LUMIX Photos Tips: Ken Duncan Shoots Somersby Falls

Ken with his LUMIX GF1

Professional Australian photographer Ken Duncan share his LUMIX photo tips on his latest trip to Somersby Falls.

Somersby Falls is a picturesque natural wonderland located in the Central Coast of Australia. Recently Ken Duncan took his LUMIX GF1 camera to the location to try to capture its beauty as part of the Lumix Life Focus on Australia project.

While at the location Ken shared his expert photography tips on:

  • Exploring locations before shooting
  • Best conditions for shooting waterfalls
  • Apertures and depth of field
  • Shooting with the Micro Four Thirds LUMIX GF1

The following is a video from Somersby Falls as Ken shares his advice with his fellow LUMIX photographers:

Ken’s full selection of photos taken around Australia ca be seen in the pro gallery on the Lumix Life website, along with other professional and amateur LUMIX photographers. Below is a photo taken on the day at Somersby Falls with the LUMIX GF1 at F14.0 @ 1/6 sec , ISO 100.

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  • Looks like you were there around the same time I was I noticed on the 2nd fall you had the downed tree aswell

    It’s an amazing spot will be trying it again after some heavy rain, the 4th fall is absolutely amazing, not sure if you went that far but after some rains it’s an amazing fall with the ability too shoot from behind the fall aswell.