-BWT835 to PC to prevent Piracy. Then what about recorded DVD or Blue ray from this machine. Can I play the recorded DVD or Blue ray from DMR-BWT835 to other players?


  • Hi Durga, There is a process whereby you can transfer VHS > DMR > DVD > Copy DVD to PC > encode in PC to MP4/MKV but it is time consuming and fiddly. To play copied DVDs/Blu-Ray discs on other machines you will need to finalise the recording at the end which is outlined on pg.70 of the user manual. MCB

  • I have a DMR-PWT520. A while ago I set up weekly timer recording on a couple of programmes. These programmes have finished but the recording still goes on. The timer recording symbol doesn’t show up in the guide anymore and even if I select the channel the timer is set for, even at the time of the recording, there are no options for editing – cancelling the recording as the programmes title is not there. All I can do is press stop on the remote which gives me the option of stopping that days recording but if I am not there next week it will still record some random rubbish and continue to fill up the HDD so I can’t record the shows I want. Any ideas?

  • Hi,
    I’m thinking of buying the BWT835 and was told i could covert my VHS tapes to DVD using the av inputs. Is this correct and if so will the DVD play on any DVD player including a PC?

  • Hi Martin, the DMR-PWT520 will require region enhancement to play region 4 DVDs, this is done free within the warranty period. MCB

  • Hi RC,Sorry to hear about your troubles with your DMR-PWT520 some settings may have gone a bit haywire here, quickest solution: Perform DMR-PWT520 ‘Shipping Condition’ which will reset the machine to factory conditions. MCB

  • Hi Lou, you certainly can, playback is possible on other devices if the DVD is finalised but the format must be supported by the machine being utilised. MCB

  • Hi

    I am planning to buy either DMR-BWT740 or DMR-BWT835. Apart from 4k upscaling and Miracast in DMR-BWT740, is there any difference between these two models?

    Can I also connect this to Home Cinema system?

  • It seems that direct recording from AV to DVD or BD is not possible in DMR-BWT740 (where this was possible in DMR-BWT835). That means first we need to record AV into HDD, then copy from HDD To DVD or BD.

    Can you confirm this is the case?

  • hi I am moving back to the uk and got a brand new Panasonic dwr-pwt530 dvd machine and want to know if there is a region code so I can take it with me thank you..

  • Hi Gordon, our units are region coded. However they can be unlocked by a repair agent & under warranty this is a complimentary service. We wish you all the best with your move to the UK! MCB

  • Hi. I bought a dmr-bwt740 here in England in May as soon as it came out. There seems to be a problem with some finalising. In particular, if I record and then copy a film to a dvd-r using ep it copies, plays back and finalises perfectly. BUT when I tried to finalilise 13 22-minute episodes of Cirque Soleil (again on ep speed) it won’t finalise. It does copy (and says there’s plenty of room left on the dvd) and plays back perfectly. However it refuses to finalise. It just “hangs” for hours and I have to remove the plug and reinsert it to get the machine to work.

    I’m doing exactly what I used to do on my old Panasonic EX 98 and using the same discs and speed.

    Has Panasonic changed something? If so, how can I finalise series recordings?

    Please help. If I can’t finalise then I won’t be able to play these on a different player if and when it inevitably breaks down.

  • Hi Annetta, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will go thru some settings with you. SB

  • Hi,
    I have a DMR XW300. Runs great. Is there a way I can connect an Apple TV unit to it ? I cant connect direct to the TV because my unit is a ‘screen’ only, an older model Fujitsu Plasma attachd to the DMR XW….so I need to connect direct to the trusty Panasonic somehow. I not the HDMI port on the Panasonic is HDMI OUT.
    thanks…any help appreciated.

  • Is there any chance in the future where Panasonic will release a more professional model similar to the JVC blue rays (but without the bug bears) to allow archiving and custom menu creation functions, or is the writing on the wall for DVD recorders as purchasable items?

  • Hi Gary, sorry you wont unfortunately be able to connect your Apple TV via the DVD recorder. SB

  • i am in the united states, and i’m thinking of purchasing the dmr-bwt835 i know the unit can be modified to play all region discs. but what about the recorded blu ray discs, what region would those be recorded in? would the region be region 0 for the recorded dvds and also does the unit support both ntsc and pal formats? thanks.

  • Hi Les, thank you for looking at purchasing our product. Yes the DVD section can be enhanced to play all regions of DVDs, unfortunately however the player will only be able to play region C Blu Ray discs or those (like Paramount releases) that are region free when sold. The player has a composite video input for PAL/NSTC. For more information on the specs of this unit: http://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/players-recorders/recorders/dmr-bwt835.specs.html. MCB