Jessica Watson gets ready to set sail with Panasonic

Jessica Watson testing her Lumix

Jessica Watson testing her Lumix

Jessica’s mission is to be the youngest person to ever sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world.

Jessica will be sailing a 34 foot Sparkman and Stevens yacht 23,000 nautical miles around the world, spending an estimated 230 days alone at sea.

Over the past 2 weeks our Technicians have met with Jessica (and her team) to train her on the various Panasonic products that she will be using to document her voyage and keep in touch with base camp. We were lucky enough to capture some exclusive footage of Jessica whilst she prepares for her voyage and what better place to share this with you than our Blog.

Also keep an eye out for future posts and exclusive updates via our Twitter and Facebook accounts over the next 8 months as we share Jessica’s story with you throughout her voyage.

Sailing Route

Jessica’s route will start from Sydney and will take her northeast across the equator to Washington Island in the North Pacific, around the notorious Cape Horn, below South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope, across the India Ocean and up the east coast back home in to Sydney Harbour.

Jessica's planned route

Catching up with Jessica

Recently we caught up with Jessica to see how she was going with her preparations for the big journey around the world. You can view the photo album on here on Flickr.

Panasonic MD Steve Rust sat down with Jessica to chat about her endeavor, see what they had to see in the video below.


Ella's Pink Lady

Ella's Pink Lady

Panasonic gear Jessica will be taking along

2x DMC-FT1 Rugged LUMIX Cameras

1x DMC-FZ35 Camera with High Optical zoom, manual control and RAW capability

1x HDC-TM200-K Video Camera

4x CF-30 Toughbook Ruggedised Laptops

Jessica will be using the rugged Toughbook on her voyage to communicate with family and friends via email through the boat’s broadband satellite system and to update her website.

Our Toughbooks have previously supported well-known Australians in their endeavours, including Rex Pemberton, the youngest Australian to summit Everest; and James Castrission and Justin Jones, the ‘Crossing the Ditch’ team who were the first to kayak across the Tasman Sea.

She will also upload and send video and photos of her voyage captured using the FT1’s AVCHD video and the high optical zoom FZ35 with manual control for still images and RAW capabilities.

Panasonic will be giving updates through it’s blog as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts, so be sure to join us to keep in touch with how Jessica is progressing.

From everyone at Panasonic; GOOD LUCK JESSICA 🙂


Jessica takes Panasonic on a tour of Ella’s Pink Lady:


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  • best wishers jess! all the best go and get your dream ( no one will give it to you ) go girl !!!!

  • Only one small problem. This published intended route of this voyage will not and cannot be defined as a Circumnavigation or a Round-the-World. The route MUST round at least one set of ANTIPODAL Points, which requires a rounding or crossing of the Antipodal Point
    of the start/finish Lat and Long.
    In this instance that point is roughly 33.53 N and 28.50 W in the North Atlantic, the coordinates of Kay Cottee’s and Jesse Martin’s roundings.
    If memory serves me correctly, the landmark is called St Peter and St Paul Rocks, fairly close to the Azores.

  • My thoughts are with you Jess. All I can say is ‘ditto’ to everyone else’s comments.
    YOU GO GIRL! Show em all you can do it. I know you can. As the saying goes, “Girls can do anything” Kim (p.s. I’m on facebook too.) Feel free to talk to me any time. I used to be a lone adventurer in my younger days. I travelled the world on my own. It was a great experience. ENJOY!

  • Hi
    my nickname is dani i think you are really cool!
    my class is doing a project on adventerers and explorers and everyone picked you
    you are awesome

  • Hi
    My name is Mersey.
    I think your awesome!
    At school I have been doing
    A project on adventeres and my adventerer is you.
    you are so cool

  • Hi Jessica how are you going on your yachat you are very awesome.In my class we are doing a poject on you and i was wondering if you could tell me where you were work before you wentr on your yachat.

    lol Celene House

  • to jessica i think are a really good role model for young girls in
    Australia because you show that girls can do anything if we want to!
    i think you are awsome!
    Go girl power!
    love from zoe

  • Hi Jessica,

    I am a retired person and I have been watching your progress daily. For someone your age you certainle are doing a great job. You certainly have my admiration young lady. Smooth sailing Jessica, keep safe, good luck.

    Go Jessica.

  • G’day Jess,

    I hope all is going well for you and would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe new year. Keep safe and smooth sailing


    The Stevens Family

  • remember you nightly in my prayers . What an exciting adventure Jess. Really enjoy keeping up with your progress. take care and all good wishes .

  • Hi Jessica
    Did you have a nice christmas on your yachat

    luv Celene

    youy rock out the world. love u

    i will still keep up with your blog.

  • You have got guts young” Lady”, do not let tiredness get to you, as it can, like a good boy scout be prepared. I wish you all the best, fair weather and safe sailing. Show them how an “Aussie Does it” young or old, like me. My kindest Regards Arthur.





  • Hey Jessica. We are so proud of you. You are just amazing. Keep going, you can do it. We know you can. We hope that you accomplish your dream. Love your boat. Its soooooooooo beautiful. Pink is our favourite color. Keep going and we hope to hear more about you. We are really amazed.Hope to hear more about you. Wish You luck!

    Love Zoe and Laura. XXX

  • hi Jessica you are so cool how is like to travel by boat but it’s so cool i think its so cool to have a young girl to travel by boat i wish you all the best good luck talk to you soon love Angel