The latest in our ground-breaking Lumix G Series Range, the DMC-GF5

Panasonic is set to launch the Lumix DMC-GF5 Micro Four Thirds System camera. This new camera offers the key capabilities of Panasonic’s LUMIX G Micro System range which includes including outstanding image quality, fast and accurate shooting, creative control and ease of use.

Key features

The Lumix DMC-GF5 camera has a newly-developed 12.1 megapixel Live MOS sensor for high sensitivity and low noise. A new noise reduction circuit and upgraded Venus Engine image processor further enhance these capabilities.

The camera’s precise and fast Contrast AF system features ultra-fast Light Speed AF of around 0.09/second. The DMC-GF5 incorporates Full-area focusing which makes it possible to set focus on any point in the field of view. Frame composition is easy and fast using the intuitive touch-control operation features, including Touch AF, AF Tracking, Pinpoint AF and Touch Zoom. In addition, the DMC-GF5 offers fast high-speed burst shooting at 4 fps to capture subjects in motion.

These features are all easy to operate with the camera’s large 3-inch LCD and 920,000-dot high precision touch display. The GUI features animation for higher visibility and wallpaper images can also be set on the menu screen. The DMC-GF5 also has a convenient built-in flash.

For compact users stepping up to this rich new functionality, the DMC-GF5 offers a new ‘Scene Guide’ with 23 sample pictures shot by professional photographers. Users can choose the one closest to the shooting situation and optimum parameters will be automatically set. They can also view shooting procedure, technical advice and the recommended interchangeable lens for the scene.

The popular Creative Control mode has been upgraded and is also easier to use. There are now 14 filters (from six on the DMC-GF3). Soft Focus, Dynamic Monochrome, Impressive Art, One Point Color, Cross Process, Low Key, Toy Effect and Star Filter have been added to Expressive, Retro, High Key, Sepia, High Dynamic, and Miniature Effect.

The DMC-GF5 records in Full HD 1920 x 1080 / 50i AVCHD. The Touch AF in video recording lets users enjoy professional-like rack focusing. With a dedicated video recording button on the top, users can instantly start recording videos while shooting photos without any having to make any extra setting adjustments.

Along with the Full HD video capabilities, the DMC-GF5 also features high-quality sound, recorded with Dolby® Digital Stereo Creator. Videos can also be conveniently recorded in MP4 format for playback on a PC or other portable electronic devices without file conversion. The Extra Tele Conversion function virtually extends the zoom range to a maximum of 4.2x without deterioration in image quality.

Other Features

Intelligent Auto (iA) mode provides a variety of shooting-assist functions including AF Tracking, Intelligent D-range Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, Face Recognition and Intelligent ISO Control. The iA Plus mode lets users adjust the defocusing area in the background, exposure compensation and white balance for more flexible control. ‘Level Gauge’ detects the horizontal/vertical angle of view while shooting and displays this on-screen, as well as sensing if the camera is tilted forwards or back.

G Micro System Conversion Lenses

The DMC-GF5 offers a wide variety of optional accessories to match every shooting situation, including the new compact and lightweight Wide / Tele / Macro / Fisheye Conversion lenses which will be available from May.



Wide Conversion Lens


Tele Conversion Lens


Macro Conversion Lens


Fisheye Conversion Lens











*As of January 9, 2012

Wide Conversion Lens DMW-GWC1GU RRP: $169
• Captures dynamic scenery or indoor group portraits with a wider angle of view
• Extends the focal length of wide-end from 14mm to 11mm
• Adaptor Ring included for use on H-PS14042 and H-H014

Tele Conversion Lens DMW-GTC1GU RRP: $129
• Captures distant subjects up close
• Excellent for travel shooting or street snapshots
• Extends the focal length of tele-end from 42mm to 84mm[v] • Adaptor Ring included for use on H-PS14042

Macro Conversion Lens DMW-GMC1GU RRP: $199
• Makes Macro shooting easy
• Excellent for shooting subjects such as flowers or insects
• Features closest focusing distance of 0.14m[vi] • Adaptor Ring included for use on H-PS14042 and H-H014

Fisheye Conversion Lens DMW-GFC1GU RRP: $169
• Shoot impressive and unique fisheye images
• Features 120-degree angle of view
• Adaptor Ring included for use on H-PS14042 and H-H014

Conversion Lens Kit DMW-GCK1GU RRP: $449
• Including Wide, Macro and Fisheye Conversion Lens
• Adaptor Ring included for use on H-PS14042 and H-H014

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