Life+ Screen knows you better than you know yourself


The spectacular VIERA AX800 series is set to revolutionise the way you watch TV. Not only will these 4K LED LCD TVs deliver you mind-blowing picture quality, the new Life+ Screen will amaze you with its ability to recommend content you will love and personalise your viewing experience.

The Panasonic Life+ Screen makes navigation easier and more intuitive by drawing together a number of super smart features that take the VIERA AX800 series way beyond what we know as ‘Smart TV’.

Life+ Screen highlights

my Home Screen offers a more intuitive gateway that lets you personalise your screen with your favorite apps and content and then access it all quickly and easily.

my Stream enables seamless, automatic content recommendation. Our Life+ Screens learn your preferences and automatically recommend content that is targeted to you.

Info Bar quickly and conveniently displays useful information without you even turning on the TV. A proximity sensor coupled with Face Recognition via the AX800’s built-in camera work together to instantly display handy info such as weather forecasts, message notifications and even a clock.

Voice Assistant lets you easily search for your favorite content in a natural, conversational way.

my Home Cloud makes it possible to download a wide variety of content and apps, home screen templates, and to gain access to places for purchasing accessories via Panasonic’s proprietary Cloud Technology.

Remote Sharing lets you share video memos, messages, and other information from my Home Screen through smartphone devices while you are away from home.

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  • Hi there, I bough a new TV TH-50AS700A and I was wondering if it works with the Active 3D Glasses TY-ER3D4. The TV page says “The Active Shutter 3D Method gives you high-quality 3D images, and the Polarized 3D Method provides viewing comfort for long periods of time.” Does it mean this TV is both 3D Active and Passive? I so, do I need to manually switch in between types of 3D? Thanks.

  • Hi Carol, sorry for the misunderstanding, our products either have active or passive, not both. SB