LUMIX Photo Tips: Ken Duncan at Sunrise

Professional photographer and LUMIX ambassador Ken Duncan shares his photography tips whilst on a shoot for LUMIX Life Focus on Australia.

We caught up with Ken on a heavily clouded morning down by Norah Heads in the NSW Central Coast. As Ken battled the elements he talked about some key tips he had for LUMIX photographers including:

  • Shooting at sunrise and low light
  • Shooting in all types of weather
  • Shooting by the ocean
  • Shooting with the LUMIX GH1
The following are some shots that Ken took on the GH1 and help illustrate how to use the mood of the weather and different lighting conditions to capture powerful and emotive settings.

Show us your own LUMIX photos for LUMIX Life Focus on Australia to join Ken and other famous Aussie photographers in this special project launching April 1st 2010. Visit the website for details.

Shot by Ken with a LUMIX GH1 – f3.2, @ 1/400 second, ISO 125.

Shot by Ken with a LUMIX GH1 – f9.0, @ 1/1.3 second, ISO 100

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  • I purchased a Lumix camera in Hong Kong on a holiday in January this year and was very happy with it until it stopped working.
    I then took it to our local Panasonic service dealer and was told that I should have been given an International warranty by the seller in Hong Kong and without it there is no warranty here in Australia.
    I then went to your website which has buried well in the detail that if you are not given an international warranty the you can have your camera repaired but you need to pay for the repair.

    I now come to the issue
    Panasonic are very strong in portraying an international company, sell products worldwide but do not provide international warranties as a matter of course
    How can you justify this lack of care for your customers
    I bought the camera from an world renown international company which does not provide International warranty and worse your seller in Hong Kong never told me this and he clearly knew I was on holidays and buying the cameras to take back to Australia

    I look forward to your review of your companies presidents message, code of conduct and brand promise are at odds with the issue of non provision of international warrant automatically with the products you manufacture
    If it does a worldwide international company would honour warranty obligations anywhere in the world if it has concern for its customers and value its quality.

    I leave this for you to consider if you think a new Lumix camera I purchased less that 4 months ago should be covered by warranty

  • Yes. Panasonic’s “Limiteed International Warranty” website page is as clear as MUD – intentionally so. I was considering buying one while OS because of the uncompetitive pricing in this country but have instead shortlisted their Olympus and Sony equivalents. Thank heavens for competition. Panasonic’s loss.

  • Hi George, sorry to hear of your experience. Please call 132 600 and one of our friendly staff will be able to clear this up for you. Thanks

  • 4 years later and I’m having the same issue. If there is an international warranty and you have the receipt I don’t see why you would need something saying you have purchased what is clearly a Panasonic product. I own 2 Lumix cameras for my business, but if this warranty is not valid then I will be looking at other options for the next purchase.

  • Hi Andrew, we are sorry that you seem to have encountered some kind of problem. We require the warranty card provided with the product, the receipt and for the country of purchase to be covered under one of Australia’s worldwide warranty arrangements. MCB