Australia’s Electronic Hoarders Need Panasonic’s New 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder

Australians prefer to hold onto their digital entertainment despite the rise of Internet streaming services, according to our recent study.

The Panasonic Digital Entertainment Study investigated the digital entertainment consumption habits of more than 500 respondents from around Australia. The study took in a wide range of participants including different ages, genders, locations and socio-economic backgrounds.

The study found only 21 per cent of the total weekly digital entertainment brought into the home was streamed, while 35 per cent was captured for later viewing/listening and 30 per cent was stored indefinitely.

Currently 52 per cent of respondents were downloading entertainment at least once per week (up from 41 per cent last year) and this is predicted to rise to 59 per cent next year.

Sophie Barton, Group Marketing Manager, AV, Panasonic Australia said the results were surprising. “There is definitely a trend towards streaming-based entertainment, but right now there is a strong preference for physical ownership of content.”

Mobile devices such as smartphones were being used more often – with 40 per cent using their smartphone at least once a day to download entertainment. Apps accounted for the majority of content downloaded on smartphones, with 67 per cent of respondents downloading at least one app in the past week, followed by Games at 39 per cent, music 38 per cent and YouTube clips 36 per cent.

The main types of content that are frequently downloaded across devices include:

  • Photos – 78%
  • YouTube clips – 64%
  • TV shows – 60%
  • Movies – 53%

Panasonic DMR-BWT800 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder – 28 Days of Full HD Content

So all you Aussie content hoarders will be delighted to hear that Panasonic recently launched its DMR-BWT800 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder – with an amazing 1 terabyte recording capacity. It’s capable of recording 28 days, or 684 hours of full high-definition content¹. Plus, with Wireless LAN and DLNA server/client functionality, the Recorder can act as a hub allowing the user to stream content such as images, music and movies wirelessly for viewing on other DLNA-compatible devices in the home as well as receiving content from the home PC and can then archive it to Blu-ray disc.

As if that wasn’t enough for a content hungry public, Panasonic’s range of Blu-ray Disc Recorders and Blu-ray Disc Players has recently been upgraded to include the VIERA Connect platform².  The automatic upgrade adds Twitter, on-demand television content with Yahoo!7, SHOUTcast, WOW TV, UStream and a range of interactive games such as Solitaire, Poker, and Blackjack.  All existing functionality, such as Skype video calling, YouTube™ and Picasa™ photo albums is still available.

For more information, contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit www.panasonic.com.au

1 28 days of content available in HM mode only
2 DMR-BWT800, DMR-BWT700, DMR-PWT500, DMR-XW385, DMP-BDT310 and DMP-BDT110

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  • I have a Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Recorder DMR – BW 780 and when I record on hard drive the recording freezes some times.It also cuts the recording some times short despite I programmed a longer time.I just wonder if your new recorders have improofed on this.Please let me know.Regards Karl Prosch

  • Hi Karl, if the recorder is recording a poor image it is more than likely recording what it seeing. Do you experience the same poor image when watching the same channel? If the recording is cut short, this is more than likely caused by a drop in signal level which will cause the machine to go into “record pause” mode until an improved signal quality is achieved. Our suggestion would be to have your unit inspected to confirm operation at one of our authorised service centres. For details please visit: http://www.panasonic.com.au/Support/Customer+support/Service+centre+locator

    Team Panasonic

  • Hi,

    I brought one of your Blu Ray player PW500GL because it has USB port to connect HDD and then I found out that it doesn’t support USB HDD, it only support USB Memory sticks only. I took it back to retailer and they don’t want to take it back. As it doesn’t serve purpose for which I brought it in first place. Is there any otherway I can use this $450 worth of junk? I mean apart from paper weight.

  • Hi Viren, you has the right to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund if it does not suit the purpose for which it was bought. Cheers, Team Panasonic.

  • I have a DMR BWT800 and I have troublewith reception of all channel 9’s in Darwin. I live in the city. My signal only drops in-out on 9,90,gem while using the recorder. If I put aerial straight in to LCD no problem. If I use aerial out on recorder signal is non existent to tele. Any help please.