Lost Lumix FT10 camera owner found!

The search is over and we have found the ecstatic owner of the LUMIX FT10 caught by Adam Biro on October 15.  The family was tracked down through the company they rented their houseboat from, Luxury Afloat, which appeared in the last pictures taken on the camera. Emma Griffin, 12, has been reunited with her camera, which had around 750 images on it.  Emma and her family, from Avoca Beach NSW were on the Hawkesbury River in October when the camera fell off Emma’s wrist while she was swimming.

Adam Biro, a glazier, snagged the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT10 tough digital camera at Cottage Rock in Cowan Creek while fishing near an inlet on the Hawkesbury River, Sydney on October 15 – seven days after the last image had been captured on the camera.

When Adam came to us asking for help to find the camera’s owner, we knew the fastest way of getting the message out was using Panasonic’s Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and blog. The SMH also published an article ‘Lost Panasonic camera mystery solved’ on their website click here to view.

Watch Adam’s original video:

Finding the owners of the Lumix FT10 wouldn’t have been possible without the help from our online community. Emma, Daniel and the Panasonic team are incredibly grateful to Adam and everyone who shared his YouTube video on Facebook and Twitter.

Reuniting Emma with her camera is an incredible story of a community banding together, a very honest man and a great deal of luck. To ensure we are able to reunite you with your favourite Panasonic products quickly and easily when lost, please make sure you register them online at MyPanasonic.com.au

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  • Hi, Adam here,I am very happy to hear that the camera is now back in the owners hands.I am still over seas,& I will be back on the 26th of this month, I have taken over 1000 photos on my new Panasonic FT3 Lumix Camera. “Wow”, so many features,great photos taken in Thailand & Dubai, (food,sunsets,shops,cars,buildings & people) going about their daily lives.” P.S looking forward to see you, Adam”. : )

  • Hi Adam,

    It’s really great to hear from you and we’re glad you’re having a wonderful time on holiday and capturing some great moments with your Lumix FT3 camera.

    We can imagine how happy you must be to have heard we reunited Emma with her Lumix FT10. She was so happy to have her camera returned along with her photos, of course this all wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for your honesty. Did you see Emma’s thank you message to you? You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p81SHunlbFg

    Thanks for writing in, we hope enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    Team Panasonic

  • I am very happy that Emma had a great outcome. Unfortunately, I have had a terrible time with my camera. I flew from Sydney to Great Barrier Reef where of course I took my Lumix underwater while snorkelling. This is the first time I have taken my camera in the water and I have owned it and treated it with kid gloves for 2 years. Within 5 minutes of my snorkelling adventure my camera stopped working. All those wonderful shots missed. It turns out that when you fly with an underwater camera, you should open all the little compartments due to the decompression. I was not told this, the booklet doesn’t indicate that you must do this and so my $400+ camera is now of no value. I have written to Panasonic about this problem and have had no response. Very unfortunate! I would have thought Customer Service would be better than that. Everyone likes to hear a happy ending story like Emma’s but no one wants to know about the unhappy ones like mine!

  • Hi Cassie,

    Sorry to hear that you have experienced a problem with your camera.
    We apologies if we had missed your letter and you didn’t receive a response. If you could please email a copy of the letter to CCC@panasonic.com.au we will review the situation or alternately you can call us on 132 600.
    We hope this helps and let us know if you require further assistance.

    Team Panasonic